Hey, Israel, do me a favor; lock and load

| June 16, 2011

If Israel really wants to get on the good side of the US, they’ll use this opportunity to send Medea and her fellow sea-faring weirdos to visit Usama bin Squarepant’s pineapple under the sea.

I guess that they figure they can hide behind the “Audacity of Hope” moniker for their garbage scow.

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I know this is unlikely but there would be epic irony if they were attacked by Somalia pirates.

USMC Steve

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that she looks amazingly like the cartoon character Droopy?

509th Bob

Dear Israel,
Please sink every damned boat in the flotilla. Then drop mines on the refuse, pre-set to detonate at a depth of 25 feet (8 m.) The last measure, of course, is for the safety of flotilla survivors since the explosive concussion will scare away hazardous fish in the area. Then drop flotation devices for any survivors, thereby demonstrating how humane your actions were. Do not pick up any survivors wearing pink.

Old Trooper

Well, code pinko lies right out of the gate with the “unarmed civilian” bullshit, because as I recall, there were many armed scumbags in the flotilla that the Israelis stopped before.

Fuck ’em, sink the whole lot and leave the rest for fish food.


She kind of reminds of Sheriff Joe Biden. With a wig.

I see she’s calling it a US-flagged ship, so that any action by the Israelis requires official response by the US of A.


That’s a lot of nerve comparing this to the Freedom Ride. There is quite a difference between U.S. civil rights and support for a terrorist organization that has in its charter a committment to murder Jews. Of course, we don’t need to get into the irony of invoking the Freedom Ride while participating in support of Hamas, a virulent anti-Semitic/Holocaust denying organization to say the least.


Where can I make an ammo donation to the Israeli Gov’t?


Just one limpet mine, just one…


Dogs? At sea? Why would the Israelis send perfectly good dogs out to get sick by being near Code Stink and their slimy cohorts? Maybe she can get Kokesh and company to go along, so they can practice slam-dancing with the Israelis?

Zero Ponsdorf

Nah… you guys are just wrong. Let her do her thing. I really doubt she understands silly and/or reality. If the Israelis do as she hopes she will just be the martyr she has thought she was. Good riddance!

I’ll insist that she never, remotely, actually faced the simple reality of her actions.

Frankly Opinionated

These flippin’ idiotic wackos refuse to see Gaza as it really is. Electricity supplied by Israel, (at least until the Gazans blow up the powerplant with rockets), Gaza has a brand new very well stocked mall, the 3rd most obese women in the world, and all the goods that anyone cares to send to them, via Port of Haifa, will be delivered, even at risk to the safety of the Israeli drivers n crews. The International Red Cross has inspected and found that there is NO HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN GAZA. Ditzy bitches.


@3 – add my name to that letter please and hope that one
Cynthia McKinney is with her!

@10 – she knows exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it – my personal opinion for what its worth 🙂


You are getting soft in your old age, Zero. If Suzie & her crew are stupid enough to call down the thunder, let ’em ride the lightning bolt. No skin off our butts….

SSG Medzyk

Maybe we can paint over the ship’s name with “USS Liberty” for just long enough….

what? too soon?


Let’s shoot down this girl because she’s trying to stop the killing of humans? All the past comments must be from Americans. Land of Liberty! LOL

B Woodman

Invoke the Three S’s:
Shoot, Shovel (not too necessary in this case), & Silence.

#15 Anony-mouse:
Is this raggedy-assed bunch were SERIOUS about stopping the killing of humans, they would be siding with the Israelis. The IDF does what it does in defense of self and country.
Hamas on the other hand, does what it does because they like killing Jews. Hamas starts the fight, IDF just finishes it for them.

Frankly Opinionated

#15 Anonymous Muslim (sympathizer):
The only thing ever that will satisfy Muslims is the eradication of Israel and all Jews. Everything else is just, well, everything else. Israel responds, one rocket, one retaliation. One murder bomber, one retaliation. One attempt to destroy the country, one retaliation. Perfectly proportionate response in every case.
If Muslims and their sympathizers feel badly that Israel is killing terrorists, tell them to put down their terrorist ways.
And, while you’re at it, how about freeing/trading Gilad Shalit? One jew for 1,000 muslims sounds perfectly fair to me. That is about the value of 1,000 ragheads.


Sic em, Israel, Sic em good. (grabs lawnchair, beer and popcorn)