Kerry: remove Syria’s Assad

| December 4, 2015

John Kerry's Munich Moment

In contradiction to what his stance on Syria’s president Assad during the Bush Administration, John Kerry has told folks that we need to remove Assad from Syria in order to beat ISIS, according to the New York Times;

Yet while American officials say they want to see Mr. Assad leave office, they clearly do not want to have that transition happen too quickly. An abrupt removal of Mr. Assad could create a vacuum in Damascus that the Islamic State would probably try to exploit. “Just imagine how quickly this scourge could be eliminated — in a matter of literally months — if we were able to secure that kind of political resolution,” Mr. Kerry said.

The first step in Mr. Kerry’s plan is to negotiate a cease-fire among rebel groups and Mr. Assad’s forces — but one that does not include the Islamic State or terrorist organizations like the Nusra Front, an offshoot of Al Qaeda.

Ya know what would have really helped in this situation? If Kerry and the Democrats hadn’t cuddled up to the Assad regime during the Bush Administration, if they’d have arrived at this conclusion back before there was an ISIS or before there was a civil war. But, then they would have to be pro-active on the Middle East – they were more concerned with undermining US security and reversing any Bush initiatives in the region.

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Ketchup Kerry leads a cease fire in Syria !!!!
This oughtta be good !!!!!!!
Damn man, you are killing me here !!!
Ketchup Kerry leading the charge !!!!!


Kerry is a jerk. Remember if you joined the military you were too dumb to be educated.

HMCS (FMF) ret.

Better watch out, Boys and Girls… John “Rice Paddy Daddy” Kerry took some of those little blue pills and has a woody… he’s gonna make someone really scared with his high falutin’ words!!!


JFK & his idjit boss are the ones going to to out of power real soon…


I’ve seen bareback broncs swap ends fewer times than sKerry has.

Oh, for the good old days of no transparency and no online media presence!

Is the ‘pants on fire’ thing appropriate? Or should I just let that go?


Oh, yeah – you nosy pervs who are moderating people here? Stuff if!

Green Thumb

John Kerry and Friends Battle Music:


Can we swap Kerry for someone with a brain?

Pinto Nag

Does anybody remember the rubbish that went on down in Central and South America in the 1980’s when we destabilized governments down there for fun and profit? Can’t we ever learn? We need to leave other governments alone, unless we are willing to go wage war and become an occupying force in whatever shithole has caught our attention. Until then, we need to keep our noses out of other people’s business!


‘Can’t we ever learn?’

Unfortunately, PN, the answer to that is ‘NO’.

Once people in any society get into the upper echelons of power of some sort, there brains become freeze-dried, and they forget where they came from.


PN, you mean the Communist regimes which were dedicated enemies of this country?

Pinto Nag

Yes, they were communist and the enemy. My unhappiness is with the way we chose to deal with it. The rebels we funded, armed, and trained were just as much a bunch of blood-thirsty butchers as the powers that were. It took what, about thirty years for that area to settle down? And some of it still hasn’t.


Sadly, the types of folks who create revolutions are often the same folks you would specifically prohibit from governing anything. As Heinlein once said, a revolution is when you throw THEIR crooked bastards out so as to take the opportunity to put your own crooked bastards in. I strongly suspect that were we to strip the patina that history has bestowed on even our own Founding Fathers we would find the truth to be a bit grittier – seems unlikely that out of all the revolutions in history, we had the sole and only group of saints as the central committee.


Saints? *cough*

Tom Jefferson had an affair with one of his housmaids. George Washington used to ride over to his mistress’s house. Ben Franklin was a horndog. I thought everyone knew that.

And those aren’t the only ones.


I see. Thank you for the clarification; your position is understandable. 🙂

The Other Whitey

Kerry: “Get rid of Assad!”

Putin: “Da? You and what army, mudak?”


Had to look up “mudak.” Perfect! Spasibo, tovarisch.


And replace Assad with what? Haven’t thought that far ahead again? I vote we send Hillary there as queen. She can dodge sniper fire, deal with terrorists, and has the answer to everything. She’ll have those nasty guns out of everyone’s hands in no time. And since she’s poor and one of the little people, she’ll become their guiding light. We can call her the TAH (Take Action Hillary)of the world! Sorry Jonn, couldn’t resist.


I would personally like to put Putin sKerry into a room together, just to see who starts sweating hard first.


Yep – would like to have the ticket concession for that meeting.


Given his ability to always select the option which has the least positive impact for the US, whatever he favors must be wrong. How’s that for being nuanced, sKerry? (Did you know he served in Viet Nam?)


Kerry and his boss should remember the old saying: “Better the Devil ye know . . . .”

Not all change is for the better.