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| January 4, 2014

I don’t know if you need one, but here’s an open thread. MacDonald’s employee of the month, Cody Stermer is pulling a Wickre and pretending to be a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy when he calls and texts us, so Maricopa County Sheriffs have been notified that there’s a phony deputy out there. His phone number is 480-299-0869 and White Pages says it’s Cody’s number.

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A Proud Infidel

Maybe THIS is Cody’s chopper piloting? http://www.youtube.com/embed/bAYrcu5_Pko?rel=0

John Robert Mallernee

Since I was hospitalized on Christmas morning, I’ll set up my camera and make a video of me opening my presents tomorrow, which traditionally is the Twelfth Day of Christmas.

My sister in Virginia, and her family, requested the video, so I’ll post it at my blog, “OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE”, whenever it’s completed.

Then, Monday, after the doctor finishes examining me, I’ll take down my Christmas decorations and change the desktop wallpaper on my computer, and then wait a whole ‘nother anxious year until NEXT Christmas!

John Robert Mallernee


Gosh, gee whillikers, I don’t know anything about bass guitars, and I don’t know what a “roundwound” or a “flat” is.

Due to my lack of formal musical training, when performing and/or composing, everything I do is “by ear” and from memory.

I only know about half a dozen chords that another soldier in Korea taught me, and although I know where to put my fingers, I don’t know what the chords are called.

To raise or lower the octave to match the pitch at which I’m singing, I use a capo, popularly known as a “cheater bar”, because it allows ignorant amateurs such as myself to cheat.

Here is the URL of a video I recorded explaining, “HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR”, the way I do it:


I remember how shocked I was the first time I performed at a COWBOY POETS OF IDAHO gathering, and saw my name on the program listed as a “MUSICIAN”!


I never thought of myself as a genuine authentic musician, but the guy in charge said that’s what I was.

When I went to compete in a county fair, I entered as an amateur, but the gal in charge said I was too good to be an amateur, so she listed me as semi-professional.

A Proud Infidel

@48, Ex-PH2, I never thought it would be possible,… DAMN!! This boy’s gone full turbo with nitro booster, FULL STUPID AHEAD!!

Maybe he’ll end up like this estupido one day, then we get to laugh at him again? http://www.ktvu.com/news/news/crime-law/christmas-eve-robber-beaten-stripped-clothes/ncYMP/


@16–I’ve lived in Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. I’ve seen -45 degree temps, but I think the coldest day I ever saw was in January 1985 when I was but a young E-3 going to A-school in Great Lakes.

It was something like -30 that day with wind howling off the lake and giving a wind chill in the -60 range, IIRC. The pipes froze and burst at the NTC chow hall, and we were supposed to be held inside. HOWEVER, that mattered little as that was the same weekend the McD’s opened up on base. I remember sneaking out a couple of times to make Mickey-D runs where the place was packed to the gills, but at the same time all the window were still frozen ON THE INSIDE.

Ah, good times.

2/17 Air Cav

@52. Funny. Here he is in action, taking out a Zero the hard way. FF to about 1:45 and you’ll see him in action.


@55 Proud – ROFLMAO!!!!!

Mikey, the Large and In Charge, appreciates the request for info about his schedule. Today, it consisted of sleeping in his favorite basket, eating kibble, eating cat cookies, spending time in both of the bathtubs watching the faucets dribble — he said it reminded him of pickwickre peckrewood, a/k/a psul the uncool — and hanging out in the cat tree watching the snow fall. He is now on the kitchen table, shredding the newspaper.

Marine_7002, make sure you get a really good sear on it, like you would a steak. And if it’s a round roast, put it in the crock pot with the fat side UP, so that the flavor goes down into the meat. I used minced garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns, a bit of Weber’s mesquite steak seasoning, and thing sliced onions, and just a small amount of chili powder.

Jim Legans, Jr

Beautiful weather in Albuquerque. 62 degrees and sunny, been out riding my Harley all day.

Picked up a Gen 3 Glock 17 yesterday, and I like it. Don’t know why I hated the Glock 17 I had back in 91, I traded it for a S&W 586. It won’t replace my S&W M&P9 as my carry gun, but it’s fun to shoot and feels good in my hand.

Glad to see more guns and ammo on the shelves of stores around here. Magazines are still hard to come by.


@ 54 – John R.

This link will tell you all about string construction:

If you are playing a standard acoustic guitar (not a classical) you doubtless have roundwound steel strings on it.

Jim Legans, Jr

Just saw your post, John Mallernee. Hope you get well soon, amigo.


@51 Thanks, OldSarge…after thinking about it a bit, maybe he meant to say “6 felonies”!

@58 PH2…thanks for the additional details. Highlight, CTRL C, CTRL V, saved!


@59–magazines are a lot easier to come by, but a lot of the calibers of ammo are still a cast-iron bitch to find in any quantity.

I’ve wanted to get a .22 for the kids, but NOBODY in town sells the ammo right now, and looking online, there’s no way I’d pay what they’re asking.

John Robert Mallernee


Thanks for explaining that to me.

On my Yamaha G-130A classical guitar, I use LA BELLA FOLKSINGER BALL END NYLON strings.

Some guy told me that’s the same brand that Willie Nelson uses, but of course, I have no way of verifying that.

My Blueridge acoustic guitar, which another guy bought at a garage sale in Texas, and then gave to me, still has the original strings on it, so I don’t know what brand they are.

My brother-in-law recommends ELIXIR NANOWEB 80/20 BRONZE strings for my acoustic guitar.

John Robert Mallernee

Just now, a freight train went by, three (03) CSX locomotives pulling a mixed manifest, southbound towards New Orleans, Louisiana from Mobile, Alabama, and I stepped out on my balcony to watch it pass.

It’s a bit chilly outside, and watching that train in the darkness reminded me of my own brief hobo experience oh, so many years ago.

Sometime in my early teens, I ran away from home in El Paso, Texas and hopped a Southern Pacific “hot shot” headed for San Antonio.

The boxcar I jumped into had several Mexicans in it.

I didn’t speak Spanish, and they didn’t speak English.

But, they were very nice to me, sharing their food.

During the pitch black night, it was COLD, for that’s how the desert is, and the violent rocking of the car was causing the door to slide shut and seal us in, which would be fatal, being trapped inside a solid steel boxcar under the broiling heat of the Texas sun.

Fortunately, the Mexicans found a good, stout two by four, and with all of us together combining our strength, we barely managed to keep that door from slamming shut.

It was a long, rough ride, and boy, was it cold!

That’s why standing on my balcony watching the passing freight train evoked this youthful memory, for it was pitch black night and cold.


Bit late to this weekend’s thread, but to satisfy curiosity regarding what the miscreant du jour meant by ‘felony 6,’ he’s referring to what Arizona Revised Statutes calls a ‘class 6 felony.’

Depending on circumstances i.e. first-time offenders, they sometimes get haggled down to misdemeanors.


Well, pretending to be DA po-po isn’t a “felony 6” or whatever. Poor dumb fucker.


Been skiing last three days. We drove through the storm Thursday night. Friday, Toro 1028 snowblower spun starter and sheared most of the gears and flywheel jammed. That was bad, but the good was, my neighbor loaned me his 828 and the driveway is clear. The temps at night here since Thursday have been: 4, -12 and 6. Today it will warm up to 34, it will snow and tomorrow night back to ZERO.

Someone please call AL GORE … We need help here!


I took a bit of time to read Grimmy’s post @40 up above about Deep Green Resistance. They want to destroy industrial civilization, among other things.

Okay, I’ll address that.

Industrial civilization gives them cheap clothing to wear, made in some 3rd world country like Malaysia, Bangla Desh, Egypt – look at the labels on the clothing. Well, maybe not Egypt now, with all that turmoil going on, but I do have a couple of blouses that have a label ‘Made in Egypt’.

Industrial civilization gives them a wide range of choices in food and nutrients at a variety of market places, including organic fresh produce, herbs and tofu if you’re a really picky vegan. Supermarkets are the updated version of the daily farmers’ markets you see in the summer in the US, and all year long in Europe and Asia.

Industrial civilization is the medium by which we get inventions like sewing machines (to make clothing), harvesting machines (to harvest crops), vehicules (to get around faster), and computers, so that idiots like DGR can tells us they want to destroy all of that.

Without industrial civilization, not only would DGR peeps be freezing to death in the cold and starving to death in the winter, because they have no idea how to build shelters or hunt and forage, they’d also have no way to communicate to tell us that they don’t like industrial civilization and they want to destroy it.

The braindead, dimwitted concept behind this is amazing. I think that DGR should get together with the AQs and the Talibs, and move to their own planet, along with nasty bitch Jihad Jane, and be forbidden to have any outside contact with civilized people.

At least, they let us know how they feel, though.

Lawrence Todd

DO NOT CALL AL GORE – there is something called the Gore Effect – everywhere he seems to go bad weather seems to follow. It is like he has a bad cloud following him.

Lawrence Todd

black not bad


@71 – The idea of a ‘bad cloud’ following someone is far more colorful than the more usual ‘black cloud’. It implies thunder, lightning strikes, and Don Shipley’s hair are in the mix.


AirCav, could you keep commenting on Colts games? You seem to be good luck for my favorite team. I almost turned the game off, but by the end of the forth quarter my kids and myself were rattling walls and fist bumps were going around.

2/17 Air Cav

Yeah, sure thing, Twist. That’s only the half of it. I was rooting for the Eagles yesterday too. Wanna guess why I don’t bet football?


Damn, 2/17 Air Cav – with that kind of track record you should bet. Just bet against your fave all the time. (smile)


It’s still snowing at my houe. More snoveling show, more kneep dee bends, more bet woots, more cot hocoa.

Dontcha just love winter? Oh, and I have been hit the a variant of the sasser worm! That old thing? So after Wednesday, when the weather starts to warm up a bit, I’ll take my poor old PC down to the shop to get that nasty parasite extracted with pliers and a blowtorch and get new security software that will stop sassera nd cryptolock in their tracks.

Yes, I am up to date on all that crap, even if I do have a computer that is practically an antique.

2/17 Air Cav

Well, you know how that stuff works. Say Team X is playing Team Y. If I bet Team X because I really want Team Y to win, I win the bet if Team X wins but I lose because I really want Team Y to win. On the other hand, if I bet Team Y–the team I really want to win– and Team X wins, I lose both the bet and, of course, my team loses. So, there really is no solution. The only way I see this working out is if someone pays me to root for the team they would like to see lose. Of course, that may be rooting against my best interest, which may not be a bad thing since the team I root for will lose.


@76: right now we have freezing rain just South of Indianapolis. The dogs aren’t happy, even though they are snuggled up in their kennels and get brought inside at night. The kennels are covered and they have straw and a heat source by the way.


Cats have been pounding their ears on my bed, on the fleece cover, all day. Birds ate all the birdfood I had before the end of December, and I can’t get more until Wednesday.

Still snowing, and getting boring. I’m going to brave the elements and take the car for its daily.

A Proud Infidel

We’ve had a couple of freezing nights here, it got up to about 60 today, but alas, they’re predicting another freeze this week. Somebody PLEASE HELP me find a way to package up this cold weather and send it back up North?


@80 – Keep it. We have enough of our own. 🙂

Green Thumb

What a shitsack.

Paul (of the Ballsack)’s new protégé.

Brevard County and now Maricopa County.


Frankly Opinionated

Today I went out to the Memorial Park to visit my son and “Drink a Beer”, (O’Douls), for the first time in 2014; this song came on the radio.
Take a listen, and think about finding someway to make others more aware of Cancer, please.
45 years old is just to damned young to leave the scene, especially for a wild ass like him.


And each one there
Has one thing shared
They have sweated beneath the same sun
Looked up in wonder at the same moon
And wept when it was all done
For bein’ done too soon
For bein’ done too soon

Sorry for your loss, FO. Forty-five is indeed done too soon – far too soon.

I’ll sip one in his honor, brother.

Green Thumb

So what is the status on Phildo and his DUI?


Phildo is getting everything he’s famous for frozen off in this weather.

The weather right now is just like you’re in Siberia. It’s just that nobody told me we were moving there. I hear it’s pretty in the spring and summer in Yakutia.

grossest thing ive heard today

That is by far the grossest thing I have ever heard. I never, ever dated Cody. Eww. I reported his dumb ass because I used to let him watch my son and take him to air shows and what not when I found out that he never had any kids like he claimed and that he wasn’t an mcso deputy, didn’t work for Phx PD and definately was not stabbed or slashed by a helicopter in the military. He is so full of Damn holes its like swiss cheese! This fool has serious problems, including that he is currently using my sons picture in his Facebook and Plenty of Fish profiles. He has nooooo right. I wish I could go kick his poser ass. But I might catch a disease

Green Thumb


Happy New Year.

Still kicking up there “Shytown?”

I can only imagine that you are.

Rock on.

Phildo is rocking subversion in the ranks; again.

Turd he is.



@86 Poor frozen baby girl…
I went for a motorcycle ride today, and Sat. Temps near 70. Watched some of the 49ers game. Looked a bit chilly back there in Wisc., but Kaep was showing his ink, no sleeves.
Throw an extra dog on the bed tonight, stay warm, I’ll be thinking of you and your bacon pancakes!


Green Thumb, Old SargeUSAR, I’m up and running. The temp at 6:30AM was -14F, wind chile -31F. This is nothing. Pipes are dripping and not frozen. I made chili last night with chorizo sausage, lean ground beef, two cans red beans, one large can of crushed tomatoes, one small can diced tomatoes, onions, LOTS of cumin, and 2 cups of beef broth w/onions and seasonings left over from the pot roast. I didn’t have any lime to squeeze into it, but I’ll get some later. Otherwise, it is plenty good. And filling. And I put some parmesano reggiano cheese shavings on it. Good choice!

Just have reservations about trying to start and run the car in this weather, but I’ll call the shop first. Cats spent the night on the fleece blankets on the bed with me, like smart critters. Furnace are due for a change, but furnace is not running nonstop. I’m good.

But 1985 was worse: -25F with wind chill of -80F. Tried to start my Chevy Citation (almost a lemon) and it said ‘rrrrrp’ so I let it to until the weather warmed up a couple days later.


PH2–I was at NTC in 1985. That was an evil time. Pure, concentrated evil.


Ex-PH2, NHSparky: it wasn’t only evil in the Chicago area then. I grew up in the Deep South, and that 1985 cold wave was the only time (per my parents) that where I grew up was ever recorded as having subzero temps Fahrenheit (-2 and -4, as I recall).

No, that’s not unGodly cold. But it’s damned nasty when you’re less than 100mi N of the Gulf Coast.

I didn’t get too much of a pass, though. I was in Korea at the time. (smile


NFL commish Roger Goodell still thinks February open air stadium football in New Jersey is a great idea…sure, I mean what can go wrong?


@ Hondo an Ex I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina with my grandfolks. Until I moved to the Piedmont area. Cold was cold but nothing like Chicago and nothing like when I was in the USAF and went TDY to Minot, ND. THAT was the coldest place I have ever been in my life. In SAC, at my home base of Little Rock, we use to have pools going on which SAC base was coldest each day. We would go to the Wing Command Post and look at the weather report printouts for North America. I won my share of walking around money, betting on Minot and Grand Forks. Ex- the chili sounds good, I’ll have to try it that way. Good Monday morning to all.


Was 1985 the year that there was a snowstorm in the mountains of Georgia, dumped 4 feet of snow up there and stranded some hikers who weren’t dressed for that weather?

NHSparky, January 1973 at Great Lakes was nasty enough. Mountains of snow everywhere, bitter cold, the wind off the lake felt like needles and was so dry you could hardly breathe. I have already decided in B&B #3 that the entire team will have to drive Gravel Gertie ahead of a small flotilla from the east coast, through the Seaway, to Great Lakes. This is just my nostalgia kicking in. I love this job!


I remember that early 1973 well. I shipped to Parris Island in mid-January, and soon after that (early February, I think) the Island was shut down by a snow storm. We spent the day in the squad bay, wearing out our scuz rags on shining the (concrete) deck and doing endless rounds of ‘bends and mothers’ for not getting the deck clean enough. Even the atheists in the platoon were praying for better weather by the time the day was over.

A Proud Infidel

I remember spending a winter in Minnesota when I was a kid, there was a two week stretch before the daytime high temp even got above zero! One thing you can do for your car is to put a trouble light or just a cheap incandescent light under the hood at night, and there are dipsticks you can buy that you plug in after you insert them, that can keep an engine block from freezing. Another stunt would be to put a heating pad under the hood next to the engine and leave it on high.

One day, three Eskimos were debating whose igloo was coldest. The first one said” Let’s go to mine first!” Once there, he urinated on the floor, and it turned into yellow ice cubes before it hit. That went to the second Eskimo’s igloo, and he defecated on the floor, but it hit frozen solid with a “CLINK!”. Upon going into the third Eskimo’s igloo, he took what looked like a brown “dust bunny” out of his bedroll and held it over a lit candle, it then melted and went * faaaart!*. SO COLD, even your farts freeze, YEAH, I read about it on the Internet, and it never lies, I saw that on a TV commercial!

A Proud Infidel

@96, I was a “Joe” going through Boot Camp at the lovely paradise known in the Army as “Fort Lost-In-the-Woods”, Missouri from October 91 to February 92 (OSUT) and our first Boot Camp bivouac was cut short by our BC’s order due to an ice storm that hit during it. Some of us broke our E-tools trying to shovel frozen dirt filling in foxholes (One by a DS trying to tech us how to shovel frozen dirt!) frozen canteens, and we had to break the ice off of our pup tents in order to take them down! If you’re ever there and you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it’ll change!


Sparks, Proud Infidel: sounds kinda familiar.

When I was a kid, my dad was still on active duty with the USAF. We were stationed at a base near Glasgow, MT, which no longer exists. (It’s now the town of St. Marie – a guy/company bought it from the USAF and turned it into a retirement community of all things; weather in the winter sucks, but crime and cost of living are reputedly excellent.)

One winter we were there included a stretch where the daily high was below 0 F for 3+ weeks, went up to 2 F one day – and then went down below 0 F for a daily high for another 10 days. Coldest official low was -45 F; same type of equipment (calibrated also) on the flightline measured -62 F the same night. It wasn’t the official base weather station so it wasn’t the official low.

That was the only place my dad ever said he’d been where he could spit and literally watch it bounce off concrete. If he spit upwards a bit, on the coldest days it would completely freeze before it hit the ground and bounce when it hit. He said that happened on more than one day while we were there.

In my book, that’s a place that’s just too damn cold for human habitation. Period.


Wait a minute! Was that ’85 storm during January? If so, I might actually remember it. Fun time to be at Lowry. And playing at the ski resorts every week-end.


OWB: that’s my recollection, lady – early 1985, either Jan or early Feb.