Soldier seen placing flag at Tomb of Unknown Soldier during torrential rain

| May 25, 2019

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A severe thunderstorm Thursday failed to stop a sentinel from placing a flag at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. (3d U.S. Infantry Regiment)
By Robert Gearty | Fox News

An “Old Guard” soldier who was photographed placing a small American flag at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during a severe thunderstorm is drawing notice ahead of Memorial Day.

The storm hit Thursday in D.C. as members of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment, better known as “The Old Guard,” were planting flags at each grave at the cemetery as they do each year at this time.

“During the storm, one of the most extraordinary displays of discipline and dedication to duty ever to be witnessed at Arlington National Cemetery was taking place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,” the Old Guard’s Facebook page said in a post.

Hurricanes don’t stop them, either. The article, here: Fox News

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I would expect nothing less of a soldier of the Old Guard. Those guys are dedicated, class acts. BZ, soldier.

He’s out doing his sacred duty while AOC is blathering on about global warming. The dichotomy couldn’t be larger, could it?

5th/77th FA

“Duty..the sublimest word in our vocabulary. Do your duty in all things…you can never do should never do less.” RE Lee

BZ to the Troops of The Old Guard!

Eternally Vigilant. Those of us who care are Eternally Grateful.

FC2(SW) Ron



ICIMI, I posted on last weeks WOT that Sen Tom Cotton’s book on the Old Guard is a good read.

Slow Joe

Proud to be an American.

Going through the naturalization process was…difficult, as it should be.

Becoming an American Soldier and an American Infantryman…no higher honor.

May the G-d of Eretz Yisrael bless America forever and ever.


We’re lucky to have you. Welcome home, warrior.


You’re a good man, Joe.

A Proud Infidel®™

Bravo Zulu, Warrior.





I want a NAM for foot patrolling during sandstorms then. 😂


There is nothing like wearing clothing that is soaked through to your skin. You just shrug and move on.

BZ, Soldier. Fine job.


Why don’t we ever see one libturd clown post something on a post like this and only see them when they want to tell us how stupid we are for not following him like the lemmings in the demonrat ride to the utopia of socialism.
BZ to a great tradition and the men and women that make it happen…


If I remember correctly, didn’t Jonn have a Challenge Coin made up for active members of the Old Guard and present them to the troops a couple of few years back?

Does anyone have a picture of one to post here?



You are correct.

I think Toastie Coastie and TSO were involved as well.

And TAH Members made volunteer contributions to procure the coins.

The Coin’s picture was posted on TAH…however, for so unknown reason, I can’t archive that TAH Thread on the Coin.

Perhaps someone may have better luck in posting the link?


Thanks, AnotherPat.

I tried also to search for that thread, but no wheres is a “search box” showing up on TAH.

I know there was one before the changeover…….or is it just my fuddy old self that doesn’t know how to use these new fangled ‘lectronics? (grin)


I mentioned this other day in one of the threads. A search button would be nice.


If you go to Google dot com and enter a search like this:

“ [space] [search term]” it should work and retrieve old content.

Example: Bernath”

To Anotherpat, sorry if I sounded terse earlier. I was driving and had stopped for fuel. Any old link can be used by substituting “” with “”. The page numbers stayed the same (apparently). 🙂



No need for apology…you did not come across as being terse…!


Thank you for the info in locating archived TAH Posts.


This is the story behind those coins (note the Author of the article):

“A Long-Overdue Honor”

“By Mark Seavey”
“Apr 14, 2016”

“Military challenge coins are usually a coin or medallion bearing the units crest of insignia and are collected by members of the unit and others who provide some service or deserve some special merit. The Caisson Coin developed by Carruth and paid for with funds raised under a special fundraiser done by the military blog “This Ain’t Hell” featured a roughly 5-inch long horseshoe with a horse in the middle. This coin also has etchings along the shoe that have “The Old Guard” written on one side and “United States Army Caisson Platoon” on the obverse.”




This is what I received when I went to the link you provided:

“Sorry, the website cannot be found”.


Thank You!

This link makes reference to TAH raising money for those coins.

And correction on my part. It was parachutecutie who assisted along with TSO…and not Toastie Coastie as previously mentioned.


Original fundraising post


Just got back from town and saw your responses.

Thanks AP & GDC for the links & info……..youse guys are the ginchiest! (grin)


Now Caisson has a badge not too dissimilar from those coins.

Also, as a 2x member of TOG and life member of TOGA, the picture is classic…unfortunately, it doesn’t show the Soldier having to DX his uniform, rebuild his medal rack, and do an initial press on the new uniform. Pleats and creases are definitely blown out…I swear mine out regularly. 😄


War Story Alert!!!

My father retired from the army in 1975 (25 years, Korea and Vietnam veteran). His last duty station was as Company First Sergeant 3rd Infantry Regiment (Old Guard). For Memorial Day, all soldiers had to report to work to put out the flags on all graves. His orders to his soldiers were as follows: Everyone will be at work tomorrow. No excuse will be good enough for being absent or late. If you think your car won’t start or you will have a flat tire, sleep on post tonight! Tomorrow is one of best days in The Old Guards year, we get to show our respect to fallen heroes. I then asked what the punishment would have been for anyone who would be late or missing. He said that soldier would take up all the flags in the cemetery by himself, with no breaks, until complete, which was around 175,000-200,000 at that time. Naturally, he said everyone always was there, not because of the severe punishment, but because the pride level was too high.

Happy Memorial Day to all.