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| October 13, 2019

District attorney: Labor Day shooting in Maple was self-defense
No charges will be filed against alleged shooter
Written By: Maria Lockwood

Cooper Conway
Cooper Conway is a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has released reports on the Labor Day shooting in Maple. The 68 pages of information indicate the shooting was unplanned. The shooter and victim both told detectives they had never met.

The shooting victim, Patrick R. Staton, was transported to Essentia Health. He was shot in the right shoulder, forearm, chest and the back of the head, according to reports.

Felony charges have been filed against Staton and his girlfriend, Leah Marie Sommerlot, in Douglas County Court. Staton, 29, faces three counts of possession of a firearm by a felon. Sommerlot, 38, faces one felony count of aiding a felon, three misdemeanor counts of bail jumping and one count of obstructing an officer.

Evidence collected at their residence along Pellman Loop in Maple was also linked to an Aug. 30 robbery in Brule.

No charges have been filed against the alleged shooter, a 24-year-old Proctor man.

“Based upon its review of the incident, this office does not believe criminal charges are warranted against the alleged shooter in connection with this incident,” District Attorney Mark Fruehauf said in a Friday, Oct. 11, news release.

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One in the wind is in this case good, but there is no mention of Ms. Sommerlot’s offenses. The entire article maw be viewed here at

These Gun Owners Were Able to Confront Criminals in September

Cooper Conway / Amy Swearer
When the Virginia State Crime Commission and the Youtube video transcript of the House Judiciary Committee held hearings earlier this fall regarding firearm policies, it was striking how little many gun control advocates and policymakers know about basic facts related to guns and gun violence.

It also was clear how devastating many of their policy proposals would be for law-abiding Americans who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

These legislators and advocates, like most of us, genuinely want to create safer communities and protect innocent people from violence. But the reality is the overwhelming majority of lawful gun owners never will be a threat to themselves or others, nor would imposing substantial barriers to lawful gun ownership make anyone safer.

Not only do Americans use their firearms for lawful purposes far more often than they use them to commit crimes, but studies routinely show that a very small number of repeat criminal offenders are responsible for the majority of gun-related crimes, even though they’re already prohibited from possessing firearms.

No score today for this today in the interest of expedience, as I’m sure y’all have noticed I’ve been pretty beat up of late. Not looking for sympathy, I’m appreciate y’alls patience. my plan is to now get some quality time in my recliner and have the noise my Cell phone turned off.
Have a great what remains of the weekend, and this Sunday’s FGS is scheduled to appear soon.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Good on the “alleged shooter” for gathering up the trash. Too bad he wasn’t able to “take it all the way out.” Ms Thang appears to be the poster girl of one you might want Mama to meet too. /s/

    Shooting “victim”…again!…sigh

    No mention if the armed citizen defending himself and two others had a scary black rifle.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    “. . .a very small number of repeat criminal offenders are responsible for the majority of gun-related crimes, even though they’re already prohibited from possessing firearms.”

    How many times does that have to be repeated before it sinks in with the dodos? I know, I know. It never will. The excuses hoplophobes come up with are perpetually lame.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      OK, it wasn’t a pigment of my deranged imagination, a FGS linky did go poof and was resurrected from the dead. Whew, I got a little concerned for a minute or 6.

      I do wish the career criminals, err err, politicians would just go ahead and come out and say that it is not gunz control, but people control that is their goal. You know, that whole honesty is the best policy thing. For decades, at least down heah, school and work place parking lots were full of pick up trucks with weapons on the rear window racks or stashed in the trunk/under the seats. Not only were the weapons not stolen, there were no mass shootings going on. When parents didn’t/weren’t allowed to discipline the darling angels is when the crap started. Taking personal responsibility for their actions and not having sure, swift, public punishment is what has led to so many of the gunz violence thing. Negative attention was better than no attention.

      Why do the elected officials want to take away firearms unless they are planning to do things that would make us want to shoot them.

      Take yourself a break there AW1Ed (as I have mentioned on several times). The Mrs is starting to get another gleam in her eye and you’d best be “up to the occasion.”

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAVY!!! ya pukes. 13 October 1775

  3. Thunderstixx says:

    I’ve been writing a gun blog on a biker website for over 8 years now and have heard all the gun control freaks have come up with in their arsenal of anti gun spews…
    It never ceases to amaze me how voluntarily ignorant they are about firearms.
    I was talking to one woman who’s ex was serving time in prison for a few years because he beat her so bad that she almost died and was put in a hospital for several weeks.
    He was getting out of prison shortly and she wanted a few things for help against him.
    I, being fairly proficient with firearms suggested a gun and some self defense classes to be prepared for the expected confrontation.
    She honest to God told me that she would never buy a gun, she said that guns scared her so bad…….
    Naturally I asked her if she wasn’t more afraid of him. She stayed on message and then asked if she could come and live with me….
    Obviously, that answer was FUCK NO !!!!
    I have no idea how they actually function in society. I also have no idea whatever happened to her, but she hasn’t been online for several years now……..

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I think you hit the jackpot there, Thunderstixx. The base of the problem is less that they are NOT informed and have strange ideas about guns and violence, but that they don’t WANT to be informed. They want it done for them. They want to hide behind someone else, someone like you, instead of standing up for themselves. I have doubts that any of them will change for any reason. YMMV

    • rgr769 says:

      The woman you reference is a shmoo, one of those cartoon animals of L’l Abner fame. She is a dedicated sheeple who is afraid to take the only effective step for self-defense. Maybe she needs to learn how to use a Samurai sword, since firearms are so scary to her.