Wanted; Jim VanFleet

| March 8, 2014

Guy was motivated by the Dan sockpuppet at the post about Jim VanFleet and created a poster to honor the occasion;


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Kinda old ET1



I approve of this Wanted Poster


Nicely done.


Whoever is making these posters for us gets a big applause from me. Fine work.


The guy has a lot time on his hands, clearly not very busy at work … Looking up at the stars just wondering!


Thanks for the laugh, Master Chief!




I just have one question: Is clowndog authorized to wear those captain’s stripes on the sleeves of that dress dinner jacket in the photo?

Because if he isn’t authorized, he should not be wearing them.

He sucks ostrich eggs, too.


Excellent!! Seems we have a new wanter posted template for use with all these fakers!!!
(might delete “California” and replace with “in the United States of America” in red, white and blue so it can be used elsewhere…bigger fraud sign?)


‘shot in the head’ sounds like a major Purple Heart injury to me. Perhaps this is the cause of his forgetting that he was never on the ground in a war zone.

Personal to MCPO NYC (RET.). In case you do not know as yet, your old ship the USS EDSON is being maintained by a group of dedicated people, all services, here in Bay City, MI. Had a reunion last summer and I got a personal tour of the boiler room spaces. What a place to work. Sure glad I became a YN. BZ


USS Edson … Great Grey Ghost of the Viet Nam Coast. It was the TOP gun in Viet Nam for NGFS!

How the frig do you know me? Are you one of those stalkers, who will kidnap me, put me in a dry well and make me put lotion all over my body?


Master Chief, I just did some research on your ship, the USS Edson DD-946. Great ship, great stories, great history. Lots of deployments. I am glad it has found a home. I deserves to be remembered. Looks like a rough ride in high seas though! But that is what you Navy guys love I guess. Green water over the bow. All respect to you Master Chief for serving on the USS Edson.

Also to BOILING MAD CPO, thank you sir as well for your service to our country.


Was in Vietnam from 70 to 72.
USMC MOS 0849 Shore Fire Control Party.
Sub Unit 1, 1st ANGLICO; III, IV Corps
Ground and Air Forward Observer.

Had the pleasure and honor to fire every ship on station during that time frame…. US and Australian.

Master Chief, and all you Squids out there, the Navy has all my respect, it was more than earned time and time again. The Navy never let me down, never.

Thank God for the world’s greatest Navy.

Semper Fi

A Proud Infidel®™

MCPO NYC USN Ret.®™, probably not until at least the second or third date!!


Naw. Most likely he was dick slapped in the forehead by his butt buddy during one of their trysts, and that gave him amnesia.

Toasty Coastie

The only crease in Van “Wearer of Fake Medals, Ribbons and SEAL Trident” Fleet’s head is from a steroidal mosquito that had the unfortunate luck of landing on his foam filled melon and biting him.

Green Thumb

It would appear that Van “Turd” is quickly establishing himself as a contender in this year’s tournament.


That must be it! He is doing this to get a higher seed in the tournament!!!

Some people will do ANYTHING to win.


He will do anything to try to beat down dandan bernastypantsman, but unless there is a video of vanfleet having drunken physical relations with the grille of a pickup truck, he has no chance. I don’t care how many cockpuppets he has in the mix.

Just my opinion.

A Proud Infidel™

I wonder just what he’ll pull or do next, the little shit is only mad that he got caught!


It seems our new friend Dan won’t respond to anyone who uses “foul language”.(usually that would leave me out) Well honey I can be sweet, I can be so sweet butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth. Let’s talk baby!


No one has the righ to tell you what to say, or how to say it. Period.

Especially when it’s some obnoxious, self-involved girlieman like DANNEEE BOIIIIEE.


“Grazed me in the head, what a silly headache!”, this fruit loop is an embarrassment to life.

Instead of an “I’m sorry”, we get the best….”I knew this day would come, I will just stop wearing the medals.”


A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, he treated it like it was something as petty as his dog pooping in his/its neighbor’s lawn, no big deal to the slimyassed DOG TURD™!!

Roger in Republic

Damn, this is one high speed, low drag dude. Able to fly the Huey, the Super Saber, and the Aardvark. Not only could he fly them, he could “Air Assault” with them. I don’t know how he found time to fly with all the parachute jumps he did,(over 1000). As hot a stick as he was, I still can’t figure out how he got a slot at DI school as a ROTC Cadet. This guy reminds me of one of those old ladies that wear way too much makeup. Anyone that actually flew the Huey in combat would not have to make up stories of daring do. In 1965 the life of a Huey pilot was less than 20 missions, or so I was told when I applied for Pilot training. Thank god for an Astigmatism. Screw this phony. When they boot him out, he should land forty feet away.

Roger in Republic

Sorry, I imported that to the wrong thread. It goes with the Phony VFW story.

Toasty Coastie

I have assumed the watch for this evening..I will *try* to use a proper vocabulary should our Faerie Puppet Dan make an appearance to again slam us and Mr. Dan Noyes under the guise of “defending” the Swamp Donkey Van Enema Fleet.

A Proud Infidel®™

I picture you hunting that little Sparkle Pony of a snowflake like a Honey Badger tracking its prey!!

Toasty Coastie

lol..Yes I gotz the madz skillz to hunt and track Shizzle Weasel Cock Puppet Mittens and Sparkle Pony Snowflakes like nobody’s bidnizz….:)

A Proud Infidel®™

Toasty Coastie­®™, I KNEW THAT already!!

Toasty Coastie

@ A Proud Infidel®™



I will also be available, and if DANNEEE BOIIIEEE


As I was saying before I interrupted myself:
I will also be available, and if girlieman DANNEEE BOIIIEEE does not like ‘foul’ language, I now have a GAF/GAS attitude, which I will keep on my person.