Whiney Kokesh whines to the whiney press

| June 5, 2007


The Washington Examiner publishes a poorly researched AP article about poor little Adam Kokesh, the sociopath, childish war protester who thinks he had a discharge;

Marine Corps officials argue they are enforcing military codes in the case of Cpl. Adam Kokesh.

Kokesh, 25, participated in an anti-war demonstration in Washington in March. When he was identified in a photo caption in The Washington Post, a superior officer sent him an e-mail saying he might have violated a rule prohibiting troops from wearing uniforms without authorization. Kokesh responded with a letter that contained an obscenity.

Kokesh, a graduate student at George Washington University, is a member of the Individual Ready Reserve, which consists mainly of those who have left active duty but still have time remaining on their eight-year military obligations. His service is due to end June 18, but the Marine Corps is seeking to let him go two weeks early with a less-than-honorable discharge.

That could cut some of his health benefits and force him to repay about $10,800 he received to obtain his undergraduate degree on the GI Bill.

Kokesh’s attorney, Lt. Jeremy Melaragno, said Monday during an administrative separation board hearing that his client’s free-speech rights are at stake.

“It has everything to do with freedom of speech,” Melaragno said. “Ask yourself, would we be here if he was advocating for the Bush administration?”

During a break in the hearing, Kokesh told reporters that the case appears to be punitive.

So the media just goes right ahead and publishes whatever Kokesh and his lawyer tell them. And then they tell the big lie at the center of the whole debate;

Kokesh was honorably discharged after a combat tour in Iraq.

His attorneys said Kokesh was not subject to military rules during the protest because he was not on active duty. They said the protest was a theatrical performance, which meant wearing a uniform was a not a violation of military rules. The military considered it a political event, at which personnel are not allowed to wear their uniforms without authorization.

As I and many others established this weekend, Kokesh has not been discharged. If he had been discharged, he wouldn’t have been at that hearing yesterday – the Marines couldn’t force him to report if they had no legal authority over him. Yet – there he was arguing to save his discharge status. Anyone with at least half-a-brain could figure that out. Well, not Heather Hollingsworth of the Associated Press, apparently.

But, anyway, the panel recommended a general (an other-than-honorable) discharge according to the today’s Examiner;

A military panel recommended that an Iraq war veteran who wore his uniform during an anti-war protest should lose his honorable discharge status, brushing away his claims that he was exercising his right to free speech.

“This is a nonpunitive discharge,” said Col. Patrick McCarthy, chief of staff for the mobilization command. “The most stringent discharge that could have been received is other than honorable, and the board chose to raise that up to a general discharge.”

Disappointing, indeed. But our little sociopath crybaby can’t leave well-enough alone;

After the hearing, Kokesh criticized the panel for not taking a stronger stand on the issue. He said he might appeal the board’s ruling.

“I do not think it was in the Marine Corps spirit to take the easy road or to not take a stand. In the words of Dante, the hottest layers of hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis maintain their neutrality, and I think that’s what happened here today.”

Well, for once we agree, Kokesh, the Marine Corps should have taken a stronger stand and tossed your little crybaby ass in jail. Of course, since you’re a criminal and sociopath, there’s still a chance that they might since you don’t want to drop it.

I hope you accost me on one of your hippie-patrols someday that I happen to be on the National Mall – you’ll find out which of the hotter layers of Hell are reserved for your tired, punk ass sooner than you may have expected. That’s not a threat, by the way. Just a warning to play with children your own age.

More reasoned words from my new battle buddy, Robin, at Chickenhawk Express.

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