Murder at WV VA Hospital

| August 26, 2019


The name of the suspect has not been released. SGT McDermott is one of at least 9 people at that VA hospital who died under suspicious circumstances. He was injected with insulin that he did not need, and hie records show that his condition was improving.

Per the article: If the armed forces medical examiner is correct, the military veteran “was murdered while he was in the care and custody of the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center despite the VAMC being on notice of the previous wrongful injections,” O’Dell wrote in the claim.

The claim also asserts that VA investigators “have a person of interest in the deaths of the multiple VAMC patients,” but that person’s name hasn’t been shared with O’Dell and his client.

Retired Army Sgt. Felix Kirk McDermott, 82, of Ellenboro, died April 9, 2018, at the Medical Center.

The VA Office of the Inspector General ordered McDermott’s remains exhumed Oct. 23, 2018, and they were sent to Dover Air Force Base for an autopsy “because of the suspicious manner of Mr. McDermott’s death,” O’Dell wrote in the claim filed on behalf of Melanie Proctor, McDermott’s daughter, who lives in Ellenboro and is administrator of her father’s estate.

“During its investigation, VA investigators advised Melanie Proctor … that there was evidence that nine or ten other patients of the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center had been wrongfully injected with insulin in their abdomen, thereby causing their deaths,” O’Dell wrote. “Ms. Proctor was further advised that her father was one of the last known victims.” – article

This does not happen only at federal facilities. It also has happened at public and private health care centers, nursing homes and hospitals. Not too long ago, there was a doctor in England who had elderly women as some of his patients and who quietly murdered them when he served them tea.

If there is someone who is a suspect, we won’t know about it until the other autopsies have been released.

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5th/77th FA

Well, just damn. Hell of a note, survived everything life and a war zone can throw at you and be murdered by a supposed care giver in a place dedicated to helping you. I do hope that this “person of interest” is apprehended and if found guilty, dies a long slow painful execution.


5th/77th FA

True enough. When I was hospitalized after my strokes, Baby Sister made sure there was someone well trusted in/near my room at all times. Add to these dirtbags, the ones that abuse/kill patients in nursing/care homes.

How did Mulder put it?…Trust NO one.

jim h

but i’m sure eligible for parole in 6 months or something.

Huey Jock

But then there’s the FINAL JUDGEMENT that so few really believe in!!!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I hear from some of my Vet neighbors about how they have no problems with the VA, but in a way, I’m glad the VA turned me down because of budget cuts and reading about what’s happening at some of these facilities. Just saying.

Comm Center Rat

I’ve had exceptional care from the podiatry clinic at my VA Medical Center in Massachusetts the past several years. I don’t allow the VA to do any invasive or surgical procedures on my aging body. Instead, I ask my civilian primary care physician (who is about my age) whom he would go to if he himself needed the same procedure done. I’m fortunate to have health insurance that gives me flexibility in selecting care providers.


Murder by a caretaker should be mandatory death by starvation. With a restaurant adjacent to the holding cell.


Let us be civilized people, and deal in civilized Justice.

Rome was was a civilization. Crucifixion is thus “civilized”, correct?


That English doctor you reference is one of England’s most notorious serial killers. They don’t even have an accurate count on the number of his victims. One report said it might number over a hundred, as most of his patients were the elderly and many were in poor health.


That lengthy and large mass murder occurred under the close and benevolent supervision of government-run healthcare.


I get my care at the Syracuse and Oswego,NY VA.The workers there are some of the nicest and most qualified medical personnel on the planet.The loser doing this should be hung by his gonads in the public square.


Should be “hanged”.


The G Man (G. Gordon Liddy) used to rant about this for years.


Now I know why Grandpa wouldn’t go anywhere near the VA…


At the VA hospital in La Jolla California our veterans are treated with respect…my granddaughter has volunteered there since 12 years old…she took this summer off but will volunteer during our cross country journey, hopefully we relocate to WEST VIRGINIA.

Helpful Medal

I have never and will never go to a VA hospital for anything. Anyone who does deserves what they get. I wish they’d just contract out all VA services to civilian companies so that it can finally self-combust. It’s irreparable; I would fucking die in a bed all alone before I’d ever allow the VA to treat me for anything.

Don’t even get me started on how many people are treated by the VA or receive a disability and never even completed initial entry training.

3 /10/MED/,b

Helpful Medal, I am respectfully disagreeing with you. One of my Docs, even though she works on a different clinic on my unavailable days, on a different floor, made changes with her schedule to accommodate my new schedule.
She didn’t have to do that shit.

That is all I have.

Peace to you.

b out


I currently go to my local VA for care. I have a medical background. I ask lots of question and keep my head on a swivel so to speak. I feel for our brothers and sisters who are at the mercy of unprofessional providers. Be your own advocate.And if you can’t , I pray that you have someone who can.


Mea culpa.


No extra comma needed.

Unless I am in Elko, NV, then, I can add all kinds of extra data in there.