The Struggle is Real

| March 9, 2019

I am always on the lookout for new super lethal training methods for self-defense.   I stumble upon new things all the time.   Do not try this at home and remember…Please kill responsibly.

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chooee lee

Is this ass clown practicing his self-defense moves or his dance moves?

some guy

Looks like a cross between the gun-kata from the movie Equilibrium and a mix of drunken boxing and disco dancing. Christian Bale did it better:


He’s been watching too much Matrix.

My, my, my

Wonder how well he can twirl a shovel? Just saying….



Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

Interesting kata. Looks like it’s used for hallways and small spaces. Wonder how well it works in real life?

Just An Old Dog


So many fake martial arts out there and homemade self defense.


Dude needs to put down the Bong.





I have this one, as a “just in case” reminder that there are odd people in the world. Just fight the good fight, and you get to go home at night.

That feller in the video up top needs a good choreographer.


This is a classic. I remember seeing this. Dude is clearly something and just hiding in plain clothes but that was badass regardless of what he is. Definitely one of us, probably an agent just making sure ANTIFA didn’t fuck with anyone as I know they have them at those events very often monitoring who is who and paying attention to if the cops are in on anything.

Bottom line, dude is a badass.


That’s the liberal left demonstrating their acceptance of those with different views. Or it could be some lowlife rat fucking leftist pig who will accept you only if you echo his views.

I would have enjoyed a good ass beating.


That punk should work for Western Union, he telegraphs so much.

Punk waited for his target to look away. Mr. Blocker saw it coming, probably before the punk had fully formed the urge. Nice. The finger-point and wink was epic put-down.

Note that the intended victim appears oblivious to what almost happened, even as Mr. Blocker is pointing.


Learn to wrestle, learn where pressure points are, learn to throw a few punch combinations and you will win pretty much every single fight against untrained types. Do the above, join the military and learn a higher degree of offensive/defensive techniques and counters and you will beat 90% of people who would engage you and be able to take down up to 2-3 people at once in that category. Do the above and add some training from some type of UFC connected gym which includes leg kicks, joint snapping (Krav Maga basically without the lethality) and you are a human fucking wrecking ball.

Still though, after all these years and all the fights I have seen both officiated and street I still believe that most fights end after the first punch OR as soon as one idiot gasses which happens very quick in this modern day as most of those twerps have never been involved in an athletic competition in their lives, smoke all day, think they are John Wick but when their heart starts pumping they lose interest in ten seconds because their heart is like “sure brah…. you’re 20 years too late”

Just An Old Dog

The Average Male overestimates his ability to fight by about 6,572%
To compound that, there is a rise in popularity in self defense training. Although only a small percentage of people actually do it, they can seriously fuck up people that try to put hands on them.


Fighting anybody you don’t know is a bad idea. Step back and prepare. Be ready for knives particularly if you can’t see both their hands and/or don’t know what they have. Saps and knuckles possible too. Also note ,people don’t you know know might fight dirty and that is whole different ball-game from a fist fight too. Don’ fight if there is one of you and IDK how many them, even fighting with one person , with people around consider they might have friends.

Personally , i have seen/been in my share , won many ,never lost,couple “draws”, but now I am too old and wise , I don’t fight , I would just kill. I carry a knife , and a gun. Won’t start no trouble , but gotta have ways to stop trouble that doesn’t want to stop itself. learn how to use/carry those , if you have the knowledge/self-control/ and spider sense to avoid crime or talk down trouble, otherwise don’t carry, keep one in you car though. A good accessible slash knife is always a good thing to have m or f. Pointy is for if you know how to use one. IMO . There are composite/plastic/ceramic knives that will pass metal detectors so you’re never without something

Just posting my thought to keep people from getting themselves to hurt/killed and to only stop/kill others if “yours” is in danger


All the skill and training in the world pales in comparison to a cunning attitude and willingness to inflict grievous damage, and the habit of doing so.

Neither the Dojo nor the Tourney are life and death struggle. The Range is not the Street. The dark soul that lusts to live on the edge of Death, and repeatedly tempts both Fate and Death, is a threat of high magnitude.


Yes, I know.


Guy was a fool , beyond the antics, giving away 25-30 lbs and reach , he wasa double fool for not being careful.fighting people appreciably bigger is only for the bad and fools.


One was there to demonstrate epic prowess in combat.

The other was there to destroy his opponent.


This reminds me of drunken boxing. Like drunken gunfighting.


If your dog did that, you’d have him dewormed.



Now, this guy is a very funny guy. And convincing, too, nearly.


A Mime is a terrible thing to waste.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I really got a kick out of watching the kick boxer and US Marine. The one with the martial arts guy with the handgun spinning around on the deck was something else. Nice ground target.


Happy to see my tax dollars at work in the Sandbox. I feel as I though I should send them a big batch of cookies or something.

Perry Gaskill

Spartacus? He’s a poofball. I like this one better:


He likely dresses the punching bag in ladies undergarments and does a whole different kind of routine when the sun goes down.


I wonder if he is buddies with Frank Dux?

5th/77th FA

Too old and slow to do fisty cuffs any more. While you are dancing around acting the fool I’ma be gonna pull out a well concealed gat and put at least 3 center mass.

Better to be judged by 12 than toted by 6.

Mark Lauer

Give him SOME credit. He did that with an unloaded gun. Most idiots don’t.

That’s it. I got nothing else. Good luck to him, wherever the hell he’s planning to go.


Apparently this shit is called ‘choriok.’ Cooked up by some dumbass Russian.

Just An Old Dog

Pretty stupid as Russians have a very effect martial art ( Sambo) that can wreck the fuck out of people.


Everybody was Feng Shui fighting!
You know them cats was weak and trifling!

Yet it is still a little bit frightening…

A Proud Infidel®™️

One thing I’ve seen about people taking self defense classes is that they learn just enough to get their asses kicked and then stop.