Everyone meet Colonel Potter!

| April 23, 2013

Actually, LTC, but he deserves a promotion for telling us all about the False Flag Operation in Boston:

Is he the same dude as this guy who was fired from the police for polygamy? Who knows.

What I do know is that he’s a first class wackadoodle who talks about how Jesus had a twin:

Q. 1/9/06 What evidence is there that Jesus had a twin? A.S. from NY, NY.
A. It is important to remember that we are attempting to identify the historical Jesus, and not the myth. Furthermore, there were many men who used the appellation of “Jesus,” and even the name, during many periods in Jewish history. When we examine the time frame in question, and compare that information to the gospels, we see some startling constructs. First, in the gospels, there is a list of Jesus’ brothers: Joses, Jude, Simon, and Jacob. We know who Jude was, we know Simon (Peter or Kefa), and we know Jacob as James. Who was Joses? This is the character around which there is so much confusion. Using the information in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gospels, Josephus, and other extant but lesser known writings of the period, we can identify James, Jude, and Simon with almost a 100% certainty and ascribe to them historical status. But, what about Joses? Who was he? He and Jesus are likely one and the same person. These are not half-brothers as many try to argue (and that did not begin until well after a century later). This is the family. So, all the brothers talk about each other, but the name “Joses,” is missing. Again, he is one and the same person with Jesus; the subject of their admiration.

Looking forward to reading his military record when the FOIA comes back. I’m sure he was everywhere doing everything.

For more of his amazing prescient videos, start with his Youtube page.

UPDATE: I shit you not, dude is already spinning like a top. Get a load of this. I told him I was filing a FOIA, he responds:

One more thing? I would like to know how you are going to do this without an SSN? Oh, and no, I will not give that to you. As I stated one of my last videos, I sent incontrovertible evidence of my service to people of influence in the media. No, they will not give the particulars, but they? could swear in court to the fact with the evidence they have.

To which I responded:

Um, yeah, see you don’t need? a SSN to file a FOIA with the NPRC. Writing about you now though.

And, here it is, the mating call of the Phony Jackass:

You do if you want to find me at DOD, which is where you will have to go. You will not find me at? NPRC, for a VERY good reason, and it is not that I did not have 28 years. Have fun!

And then he deleted that comment. But, I screen capped it.


I removed it because I like the statement above, better. You see, you had BETTER get it right, or we may get to know each other? in court very, very soon.

Well, that’s something new. We hadn’t been threatened with a lawsuit in like 35 minutes.

This is his movie, based on his book, based on the voices in his head. You can see him in here.

Dare I say it is the “Manos: The Hands of Fate” for a next generation?

His whole ridiculous movie can be viewed HERE. I beg of you to fast forward to 18:33. How many of Jesus’ followers had Minnesota accents do you suppose?

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“Manos: The Hands of Fate”

Oh, how I miss me some MST3K.

“There, now your hands are magnetized…”

“And if they were made of metal, that would mean something!”

AW1 Tim

I don’t think I could add anything to this thread beyond WOW!

Everytime you think you’ve heard it all, it turns out that you haven’t.

COL Potter

This is horrible, i am COL Potter.


@53 – don’t think so. You’re commenting from the wrong state and about 2000 miles too far away.

Green Thumb

What a fucking kook!

His cheese has slid off his cracker.


#55 – I was going to say he was a few nuts short of an Almond joy, but cheese and crackers is good too 😀


This is one of the few places where I get to see the real paranoid conspiracy theorists at work. I’m too busy to go hunting for them on my own. It’s eye-opening, at the very least.

Just an Old Dog

What is this guy claiming as far as Military Status?

The Dead Man

#51 Sparky, Youtube’s got most of the episodes uploaded. They get knocked down, but usually people reupload, supposedly with the blessings of the MST3k guys.

And what’s with all the crackpots showing up here in Utah all of a sudden. This place sucks for drinks, free or otherwise and I never run into these phonies personally, everyone I run into has no problem admitting they’re only in maintenance.


@50 2/17 Air Cav,

gravel @ CFL dot RR dot COM

If it bounces again let me know and I’ll post a backup gmail account.


I am real curious what his FOIA shows, he is not on AKO, and as a LTC with 28 years you would think he would be retired. Hell I’m retired and I have an AKO account.


Just an old Dog: he’s claiming Army, 28 years service, LTC, and assignments in both MP and MI. Initial info says he’s likely full of it, since he apparently was a cop in Utah who got fired in 1983 for being a polygamist. (I kinda doubt he’d have gotten a commission or clearance with that background.) He since seems to have gone full-blown batshit crazy.


Dear Col Potter, Home Depot called, they would like their carpet sample back. Studies have shown that wearing industrial carpet on your head may cause batshitcraziness which unfortunately is irreversible. Please see Klinger for a Mud Hens hat to cover that dome.

Old Trooper

@57: I tell ya, hun, you can slide over to infowars and see batshit crazy in full bloom just about every minute of the day.

As a caveat: Sometines, and I mean sometimes, Alex will have something interesting, but it’s more like broke clock type timing. Most of it is full on deluded and with this Boston Bombing, they have gone so far past rational thinking that they can’t even see it in the rear view mirror.


@64 Infowars for the cracked nuts, huh? Thanks, OT, I’ll make a note.


@65 – Infowars is the site for kookery the likes of which you will probably not see anywhere else. Alex Jones and his crew are nuttier than a truck full of squirrel shit! Every government conspiracy from Monsanto, to chemtrails, to anti-vaccination nuttery, to “false flag” operations like Sandy Hook – as well as doctored photos and suppositions about “actors” playing the role of cops and grieving family members in both Sandy Hook and Boston…

I really, really wish I could get hold of Alex Jones… just for 5 minutes. I’d give him a conspiracy theory he’d never forget!


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I wonder if Mr.Mr.Mr. Potter (is that the right way to address a man who has three wives) is going through anything like what Brigham Young had to endure (but on a smaller scale):



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