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| August 4, 2012

doctorrich sends us his picture. He says he loves the Army and I know that feeling;

SGT K sends a picture from 2006 in Iraq;

CI sends; “Me with ‘Blue’ at COP Gator in Doura, Baghdad. The fellas at the COP belonged to Blue, instead of the other way around.”

SFC Holland sends this one that he says was taken last week in Helmand Province, Afghanistan;

Bubblehead Ray asks that we not be intimidated by his “massive fruitsalad”

Lucky sends this from Iraq 2009-2010;

SJ sends us this picture from his days in Vietnam at Phu Bi (Camp Eagle) in 1968;

Ne Desit Virtus getting ready to send some pain! Khowst province, March 2009;

Stu sends “Taken Christmas night 2005 at FOB Rustamiyah after mortar attack awaiting all clear and damage assessments. I got the important things covered, smokes, coffee, close quarters weapon, what more does a fella need?”

From Rooster2005 “This pic is from Iraq, Anbar Province 2005. Occupied Hide Site – Team Rooster”;

DefendUSA (in the middle);

Nichevo “somewhere between Kabul and Jalalabad in November of 2011”

AW1 Tim; “Here’s the best one I have of me to hand. This was taken in, I believe, 1979. while in Rota, Spain with VP-10. This is Combat Aircrew 10, and I am first row, 3rd from the left.”

COB6 ordering 6 beers in Ranger formal wear;

BOHICATwentyTwo; Camp Spearhead, Kuwait. 2004;

TopGoz; “This is a picture of me standing on the roof of the JOC at Bagram Air Base in March 2009, three months prior to my retirement.”

John: “taken in 1970, at the Communications Repair Shop, Headquarters Company, 501st Signal Battalion (Airmobile), 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), at Camp Eagle (between Hue and Phu Bai), Republic of Viet Nam.”

Kilo “in Iraq (FOB Rustimiyah) in 07. No combat patch because I was Air Force”;

Just A Grunt “at the NTC circa 1985 pretending to be a Russian”;

Dai Uy… “circa 1967 46th Company, Camp Nam Pung, Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand”;

Lee1/75 Kunar Province, Afghanistan (2010)

YatYas, “a retread Gunny and staff weenie visiting FOB Lima near Karbala in 2005”

Pathfinder “running a reflexive fire range Kunar Province, Afghanistan 2010”;

Currahee John with “Co. A 1/506th INF (AA) “Currahees” at Howard AFB in Panama, 1978. This was taken at the end of JOTC (aka Jungle School, with the nifty pocket patch), waiting to board a plane to go back to Ft. Campbell. ”

Fiesty_Foust “Over watching a highway in Iraq 2007”

TSO sends; “TSO with the Strom Thurmond of Ghazni Province, 2005”

Virtual Insanity in front of his trusty OH-58C at Fort Polk, LA in 1986…18 years before retirement.

NHSparky in 1995;

Jorge in 1987;

George loves 25mm AP HE rounds because they’re painted like candy corn and he says he went from PFC to SGT twice;

Just Plain Jason;

The Red Ghost;

Jon the Mechanic in 2010 with his new lovely bride;

LIRight and his newly-minted SF son in 2010;

I think this is af_res_dep in the wrong uniform;

Elric sends “Taken in Rawah, IZ in Aug 2005. One of my better memories of that tour. I used to carry the beanies on my Stryker to give to kids on cordon and searches while we did tactical questioning on the males. That and Jolly Ranchers (which probably is a war crime).”

SGT Ted sent two pictures, one would have you oogling his bride or trying to bust him for SV, so I went with the other of SGT Ted in Karbala during 2003 “while serving in the 870th MP Co, when we were attached to the 3/7 Marines of the 1st MEF. I was piping for an Iraqi Police Graduation Ceremony.” The only downside is that it will make TSO wet his pants with joy. Sorry it took so long, Ted, but you were in my spam folder;

Jacobite sends; “I’m on guard duty outside the main gate to Tallil Airbase, Iraq in late 2003”

Old Soldier54 sends; “Po River Valley, Northern Italy. Winter around January ’74.”

Ben sends; “Taken in March of 2007, myself and SPC Walter in position on an SKT, outskirts of Baqubah.”

rhill325 sends; “this is me at FSB Mace, RVN, as a member of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade MP HHC MPs–taken in mid 1970, standing up behind an M60.”

Whitey Wingnut sends; “Here is a picture of me when I was deployed in Afghanistan back in 06-07 at Camp Cobra/Dubbs”

Twist sends; “This is a picture of me out the “Airguard” hatch of my Stryker during Operation Together Forward in Baghdad in 2006. During the operation my BDE cleared all of Baghdad. If it had 4 walls and a door, we cleared it.”

Jon Not To Be Confused With Jonn sends this one;

Eggs sends; Kandahar, Summer of 2005

Bobo sends this from his CGSC yearbook;

3C3P sends; “I served from 81-01 and retired as a SFC. Served many years in the 82ns ABN with
A/1-17th CAV, 2nd and 3rd BN’s/505th PIR and retired as the CURROP’s NCOIC with G-3 18th ABC. This picture was taken in ’82 on Range 53 or 54 (M60 zero and qual) at Ft. Bragg.”

Mudwhistle says; “I don’t post much, just lurk quite a bit but I figured what the hell, here’s me screaming at Wogs during a line crossing onboard USS Shiloh around 2006-2007. Not the most recent but one of my favorites.”

NoSlackDelta – “.50 cal gunner in D. Co, 2/327 INF, 101st Airborne. 2003-2007. Tour in northern Iraq (Kirkuk and the immediate area north of the city) sept 05 – sept 06. I’m on the right, this was take right before our platoons first mission/patrol in Kirkuk – Sept 05. Had just arrived in country so no combat patch there.”

BooRadley sends one with her new Navy Corpsman son. I remember him when he came up to about my waist;

Grunt Sergeant sends one from his in-country R&R. Guess which war;

Chris sends us from Facebook; me manning the Ma Deuce during the breaching operations at the start of the ground war [Desert Storm].

CSE CSC writes; ” The photo is from Camp Fallujah, Iraq, March 2007. For a while my convoy security team had a habit of stealing signs from various places. I think that sign might have originally been at Camp Victory, Baghdad Intl Airport. Hopefully nobody missed it.”

AF MSgt; This was taken in February 2010 about 200 yards from the Space Shuttle a day before lift-off. I used to be part of the JTF for search and rescue and recovery of the Astronauts if they had to bail out during launch.

MSGRetired; “That’s me on the left 2006-2007 Mosul Iraq . I believe that pic was at the Iraqi Army base Al Kindi.”

Streetsweeper and Melony; “…several days after our wedding (9/9/2011) attending the Paulding County(GA) Public Safety Appreciation Day, Dallas , GA. You will note I had gained a few pounds since we last saw each other in DC, Jonn.”

Hack Stone: “My first renlistment, 1st Tracked Vehicle Bn, Camp Schwabb November 1984. The guy that reenlisted me was Capt. Robert P. Russell. Years later, I saw him featured on A Current Affair. They even made a televison movie about him. ”

Steadfast and Loyal; “This is me at my promotion to captain in 2000 I believe. ”

The long awaited Nicki while she was terrorizing Kosovar children in 2007;

Biermann writes; “…the picture taken at my son’s commissioning at West Point will have to do. Last time I wore that uniform was 1997 at the NCO Academy, never did really care for the class A’s”

Trent sends; “my little girl and I from the August 2010 Oregon OCS commissioning ceremony.”

Hotel1 sends; “Oct 21, 1977, Dress Blues. Captains/Admirals Orderly, USS Independence CVA 62. Ships letter that we were “encouraged” to send family at ENDEX for Med floats had a line from the Captain that said, “come visit us when we dock”.
My family lives in the Canadian end of NH so did not expect visitors. Volunteered to stand watch so other Marines could visit family on the pier. My grandparents decide to take the invite literally, and flew in from AZ. And, got a tour of the ship.”

Old Tanker sends; “Getting 7.62 belted together for the gunners coax right before Desert Storm…”

From Paul; “This picture is from Iraq 2009 with PA Army National Guard. I’m the guy on the right.”

Our favorite Gold Star Mom, Mickey Bryant;

Laughing Wolf sends; “taken of me in Iraq in 2007 while I was there as a civilian”

Jabatam sends; “This is me posing with the poster of Kat Von D that we had in the roof of our Caiman MRAP…Baghdad 2008”

Bill sends; “LCPL Benson and his “pig” (M60 Machine Gun) thinking thoughts of mayhem. HMG Plt, WPNS Co, 2/6 on UDP, Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Japan, 1986.”

Marine_7002 sends; “…taken in late 1975 at Camp Fuji during Operation “Richochet 1″ when I was a Sergeant in the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing G-3 as an operations admin POG (we were supposed to go to Korea for cold-weather training, but some diplo/political/international frab-up prevented us from going, so we went to Fuji instead). I was a Sergeant then. The accomodations were Quonset huts (with a view of Fuji out the back window…a nice way to wake up in the morning) and shower/head blocks at the end of each row of huts. We used beer cans to decorate our Christmas tree in the hut. They make colorful ornaments, and we had tons of fun emptying them!”

detn8r sends; “this is a picture of my Son pinning my EOD badge on my Chest in 1990. My first greatest accomplishment pinning my second greatest on my chest.”

Joe says he was 18 years old when he went to ITR;

Sporkmaster sends;

“I have been posting as Veritas Omnia Vincit at your blog for a few weeks…here is a photo of me at basic training in 1978, I am the pale white kid on the far right, this is just before basic graduation and off to Benning for AIT…you can post this in the members gallery if you wish, if you need something else from me let me know. ”

OEF_Veteran sends; “Taken in Farah Afghanistan 2004 inside Alexander the Greats citadel aka a giant fracking weapons cache.”

Here is Zero during one of his many visits to Alongapo/Subic circa 1966. Went to “B” school and made E-5. Also cross-decked twice and got to spend well over a year in and around the Gulf of Tonkin. USS England, USS Parsons, USS Mahan, USS Worden.

Taco Bell in Jalalabad, Afghanistan ’08, loving life;

RayRaytheSBS sends a most hoo-ah picture;

Kateser: Picture is from OEF 2009-2010, taken on BAF with one of the first MATVs to hit theater (snuck into the AfSB yard for a look before being able to draw some of our own). Currently back in AFG on KAF, but that picture would be of me in front of my computer with a headset on listening in on some meeting or in front of the poo pond…Not nearly as hooah.

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I’ve been missing Manmeat Mondays on The Sniper … a handful of you know what I mean (Nicki) so I’m thrilled about seeing this today. What a fine-looking group … especially Pathfinder. YOWZER!

Yat Yas 1833

I’d post a pic but I don’t want anyone to puke on their keyboard!


MCPO, that photo was taken in 1969, right after I got my 2nd class crow. If we’re going to vote, I’m throwing in a dispersed vote for everyone (except me — that would be pfft). Just Plain Jason looks like Vincent d’Onofrio (Law & Order) with that cigar.

For anyone who is still in the sandbox, make it back here safely.


@94 Bubblehead Ray – What boat were you on? The trip to Portsmouth sounds familiar.

Hack Stone

John, in reference to Post #56, if I recall correctly, the TH-81 was the main part of the TTC-70, much like the RT-841 radio is a component of the PRC-77 radio set. The only time I touched the TH-81 was in radio school in 29 Palms way back (not as way back you, of course) in 1982-83 time frame. We had the RT-841 the same week as the TH-81.I hated that little alarm that would go off if you didn’t adjust the module just right. I was just glad to eventually escape from 29 Palms, although I was repeat offender, having to go back for Radio Tech school and Tech Control school.


Dang, see I knew it should have been the night photo with the A2 and NV scope to get the ladies vote, lol.

Hack Stone

I was considering sending in a photo of me with a string of .50 cal rounds draped across me as if I were Pancho Villa, but didn’t want you guys to dog me out,what with me being a comm puke. Besides, the reenlistment photo has a more interesting story. The only person that I personally knew to have a television movie made about him.


MSGRetired; “That’s me on the left 2006-2007 Mosul Iraq . I believe that pic was at the Iraqi Army base Al Kindi.”

That is most definetly Al Kindi. I lived there for 10 months. You can see the Hesko barrier shoothouse on the back left, the 300 meter range on the back right, and the 25 meter range on the front right. I have fond memories of shooting and blowing stuff up on that range.


Plus I remember that boy. Him and his older brother would come to the range and police up all the brass.


Quite the contrast … from a 17 year old, Boiler Technician Fireman Apprentice, freckled faced dumb ass, in 1979, to a distinguished (albeit as ugly as bucket full of mortal sins) Master Chief just prior to retirement ceremony on NOV 10, 2011.

Old Trooper

The headline of the ad reads: “MCPO NYC USN (Ret.); Still making guys wet themselves with a stare”.



“The long awaited Nicki while she was terrorizing Kosovar children in 2007”

Was she driving them around? Because that shit is terrorizing.


Nicki: nice . . . pic. (smile)


I drive like they drive in Kosovo. Mark is just used to driving like an old Jewish woman in Brooklyn.

Hondo – I have… Assets. :p


@ Old Tropper … that IS my standard duty smile!

Old Trooper

@115: I believe it!

Yat Yas 1833



@117 – uh. Thanks? I think? You’re impressed with my awesome sidearm, aren’t you?

Yat Yas 1833

@ 118, uhhh…YES! Of course that’s it, your side arm! 🙂

Old Trooper

@118: Um….sidearm? What sidearm?


It’s the watch ya’all, probably an awesome Timex or something.


I think it WAS a Timex!


You guys probably have a thing for thigh holsters, don’t you!


Nicky! Never mention “thigh” to this crowd!

Just Plain Jason

I hear that Master Chief Machinist Mates are so huggable…


@53, to clarify: I went from PFC to SGT in the NG 1986-1993 and in 2004, the Army graciously let me re-enter military service as a PFC…again. And yes, HEI-T looks like candy corn and it makes pretty colors when fired into trucks. I just have to find where I put the video.

Yat Yas 1833

Nikki, I don’t think there’s a guy who don’t like thigh……oh, holsters!? 😉


#74 Slause, with my son right now, he wants your contact info. Just email to the contact and ask Jonn to send it to me “saber” email.


So we have thigh… holsters, wrist… watches and uh… assets. Am I missing anything? LOL

I’m waiting for TSO to come back and whine about my driving again! 😉


Ding,ding,ding, we have a winner. Correct MCPO, your prize is that empty Miller bottle if you can find it in the pile that I’m sure is still lying on the beach. That was my first tour with 1stMarDiv, prior to that I was MarDet aboard the USS Ranger, Capts. orderly. So thoroughly familiar with Olongapo, Shit River Peso divers, and green San Magoo.


Somebody say thigh?


Quite a cross-section of service members and the places they’ve been.

Shouldn’t this be more aptly titled “Rogue’s Gallery”?


Is this the auditions for Beauties and the beast? If we are voting on the best looking, I would have to go with All of the non-hair legs! I mean we’re a bunch of good looking,,cough,cough,, guys but in no way can we get our uniforms to look that great! My hat’s off to all!
Boom, boom, boom, f’ng BOOM!


Ex-PH ummm yeah very good looking lady. 🙂

TSO or Jonn I think you better make her provide documentation on that fruit salad she is wearing. LOL


@ 129 GruntSgt: I don’t know what to say. This is the first time I have ever won anything. If this win is a prelude to future lottery winnings …


Im a lil intimidated here me with a measly 6 ribbons and all maybe ill just send one of me out in a patrol base in helmand here in a bit may take a bit though theyre in a micro sd thats currently keepin my phone from dyin under data usage. But ill dig up a good one and send it in.


Is it just me or am I seeing a picture of a squirrel in place of Ex-PH2 when the members gallery is accessed from the top of the blog. Going to the old link it seems ok.


351BG, what ARE you talking about? I think that’s a perfectly lovely picture of me.


Theresa … You are nuts, stop being so squirrelly!


Master Chief, MEOW.



Just sent Jonn two pics.