The Latest Sinclair Update

| March 26, 2013

It’s time for yet another update on that “fine general”, BG Jeffrey A. Sinclair.

You remember Sinclair, right – that Army BG accused of various types of  . . . interesting conduct while deployed to Afghanistan?  The same guy whose defense team (or someone else) apparently set up a PR web site to tell his side of the story – a site which IMO stops just short of admitting many if not virtually all of the accusations against him?

Recently, it appears Sinclair’s current defense team was trying to convince the military judge essentially to allow a trial by multiple juries. The defense’s rationale was a fear that a single court-martial panel might be “overwhelmed” while considering many different charges involving multiple accusers.  I’m not sure I buy that; my guess is that they were angling for some oddball grounds for appeal if he’s convicted.

In any case, the military judge didn’t buy it.  Sinclair will be tried by a single court-martial panel on all charges.  The judge observed that the members of his court-martial panel – which will apparently consist of other GOs – would be “highly educated and likely to follow instructions”.

Gee – ya think?

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There are still highly educated GOs in? I thought they all retired to make room for the PC GO clan…

CC Senor

“Sinclair will be tried by a single court-martial panel on all charges.”

Yeah, it’s not like courts martial with multiple specifications to multiple charges are anything new.


Yeah, but considering the jury will be made up of his peers, they will likely let him off lightly or give him a pass. That seems to be the M.O. lately.

No accountability these days… especially for the G/O’s.


Solid strategy….poorly executed.

He’s got some ingenius legal minds working for him.


What’s amazing about all of this is that there are probably fifteen to twenty more charges they could level at him if they wanted to.

He was completely out-of-bounds almost all the time – he would routinely jet away from his PSD by himself…one time taking a motorbike and rolling through a pretty heavily concentrated TB area in Zabul province. He thought that no one could touch him and all of his actions show this.

TSO knows where I was last year and how I can speak with some experience. His accuser (his former aide) was a decent person – spoke to her often, but she definitely fell hard for his bullshit. It was the G2 who really put an end to it – the G2 was a female and probably one of the best officers and strongest intel officers I’ve ever seen.


@5 – I hope they fry his ass.