Castro; Clinton/Obama endorsement

| August 29, 2007

According to Reuters and CNN, Tio Fidel is endorsing a Clinton/Obama ticket for next year;

Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is tipping Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to team up and win the U.S. presidential election.Clinton leads Obama in the race to be the Democratic nominee for the November 2008 election, and Castro said they would make a winning combination.

I guess this will do wonders for them – just like the Osama bin Laden endorsement for Kerry/Edwards in 2004. I’m sure the left is positively giddy about this high-profile endorsement from the docile, harmless Castro.

It seems he had some other nice to things about our other worthless Democrat Presidents;

Castro said former President Bill Clinton was “really kind” when he bumped into him and the two men shook hands at a U.N. summit meeting in 2000. He also praised Clinton for sending elite police to “rescue” shipwrecked Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives in 2000 to end an international custody battle.


He said his favorite U.S. president since 1959 was Jimmy Carter, another Democrat, because he was not an “accomplice” to efforts to violently overthrow the Cuban government.

See, anyone willing to forget that Castro is a bloodthirsty tyrant with hundreds of prisoners of conscience rotting in jail cells is just fine and dandy.

Reuters also mentioned that Eisenhower cut off diplomatic relations with Cuba – but they neglect to mention why, I will. The first year after Castro toppled the Batista regime, in 1959, he sent a small ragtag force of his guerilla army to invade the Panama Canal Zone. The small force of about 50 was rounded up as they landed on the beach at Colon, Panama by the Panamanian National Guard under the cover American air power and naval batteries with no casualties and sent packing back to Cuba.

The intent was to incite the Panamanians to drive the evil gringos from the Canal Zone. So it’s really no wonder that the President cut off relations, since the Cubans tried to invade US territory, is it? And you’d think it’s be worth mentioning.

Reuters also neglected to mention that during the Carter years, the Soviets stationed 10,000 Soviet combat troops in Cuba in the event that Carter decided to react to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. And Carter allowed Cuban troops to have their run of Africa (Rhodesia, Angola, South Africa, the Congo) and Central America (Columbia, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nigaragua) inciting armed conflict and terrorizing the populations where ever they could. 

Is it any wonder he’d endorse a corrupt Presidential candidate with an half-witted idiot for a running mate?

Stix Blogs wonders why the world’s thugs support Democrats whereas I don’t have to ask.

Ace of Spades says that fugitive felons also support Clinton. big endorsement week for her, I guess.

George Moneo at Babalu Blog has a memory like mine.

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Timothy H. Willis

Fidel’s endorsement is enough, all by itself, to vote for anyone — Fat Freddy’s Cat if he runs in ’08 — to keep Clinton and Obama out of D.C.. But, die-hard Dems will vote for the pair (which looks like the comnig ticket – gag!) for no real, thought out reason. All I can do is hope that common sense hits the voting portion of our population… without having to witness a mushroom cloud over some American city (probably NYC, which seems to be some kind of irritation to the bad guys).

THW — 1st rule of a knife fight: Winner goes to the ER, loser dies. —


Ya know old ‘tio’ might be right, I’ve always suspected the Dems would pair up Clinton and Obama at their Pres/VP hopefuls.

I hope this comes to pass….this combination will bring out the conservative base on election day 2008.

BTW: I hope to meet up with you in DC this September!

Jonn Lilyea wrote: Maybe Fidel is hoping to get a seat on the US Civil Rights Commission.

If you’re in DC, Skye, I’ll find you – but keep in touch.


Thanks for the link.
I really don’t wonder, I just think it is funny that the Defeatocrats are always supported by thugs and people that want the United States to fall.

Jonn Lilyea wrote: You’re welcome and I’m glad you found your way here. I wonder why that 30% of the country that consistently vote Democrat can’t see the correlation. Must be psychotic blindness.



Hey maybe we can get chavez and ahmadinejad to endorse Clinton/Obama and we’ve got it made!