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| September 10, 2019

Browning M1917 Water Cooled MG

Man killed in Rankin shootout identified, alleged accomplice charged with firing gun

Megan Guza And Paul Peirce
A gun battle involving at least four weapons in Rankin on Saturday left one man dead and his companion in jail, according to police.

The medical examiner’s office identified the victim Sunday night as Emery Brice Heard-Ellis. His passenger, Marcus H. Carter, 29, faces a slew of charges, including aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy.

The shooting began about 9 p.m., and a Rankin police officer at the scene near the intersection of Chartiers Avenue and Gas Street arrived in time to see a man later identified as Heard-Ellis fall to the ground, according to the complaint against Carter.

Police allege Carter was the passenger in a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Heard-Ellis. The pair drove to a home on Gas Street and opened fire at four people sitting on the porch, according to the criminal complaint.

Investigators recovered casings and guns from the scene that indicated at least four weapons were used in the shootout, police said.

Two witnesses told police they saw the Jeep drive toward the home and someone open fire from the passenger seat, according to the complaint.

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The rest of the article may be read here: Trib Live

Argument leads to shooting at Big Muddy’s parking lot, 3 injured

By Laigha Anderson
The shooting at Big Muddy’s that injured three people on Wednesday allegedly started as an argument.

Chad Allan Sharkey, 24, of Stronghurst, Illinois, is charged with two counts of wilful injury causing serious injury, and one count of intimidation with a firearm.

Burlington Police allege an argument broke out Wednesday before 10 p.m. between a group of people who were in the parking lot north of Big Muddy’s. At some point, Sharkey began showing people around him his pistol and threatened to shoot the people in the parking lot.

Then Sharkey allegedly fired his weapon twice, once in the air and once at the ground. Nathan Sherman, who had brought Sharkey to the area, tried to intervene in the situation by getting between Sharkey and the other individuals.

Sherman allegedly attempted to restrain Sharkey and eventually was able to get his arms around Sharkey. Sharkey allegedly threatened to shoot Sherman if he did not let go. Sherman did let go of Sharkey and Sherman walked to his vehicle.

According to the affidavit, as Sherman walked to his vehicle the group of people began to retreat when Sharkey allegedly open fired at them. Sharkey then got into Sherman’s vehicle and allegedly continued to fire his gun at the group.

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Mr. Sharkey needs a Vivid Learning Experience. Read the rest of this idiot’s story here: The Hawkeye

Slim pickins today, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. Still, one down and out, and two inconvenienced is better than a sharp stick in the eye

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Slim Pickins indeed. Only two stories. Maybe that’s a good thing.


“Emery Brice Heard-Ellis”

That’s a lot of daddys.


Yeah, but at least you can pronounce all of that clearly, right?


Crumb-Guy the other day rolls off the tongue.

5th/77th FA

Slim Pickens. Ah…who didn’t love his work. Clowning around at the rodeo. Bombed as a doctor, was into Strange Love, and Blazed thru Saddles as a cowboy. What? Oh, you meant there wasn’t much to chose from?

Never mind.


What is it that you smoke while you are Lording over us Dickweeds ????
I have no clue what you said there…..
So if anyone can explain it to an ignorant old planter It would be appreciated…..

5th/77th FA

No smoking until I’m officially off the payroll, ‘Stixx. See if I can ‘splain it to you Lucy. Slim Pickens was an infamous character actor that started his career as a rodeo clown. He rode the A Bomb down in the Dr. Strangelove Movie and had a starring role in the Blazing Saddles Movie. The other spelling that AW1Ed used, Slim pickin[g]s, refers to limited choices, you know kinda like what Navy is up against the FIRST Saturday in December.


And the lefterds are hollering for universal background checks, but don’t we already have that in place?


Interesting study by Johns Hopkins and UC Davis (hardly pro-gun bastions) concluding that California’s iniversal background checks, in place since 1991, have had NO effect on deaths or ‘gun violence’. That is almost three decades of data. Read about it on the Buckeye Firearms site (good site).

MI Ranger

The leftards want every transaction intervened by the government, so it can be tracked and recorded. That way when they finally get their agenda, they have a good list of where all the guns are and can go about their “procurement for safe keeping” because as a “Nannystate” we can’t trust the general population with something as dangerous as guns!
Then they will segregate all of us in to our little areas so we don’t know how bad it is for everyone else, and then they will start restricting other rights like freedom of speech (already done) and freedom of the press. Finally they will just bully anyone that opposes them like every other Socialist Regime in the world and history has ever done to maintain their power.


AS long as THEY go to the “camps” first… and they will, because they really are that stupid.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

So Emery Brice Heard Ellis. What did he hear him say.