Corporal Charles H. Stoeckle; a search for NOK

| February 9, 2014

Eggs sends us a link to a KGUN article from Tucson about veterans trying to reunite a deceased veteran’s medals with his family. Apparently, Marine Corporal Charles H. Stoeckle passed away a while back, and his landlord, cleaning out his apartment, tossed his medals in the trash. Someone found the medals in an old suitcase and brought them to Frank Felix who has taken up the search for the family;

“I was devastated. I felt like crying. I was like ‘This is not right. This is a guy that served his country,'” said Felix.

He held onto the treasures, assuming someone would claim them.

Now, he’s calling in his brothers and 9OYS for help.

“I don’t know who threw it away. They don’t know what it is. This guy is a hero,” said retired Sergeant Mike Obregon, a fellow Vietnam veteran.

“A lot of the general public don’t realize what these people did to deserve these awards. It’s very disheartening,” said John Rodriguez, Commandant of Detachment 007.

So, 9OYS began to dig.

Initial web searches came up empty, but the Nationwide Gravesite Locator shows Corporal Stoeckle, a Nebraska native, is buried in Sierra Vista.

From here the mystery only deepens. Cemetery directors say Corporal Stoeckle doesn’t have any next of kin listed, and there’s very little on his marker.

The video below the jump, autostarts;

We never leave a fallen brother/sister behind.

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Holy crap, Guy Atchley is still on-air?

And yea, it sucks that his medals were tossed, but it is plausible that whoever threw out the briefcase may have not even known (or cared) what was in it.


Most housecleaners or landlords don’t give a crap about anything left behind, unless its something usable like a electronics or weapon or…
Load it up and off to the dump. Anybody working on next of kin or wait to the news gal to git ‘er done?

Laura Krieser

This is my Uncle! I didn’t know he had passed away. 🙁 We hadn’t heard from him in years and always wondered where he was at. This breaks my heart. My own mother (Charles sister) passed away too. We are also looking for his brother.
The whole family was split up and its so sad that the last time I got to talk to my uncle was back in late 1990’s.
I was not aware that he had children. I would love to meet them.