Murders That Didn’t Fit the Leftist Narrative

| August 8, 2019

A good indicator of what we’d be like if we listen to those on the left and implement their ideas? Look at what’s occurring in countries where they’ve already implemented what the left wants to be implemented here. (r/The_Donald)

While they’re still talking about the mass shootings, a one-man fatal attack show occurred in California. As a result of this rampage, four people are dead. The weapon of choice was a knife. The suspect and victims were all Hispanic.

When law enforcement arrived, the suspect gave up a knife and a handgun. The gun wasn’t his, he took it from a security guard that he stabbed.

From Associated Press:

“We have video showing him attacking these people and conducting these murders,” he said.

Whitney said the man lived in a Garden Grove apartment building where he stabbed two men during some kind of confrontation. One man died inside an apartment and another was found wounded on the balcony and died at a hospital.

Whitney said a bakery also was robbed.

The owner, who asked not to be identified, told KCAL-TV that she was charging her cellphone at about 4 p.m. when the man drove up and apparently mistook her for a customer.

“He went directly to the register and tried to open the register … he showed me a gun,” she said. He took all the money and fled.

“I think I was very lucky because he thought I was a customer, not the owner,” she said.

The man also robbed an insurance business, where a 54-year-old employee was stabbed several times and was expected to survive.

He was armed with “some sort of machete knives” when he confronted the woman, Whitney said.

The woman “was very brave,” Whitney said. “She fought as best she could.”

An alarm company saw the robbery on a live television feed and called police.

“They could see that the female victim was on the ground with blood and multiple injuries,” Whitney said.

The man fled with cash and also robbed a check-cashing business next door, the lieutenant said.

California’s gun laws rank as among the toughest state gun laws in the U.S. Despite these laws not stopping shooting deaths, attacks like this show that people with bad intent will find a way to cause fatal injury.

In the United Kingdom, they have issues with fatal stabbings. “Knife control” efforts are among political debate topics taking place there. If those calling for stricter gun controls get their way here, expect knife control to also become a hot one on this side of the pond.

Associated Press has more details on the story. They provide more examples of the damage that a knife attack could do.

They mentioned the mass shootings that recently occurred… Focusing on the one that left a manifesto that complained about immigration among other things. However, not as much enthusiasm when talking about the other mass shooter. May not have fit their narrative.

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Yeah, typical leftist “logic”, some nutjob who’s “manifesto” is all over the map, hitting many leftist talking points, uses one line that President Trump also used, and it’s “all Trumps fault!”, but a leftist antifa shitbag, who’s a big fan of Lieawatha Warren does something similar in Ohio, and not a word is mentioned about his political leanings…anyone who believes this is about guns is not paying attention, it’s all about control and leftist domination.

MI Ranger

Actually we aren’t even sure if the dead guy wrote it. A left leaning media outlet found it posted on 8Chan and attributed it to him….just like they changed his political affiliation from Registered Democrat to “Republican”, and forgot about all the “Green Messaging” and Anti-Trump stuff in the Manifesto as well!


Wait a minute MI, you’re not saying that the lefties would alter / falsify data, ignore things that don’t fit the narrative, and just flat out lie to advance their agenda are you???

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Not to sound too much like a tin foil hat conspiracy buff….but…

Oddly enough we are no longer hearing about The Squad, The Epstein Case, the dismissal of the DNC civil suit against Assange, Clinton’s 26 trips with Epstein instead of the 4 he claimed…Kamala Harris’s missing court documents, the shitty debate numbers…

We are only discussing gun control right now…very interesting indeed. By we I mean the national media.


They love these shootings. Damn ghouls.


MI Ranger

Especially since the “Ghouls” and attackers are all from the same political party!

5th/77th FA

How many in Baltimore last weekend? Chiraq? Memphis? Atlanta? Detroit? Need we go on?

Their narrative, spot on! I’ll repeat, anytime the headlines need to be changed from demon rat sh^tbaggery, ie embezeled funds, perverts on planes ect, there’s gonna be a mass shooting with a scary black rifle. Notice we haven’t heard anything at all lately from the Bitch of Benghazi?

Every. damn. time.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Let’s not forget about the warning signs given off by mass shooters that were ignored including some that the US Army continues to ignore from a certain scumbag.


It is not about a “narrative”.

The news covered the attacks but they were not politically motivated or motivated by bigotry so there was no discussion about politics.

Unlike the attacks in Gilroy and El Paso which were explicitly motivated by bigotry.

We have had over 200 mass murders this year. All were reported in epithet local or national news or both.

Some were motivated by politics and bigotry.

The only political bias I see is you asshats pulling “
“Whataboutismd” to defend “your side” against “unfair” media attacks.

The implicit argument you are making is that white supremacists and bigots are “your side” politically.

Meaning you see yourself as one of them or politically allied with them.


“We have had over 200 mass murders this year”

Bullshit. Always bullshit from you.


He drinks the proggie Kool-Aid with a fire hose. What they call a mass shooting includes gangbanger shootouts in Shotcago and gang drive-by’s.

The Other Whitey

Just like how the numbers of “school shootings” include dozens of incidents where someone near a school reported hearing shots in the distance.


Exactly. They also include a shooting where a kid shoots himself anywhere on school property. Even if it is on the football field after school hours.


As well as unrelated shootings that occur on sidewalks (and other areas open to the general public) near the school during hours of darkness, if I recall correctly.

Just Lurkin

This is why Lars is so universally despised here at TAH: he loves to come on here and piss down everyone’s leg while remarking loudly about how hard it is raining.. Lars conveniently leaves out he Dayton shooting from his screed because it doesn’t fit the narrative that he insists does not exist. Lars loves to come on here and play offense, like tying those he is opposed to politically to “white supremacy”, but he completely ignores how the left twists the truth. Sarah Palin puts up a political map with crosshairs and that is “encouraging violence”, but “massacre Mitch” trends on Twitter and supporters of McConnell get kicked off that platform for filming the threatening crowd outside his home.

But there is no narrative.

We see you there pissing Lars.


Lars would likely tell us the shooting of Steve Scalise wasn’t politically motivated. He has been a Marxist proggy propaganda spouting turd from day one. He should just be permanently blocked.


Some folks have as their highest achievement serving as a bad example for everyone else.

Think of such as a “Why we Spite” film.

The Other Whitey

Hey, Lars, would you care to explain why so many mass-murderers sound exactly like you in their motive screeds and social media diatribes? That Anqueefa-loving piece of shit in Ohio was just the latest example. Even the dickhead in El Paso, whom the media are rubbing their dicks raw over as a “right-wing extremist,” has a lot ideologically in common with you than me with his vile racism and his “anti-corporation” manifesto.


Nah. He is just here to squawk and crap on the beach goers.

MI Ranger

Are you sure it is 200 mass murders? Not 14 mass murders, 6 family disputes where multiple people died, and 180 attacks by gang members and thugs involving multiple people and multiple guns?
When are we going to start including the Mass homicide number, which includes people killed in fatal car accidents, like the one where a family drove itself off a cliff?
I’m an economics major, I can make your statistics mean anything I want them to mean!


People can come up with statistics to prove anything. Forfty percent of people know that.

The Other Whitey

“I’m an economics major, I can make your statistics mean anything I want them to mean!”

But what about Lars’s major in Lesbian Dance Theory and its focus on “empirical data” pulled out of his ass?


Here’s your sign, Commissar:

comment image


Well, this certainly DOES fit the left-leaning narrative, after all. The El Paso shooter was just tryin’ ta save the planet from destroying itself.

Save the planet!! Go shoot up a Walmart!!!

It’s amazing what you can find online when you really start digging, isn’t it?

Forest Green

Here you go commie, a couple of links for you to peruse although I doubt you have the capacity to understand the data.


He hasn’t the time to read that stuff is busy dialing for Bernie when he isn’t strategizing with his Antifa pals on their next bike-lock and milk-shake op against the white supremacists around every corner in Berzerkeley.


If you’re going to post comments here, Lars, try to use complete sentences. You look like the idiot everyone thinks you are when you fail simple grammar standards.

And if you’re going to say something like “200 mass murders this year”, you’d damned better have statistics that you did NOT make up to back up a statement like that. Again, by not doing so, you look like a complete idiot.


Commissar (aka Commissar), going BALLS DEEP with the progressive/socialist/communist “narrative”.

I love it when the Bezerkeley bigot comes here and spews his vitriol… it really shows how shallow he and his life really are.


How about Dayton you bag of fuck??? since he was an lieawatha supporting antifa piece of shit, you’re not gonna mention him??? go back to sucking your mammas teat, and let the adults talk… Your scripted talking points have become boring, and no-one gives a rats ass to hear your recitation of them


Forget it, Fyrfighter. Expecting Poodle here to actually look at ALL the facts – instead of just those that support his preferred, preconceived notion of reality – is like expecting mature judgement from horny and intoxicated 19 year olds.

In both cases, it’s at least theoretically possible. But it almost certainly just ain’t gonna happen.


Yeah, I know Hondo, I was just feelin a little annoyed, and needed to vent..


As ususal, Poodle, you use uncited (and possibly “cherry-picked”) data, follow the Leftist script, and misinterpret reality in the process. And IMO you’re almost certainly using bad or invented data (which you “conveniently” and consistently fail to cite in commentary here) to make your argument.

Predictable. You almost never change either your tune or your MO.


To amend a quote from Mark Twain:

There are lies.
There are damned lies.
There are statistics.
Then there are posts from Lars.


Is a white supremacist who holds leftist ideology a white supremacist? That aside…

After every mass shooting, the media goes in-depth to discuss the shooter’s life and ideology, trying to find a motive. So why aren’t the Dayton shooters political leanings germain to the conversation? Why is it being ignored? The last I read, law enforcement was unsure of his motives for the attack. Yet here you are claiming to know what they were or weren’t. It has nothing to do with defending white supremacy but simply pointing out an apparent double standard.


Here’s another one;

Guy comes up behind a cop who’s talking with a woman at a bus stop. Guy stabs the woman, killing her, then stabs another woman before the cops take him down.

Guns aren’t the problem. Mental illness is the problem. Bring back mental hospitals. Too many people who shouldn’t be on the street are in poorly run “community health” group homes.


Mental illness is only part of the problem. The ‘mental health’ thing was discussed locally after the two mass shootings, and the psych who was interviewed said that the studies she and her group have been doing have found that the level of “mental illness” for mass shooters is 4%, compared to other violence-related incidents.

Sometimes, it’s just someone talking himself into doing something heinous and nothing else – a lust for blood, if you will.


I’d question the bonafides of a doctor that said that.

They say that 20% of the adult population in the US has mental health issues. So we’re to believe that someone who wants to commit mass murder (a decidedly un-sane thing to do) is more likely of sound mind than the normal population?


I questioned that number, too, but there is a mental health issue in all of this.

Obsession with something in an atmosphere that supports anger and other strong emotions has a lot to do with it, and both of these shooters found support online that fueled their anger.

The Other Whitey

Wantonly murdering random people you’ve never met and who’ve never done a thing to you, including children, is not the act of an individual of sound mind. That shrink is full of shit.


Not necessarily, TOW. Evil bastards with no respect for human life also exist. They’re sane – but evil. And as a result, they simply don’t give a damn about the impact of their actions on others or on society.


Many sociopaths and psycopaths are same. Think Ted Bundy for example or the Unibomber. They were both sane from a legal culpability standpoint. Look at our beloved ‘Slamonazis. they are likely sane, but they have no qualms about murdering dozens or even hundreds of other muslims they have never met merely to further their politico-religious goals.


Okay, Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate committed mass murders in 1958. Neither was found unfit to stand trial, which is the legal definition for mental illness.

Charles Manson was not found unfit to stand trial, yet he drove his followers to commit mass murders.

And Richard Speck was NOT found unfit to stand trial after he was nabbed for torturing and killing 8 student nurses at an apartment building in Chicago. He died in jail, just like Manson.

The man who kept his daughter tied up in his basement was found to be unfit to stand trial. He said she was possessed by the devil. He also heard voices. His wife enabled him to do that by not stopping him.

The two creatures in California some years back, who trapped people in their home and tortured them to death, and then disposed of the remains, were murdering thugs. One of them offed himself, the other was arrested and went to trial, and was not found unfit to stand trial. In fact, he represented himself and tried to get a mistrial declared by calling jurors outside the trial hours. Unfortunately, his timing was off and the verdict had already been delivered.

Those are just a few. I think that the need to commit extreme violence has more to do with humans as predators than mental illness. But that’s just my view.


Mental illness is not the same as criminally insane. To be found incompetent to stand trial, you have to have a mental incapacity to understand right from wrong.

You’re taking the stance that Charles Manson wasn’t crazy?


When he was interviewed by some TV reporter before he died, he was quite lucid (and thoroughly obnoxious).


Yes, I would indeed say that Manson was not mentally ill.

Evil exists. Those who deny its existence enable it.

Some people simply choose to be evil bastards who don’t give a sh!t about others. They have no respect for others lives or well-being, and will injure or kill anyone who gets in their way. For examples see any number of historical figures from organized crime.

Manson IMO falls into that category. He wasn’t crazy. He was simply an evil bastard.

MSG Eric

It’s a tough call because these days, doctors are pretty much required to diagnose someone with “something” in order to treat them, give them prescriptions, get paid, etc.

I’d bet if doctors 100 years ago had to “diagnose” someone with something, numbers would’ve been supremely high as well.

It also depends on what would be considered “mental illness” because some Doctors would give a 10 year old pills because they are “hyper” which 20 years ago would just mean they are “energetic”.


Yeah, lets just ignore the fact that since Roe v. Wade at least, the left has done all they can to devalue human life… there’s no way that can factor into the current situation where bags of shit like these kill random people…

The left has raised a generation plus to give no value to human life, and they pretend to be surprised when their followers commit mass murder… my bullshit flag is getting worn out from waving….


In Limeyland aka Englandistan, they took away everyone’s guns except for the country gents who are licensed to have double barrel shotguns aka “shotties.” But they have about the same number of killings, just accomplished with knives, blunt objects and other instruments of death. However, there are still some bad guys with handguns, cuz when you are willing to murder people you don’t worry about gun laws. Also, after the public was disarmed there was a precipitous rise in burglaries of occupied dwellings, cuz the burglars were no longer worried about encountering armed homeowners.


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