ND:tBF – the Tantrums Continue

| March 27, 2013

Kim Jong-Un – designated by Jonn as ND:tBF here at TAH – is at it again.  He’s throwing yet another temper tantrum.

This time, per the official state news agency KCNA he’s put his artillery and rocket units on “combat-ready posture”.  He also says they’re ready to strike targets in “South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and the continental US”.  And he’s also warning South Korea that they should “be mindful that everything will be reduced to ashes and flames the moment the first attack is unleashed.”

(yawn)  Just another episode of “Norks being Norks”, IMO.

The Pentagon’s reaction?  The KNCA remarks were characterized as “bellicose rhetoric” by a spokesman.  The spokesman also indicated that US was prepared “to respond to any contingency.”

No word on whether or not the Pentagon spokesman yawned, belched, or farted before or while making his remarks.  (smile)

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Green Thumb

Could not sleep.

Suprised IVAW is not supporting him/them.


GT, I could not sleep, either. IVAW and Code Pink supporting Norkland… Hmmm. DuLoc IS a perfect place, after all, and Spring is coming. The markets will be opening before long, which means that farmers and military will have to go work on spring plantings ASAP. Maybe they won’t have time for war. Or maybe IVAW and CP will join them.

But in case that doesn’t happen, a bit of watered-down analysis of Norkland and whether or not China would back Li’l Kim, for your reading pleasure.


I’m going to see if I can find anything more — well, in depth. If you know what I mean. I know! I’ll call the CIA at Langley. Maybe they can shed some light on it.

Green Thumb

I am sure “Ranger” Burrell is prepping for the secret mission…among many others listed on this site.


Heehee… Kudos! And Popovich, too. He’ll make some sandwiches to take along, just in case. Have those two met? Could we put them together with “Grandpa” Creepy Ken in AZ? They could have a secret squirrel mission together.

This article from the Council on Foreign Relations makes some good points.


Also has links to other things on the sidebar, like the book on the decline of democracy, in the sidebar on the right. A little light reading.

Green Thumb

Now thats funny.


On a lighter note, there is currently a dump truck which flipped its dumpster in an underpass on 130th Street in Chicago. Traffic is being rerouted to avoid the debris field. The drive has not yet been interviewed, but is very likely embarrassed by the spill, with good reason. He was hauling sludge.

Green Thumb

Chicago used to be a good city, all things considered.

Every since Obama’s boy Rahm Emanuel took over it has taken a massive nosedive.

And I hate the Bears.


I concur. Pothole central. Glad I don’t live there any more.


Small update, includes small mention of new item, Bodaprez’s ‘playbook’. Oooo! Can we get a copy of that? He can’t get a basketball through the hoop, so does anyone have any confidence in his ‘playbook’?


Yeah, me neither.


I guess we’re switching over to “Norks Are Coming”.


Maybe we could get Alan Arkin to do a silly movie about it.


Things are starting to slow down in the Nork-related news department, but I’ll post this analysis here and in the other Nork column. It’s a good read. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/northkorea/9971598/Is-North-Korea-really-looking-to-start-a-war.html In reviewing all the information that’s been released about Li’l Kim and his shenanigans, I see two things. 1 – He’s establishing his authority with the generals by engaging in the same posturing and rhetoric that Daddy Medium Kim used. Most of that was bluster, but Daddy Kim did shell that fishing village on a South Korean island and also did sink a South Korean naval vessel, killing 46 sailors. The south, unfortunately, did not fight back. That SK president was less-inclined to fight than the current, more hawkish SK president. These Nork activities coincide with the US/SK military games and exercises, which take place every year, and will last three more weeks. 2 – The plutonium reactor was rebuilt during the 5 years between its destruction on UN orders and Li’l Kim’s coming into the Kim god-cult seat. Every article I’ve seen makes it clear that not only will it take several months to bring the breeder reactor online, it will also take several years to produce enough plutonium to fuel one bomb, never mind several. If so, we have several years to be prepared for what might be a foolish mistake by Li’l Kim. If something does happen, it’s possible that China might go into it on the side of Norkland, but I think it’s more likely right now that… Read more »


Things seem to be quieting down in Norkland, for which I’m grateful. This article come from The Telegraph today.


I’ll continue to keep my eye on the goings on in Norkland, but it does seem to be quieting down. The difference between this and previous episodes of threats is that so far, Norkland has received no money or other aid from the South or the US, and I hope it stays that way. It may be that China’s actual positioning of military equipment on Norkland’s northern border has had the hoped-for calming effect.


This post is copied from “Norks Are Coming”, to maintain continuity.

My family’s motto is “Vigila et Ora” – “Watch and Pray”.

I continue to watch, with my fingers crossed that the Norks do not do something stupid. It appears from this summary from the Telegraph that Norkland and Li’l Kim Fatty da T’ird all have an April 10 deadline for Westerners (meaning everyone who isn’t a Nork). But they continue to build the bridge spanning the Yalu River between Norkland and China, which China is financing.

I am not amused.


Also, Li’l Kim has increased his personal Secret Servie Squirrel detail.



Li’l Kim has issued a warning to all foreigners to leave by April 10, or else. With Chinese tanks on his northern border and the South Korean president saying ‘We will respond if attacked’ (unlike her predecssor), something is stirring Fatty Kim to set a deadline.

This is from the BBC news directly.


It seems that the Russians are in contact with the US, China and South Korea about their own embassy staff safety. That’s a signal that something is going on.

Stay tuned to this station for further updates.

(See also in “Norks Are Coming”)


Don’t know how reliable CNN is as a news source, but this is new a minute or two ago:



Yeah, I’m still here at the guard tower on the DMZ, watching Norkland. Here’s the latest.


I’m going to ask the South Korean soldiers to translate “Paper Tiger” for me into something really insulting so that I can sing it over the loudspeaker to the Norks.


This is one of those times and days I’m grateful to Jonn for TAH, and for all the posters who put information here. I do best when I have some idea of what’s going on, and I trust this blog a whole lot more than any of the MSM.

I have followed your posts closely Ex-PH2, and I want to say I appreciate them greatly.


You are very welcome.

I feel that Li’l Kim is telegraphing his moves, perhaps intentionally, and is preparing to do something. The report that two medium-range missiles (the Taepodong-1, I think) were put on launch platforms and then moved to hidden locations is (to me, at least) a significant move.

I don’t think we can take this lightly. But I also feel that while there may be a launch, which we can stop with interceptors of our own, it will be a test and a distraction to take our minds off the goings-on at the reactivated plutoniuim breeder reactor. We’ll see.


Gee whiz, folks, even Fidel Castro is telling the last commie totalitarian gubbmint to back off.


Looks like Fidel is harking back to the days of yore when Krushchev tried to park his missiles on Cuba and Kennedy said “not in my back yard”. Yeah, I’ll bet that US Navy blockade still rankles in old Fidel’s memory.

(Crossposted from ‘Norks Are Coming’)


And this just in on the evening news (CDT): South Korea says that April 15 may be a possible missile launch date for Norkland, chosen because it is the 101st birthday of Big Grand Daddy Dear and Glorious Kim Il Sung Fatty da First.

Stay tuned for further announcements. (Meaning, I’ll see what I can dig up.)


Well, here’s a map and a list of who has what in the way of nukes:


And a little light reading, in case you’re wondering how another Korean War might turn out:


Let’s just remember that Li’l Kim likes it when he gets LOTS of attention.


OK. Note the April 15th date. Velley velley impohtent date. Date is Grorious Readah Glandaddy Big Kim Ilsung Fatty da Fuhst breechday numbah 101. You got dat, GI?

Da letalick is rowaadd. So da misserrs may/may not be raunched. We ain’t sayin’. We just makin’ noise ovah heah in da dee emm zee.


We arr rike da song “Papah Tigah” by Sue Thompshon. Preese pray many many times foah us, GI. We send many tanks.


I go sleepy time now.

Now I lay me down to sleep
With a bag of peanuts at my feet.
If I die before I wake,
Give them to my brother Jake.

Nighty Night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the fierce Norks bites.