Tuesday Morning Feel Good Story

| February 4, 2014

This morning’s feel good story comes from Chief Tango who sends a link to local news in Wichita, Kansas where a homeowner opened his bedroom door and encountered an intruder;

“He heard noises inside of his house, and upon opening his door, he was confronted with the suspect. The suspect attacked him and a fight ensued and that’s when the shots were fired,” said Lt. Todd Ojile, Wichita Police Department.

The suspect was rushed to Wesley Hospital but, he died soon after.

Police say the shooting could be a case of self-defense, and local criminal lawyers agree noting that in Kansas, there is no duty to retreat law on the books.

Yeah, well, he was in his bedroom, so where the hell was he supposed to go to retreat. A closet?

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Frankly Opinionated

“no duty to retreat law on the books…”
Any state’s citizens who allow such a law to be put on the books deserves whatever consequences they suffer from such a law.


This is why I never close the bedroom door.


Sometimes it’s not the laws on the books, Frankly Opinionated. In some jurisdictions, it’s my understanding that the law is silent on the matter – but the courts have nonetheless “interpreted” the law to require such.


Dead Perp = You are a GO at this station.


“Duty to retreat?” What does that mean?

What about a “duty to not be a criminal” concept instead?

Good Lord. The sane among us are already doing what we can to NOT become crime victims. How about a “When I am asleep in my own bed I seriously have an expectation to not be disturbed by some criminal trying to make me into a victim” law. Or judicial interpretation of the law.


That whole “Duty to Retreat” is the cause of “Stand Your Ground” laws. The popular media likes to distort SYG, but many of us remember that up until recently in many jurisdictions if you were involved in a self-defense altercation, you had a legal DUTY to attempt to retreat from the attacker. If you could not show you tried to do so, you would be prosecuted. So SYG laws were passed to remedy that, and state that if you are legally in a place and something happens which requires self defense, you do not have to attempt to retreat before taking defensive action. (Always remember that it is best for your legal defense, when caught in that kind of situation, for only one person to be contributing a version of the story.)

Roger in Republic

“Police say the shooting could be a case of self-defense”, yes and it could be a case of the clap too, but anytime you are attacked you have a right to self defense. Domestic situations not withstanding.


Hang around outside my bedroom door and you have the right to be shot. Survivors have the right to be shot again.

Under what set of social rules would an intruder inside my home have a right to expect ANYTHING except deadly force?