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| September 14, 2007

Well, tomorrow is ANSWER‘s and IVAW‘s “Mass” march against the war. They plan on meeting up at the White House at noon from all I can gather and meandering along Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol for their “Die-In”. The Gathering of Eagles, Free Republic and Protest Warriors will be lining their route.

GOE plans on a rally at 9am on the National Mall near 7th Street. Protest Warriors will be protecting the Navy Memorial from the same type of injustice that has been done to it in the past.

Yours truly plans to arrive at the Farragut North Metro Station (on the Red line) about 10 am (after my morning bike ride and my SOS breakfast at the Walter Reed mess hall) and I’ll get ya’all some pictures of the hairy-legged crowd as I walk about a half-mile to the good guys. I’m trying to find an internet hotspot near the march route, but I’ve not been successful so far, so ya’all might hafta wait until I get home before I get the pictures up on the blog. But I’ll take my laptop just in case.

On my quick recon around the city today, I haven’t seen the usual hippie-types anywhere. Usually I see them straggling in from the bus station and the train station all day long, but they’ve been noticably absent today. I get the impression that Kokesh‘s expectation for 4,000 die-in volunteers might be a little ambitious.

I’ll grant that they may have lots of buses show up at the last minute, but, as I said, this pre-protest day is a whole lot quieter than the ones I’ve seen in the past.

On the other hand, I have seen several motorcycles flying American flags cruisng the city. But anyway we’ll see tomorrow.

If anyone is planning to link up with us tomorrow (I have two so far that have expressed an interest), you can catch up me at Farragut North Metro Station or at the Navy Memorial. I’ll email my cell number if necessary. Keep watching this space for photos!Â

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I will be there in spirit and watching on CSpan. Make sure you get pics of any IVAW dudes
wearing their uniform while protesting. Stay safe and stand strong!

Jonn wrote: C’mon, Robin, there’s still time for you and hubby to fly in for this. Fly into Reagan airport about 10, get on the Yellow line train, get off on the 5th stop and you’ll be at the Navy Memorial. Raise the roof for a few hours and get back on the train. We’ll be waiting for you. 🙂


Sure wish I could make it way back there.

You don’t know how happy it makes to see someone else that likes SOS. I always thought I was wierd 🙂


Jonn wrote: SOS is the reason I stayed in twenty years. But, please don’t let the fact that I like SOS, too, disabuse you of the notion you might be weird. 🙂


John, I’ll look for your interview on FOXNews.
What? That wasn’t you??

Thanks for keeping strong at the bulwark for us all.




Can’t wait for a full report. Wish my husband and I were there.


Do tell! What happened? What were the numbers? I had FOX cable news on all day, but there was minimal coverage of GOE. More of the lunatics. They did one “interview” with a college-aged female wearing camoulflage, doing the “die-in”. She sounded like a robot, as if she’d memorized her lines. I don’t think she really grasped what she was saying. (Cringe-worthy comments on film for later in life for that young lady.)
Thank you for being there.


thank you for your extensive coverage. i am just one reader and i GREATLY appreciate it (so collectively you’ve helped many folks like me, i’m sure), as i’m here in hippie-lefty-shit4brains central (seattle) and there wasn’t much i could stand reading here.