Fat chance, Joe

| October 17, 2006

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) warns Democrats that if they get Congress back, they need to change their ways. It ain’t gonna happen, Joe. They’ve lost every election since 1996, they haven’t had 51% of the popular vote in a Presidential election since 1976. They’re out of touch with America. Democrats have forged a diverse, loose alliance from the fringe of American society and they’ve demanded that we accept them.   

Democrats don’t understand that it’s their message that keeps losing – they think they’ve been cheated and they act like a group of spoiled rich, children. No one should know this better than Lieberman. He abandoned his own principles to run as their Vice Presidential candidate. He toed the Party Line – and look where it got him. public domain He’s nearly a bigger boogeyman to Democrats than the President. They tried to squelch their most loyal member by ending his career because he put National Security before partisan politics.

They’ve already decided that their thirst for power is greater than their own security, that their empty political message is more important than the lives of the troops who provide our national security. What makes Joe think that a few feeble words from him will change the Democrat Party into an American party again?

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