Sunday Feel Good Stories

| October 20, 2019

It appears that crooks gotta crook, some bank robbers are just not very good at their chosen trade, and murderers sometimes get themselves arrested.

A homeless man was accused of robbing a string of banks for the second time in 14 months, police said.

Spencer Heelan was arrested about an hour after police say he robbed a Toronto-Dominion Bank –– his sixth of the week –– at 655 Avenue of the Americas Friday around 2:40 p.m., authorities said.

Heelan allegedly saved the majority of his crime spree for Tuesday, when he hit five banks, cops said. – article


HAMMOND — The U.S. Attorney’s Office has charged two men with robbing three Lake County banks in the last five weeks.

Anthony Day and Omarr Williams, who police arrested Tuesday, are named in federal armed robbery charges alleging they took a total of $24,886 between a Sept. 5 hold up at a Gary financial institution and Tuesday’s capture.

Hammond and Lake County police used an electronic tracking device to follow the pair after a Tuesday hold up. The chase ended near Gary’s Brunswick neighborhood with their arrest. – article


ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Police in Northern California launched a homicide investigation Monday after a suspect told officers he had allegedly killed four people.

At a news conference, Roseville Police Capt. Josh Simon said the sole suspect was in custody after showing up at the Mount Shasta police department Monday in a vehicle with a body inside. The suspect also told Mt. Shasta police that he had allegedly killed people at his apartment in Roseville. – article

Detroit — A member of the Latin Counts street gang was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison Thursday for his role in a drive-by shooting that left a fellow gang member dead of friendly fire.

U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland sentenced Alberto Jackson, 20, four months after the accused gang member pleaded guilty to two racketeering crimes, including conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering. He is among more than 92 people convicted of federal racketeering crimes in the last five years during a crackdown on violent Detroit street gangs, a crackdown outlined in “Death by Instagram,” a serial narrative published last year by The Detroit News. – article

So there you have it, TAHers: two wannabe bank robbers, a peculiarly honest murderer, and another street gangbanger off the streets for the duration.

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Mustang Major

Bank robbers are a the bottom of the heap when it comes to crime. They must not have any online fraud skills.


5th/77th FA

I’ll concede your First and adjust the count to a solid trifecta of bank robbers and an acknowledgement of 2fers from yesterday’s FGS. A slight delay in my commenting due to going back and checking Saturday’s FGS for the repeat. It’s all good, I like reruns of dirtbags taken off the streets.

Does that squirrel seem to be getting fatter?


He’s getting ready for being the prime ingredient in some squirrel dumplings.


M’Lady, did you intend to open the door to those jokes?

5th/77th FA

She sure is leading us into temptation isn’t she GB. Steady men, steady.


Thought it was the ones chittering and making noise…

Yes, I went there. Someone had to.


There was a bank robber in rural East Texas some weeks ago whose photographs went all around the FB (our local LEOs put out these “ID me” posts there that get shared like crazy).

His fiancee saw them and urged him to turn himself in.

He said he needed money to pay for her ring and the wedding.

The wedding hasn’t happened AFAIK.


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

Perry Gaskill

Has the definition of what makes a feel good story somehow gotten changed? When Jonn Lilyea first started the FGS posts a few years ago, it was supposed to be limited to those incidents where a firearm was used by a private citizen in self defense, or to stop a crime.

Not one of today’s feel goods meets that criteria.

pookysgirl (WC wife)

I agree, there should be plenty of stories about armed citizens defending themselves to choose from. Especially since it appears from news stories I’ve seen that home invasions are on the rise.

(I apologize for hitting the “report” button, Perry. I’m currently juggling a phone and a sleeping cat.)


How about gathering some Feel Good Stories that meet your preferred criteria, and sending the links to the admins to use?

Perry Gaskill

It’s not my preferred criteria, Mail. It’s the criteria Jonn Lilyea created to serve as an illustration of why 2nd Amendment rights are important. It might also be pointed out that he didn’t run the Feel Goods every day. That was probably to avoid getting caught in the trap of being forced to run random crime blotter stories that had nothing to do with 2nd Amendment rights.


You expressed a preference. Why not own it?

You could provide suitable material. Please do so. I am sure the effort would be appreciated by the admins, even if some items are not utilized.

Jonn got promoted out of the unit. Other folks stepped in and are running it. Maybe help?



Ex-PH2, how about “News for Gun Nuts” , with the fat squirrel pic, and all the stuff you find other than “righteous” self-defense?

Perry does have a point about “protecting the brand”.

Send me an address to use, if you want, and I will send links I find.


The Complaint Form doubles as a Volunteer Registration Application.

Send your FGSs to the admins and give them a hand. They are doing their best to fill some mighty big shoes.

Perry Gaskill

I’ve contributed posts in the past to TAH. How many have you contributed, Graybeard?

Maybe you could regale us with your adventures as a veteran or first responder.