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| February 8, 2014

Cortillaen sends us our first feel good story for this morning’s stand to (I know you do it) from Orangeburg, South Carolina where a woman got tired of being thrown and dragged around her house by her boyfriend;

24-year-old Jeremy Scott Williamson “became enraged after looking in his girlfriends’s purse and finding papers where he was listed as a suspect for a crime in another jurisdiction.” After he argued with her about the papers and refused to let her call her mother to come get her, the woman ran out in the yard where Williamson chased her down and attacked.

He dragged her back inside, “hit her on the back of the head and threw her to the floor.”

After hearing the disturbance Williamson’s grandfather entered the room and asked his grandson to stop. When Williamson paused to look at his grandfather, the girlfriend was able to grab a handgun and “[shoot] him in the abdomen.”

Williamson died from the gunshot.

Our second story, sent by Chief Tango, comes from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where, a not-so-innocent victim thought he was meeting a prostitute in a hotel room, but instead met some folks intent on taking his money, without the happy ending;

The victim, who was not identified, also told officers he has a gun permit and had shot the man who was robbing him, police said. [Mario Rudolpha Shockley, 25] then fired back and hit the victim.

Authorities said the victim had gone to the motel to meet [Brittany Elizabeth Pitts, 23], a prostitute, for sex.

“That individual arrived believing he was arriving there for that purpose,” District Attorney Ed Marsico said. “When he was robbed by the two individuals, the gun was pointed at him.”

Police said they stopped Pitts as she was driving away from the Rodeway Inn and found Shockley hiding in the back of the vehicle.

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  1. A Saturday morning Twofer to go with my Cuban Coffee. Love it. And, love it when the Big, bad, women beaters get their comeuppance. One to the gut and dead.

  2. One of our Phony Rangers, now sitting in a Tennessee Jail, could well do this with his girlfriend if she chooses to not get the hell out of his life.

  3. Sparks says:

    The guy in the photo…now that is your upstanding, well educated, hard working, taxpaying looking citizen there! /sarc/

    If Obama had a son…

  4. Sparks says:

    @1 Frankly, where do you get your Cuban?

  5. Speaking from learning from 30+ years of being a copper, I’d say that’s the best way to rehab a dirtbag.

  6. OldSargeUSAR says:

    What @5 said….

  7. OWB says:

    Does it make me a bad person to be less than generous with my sympathy for someone becoming the victim of a crime while attempting to commit another crime? No, it’s not OK to commit crime under any circumstances, but…