Happy Birthday Army!

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249 Years Young

Today in military history: US Army is founded

On June 14, 1775, the United States Army was born when the Continental Congress assumed control of the New England army.

On June 14, 1775, the United States Army was born when the Continental Congress assumed control of the New England army. Formed in 1775 by an act of the Continental Congress, the Army has grown from a ragtag group of state militias to one of the strongest combat forces in history.
Technically, the U.S. Army is older than the country it serves. Americans celebrate the birth of their nation on July 4, 1776, but the Army is actually the country’s “big brother.” Which makes sense, considering the Continental Army of 1775 — led by future President George Washington — needed to start beating the British in the colonies so Thomas Jefferson could finally get some time to write.

Before the Army was established, colonists were organized into rag-tag militias with no real structure or unified chain-of-command. But in the spring of 1775, most wanted to attack the British near Boston but knew they needed more structure to confront the professional soldiers on the other side. That’s where the official birth of the Army came in, on June 14, 1775, through a resolution from the Continental Congress.

The next day, George Washington was appointed as commander-in-chief of the new Army, and took command of his troops in Boston on July 3, 1775, according to the Army History Division.

We Are The Mighty

Happy Birthday Army- many more!

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Green Thumb

And the Army goes rolling along….down the fucking drain.


Also Flag Day. I’ll be burning a flag later this afternoon as I bought and raised a new one as replacement for Memorial Day.


The American Legion excepts used worn out flags. They have a ceremony during the year to retire old flags.


“Before the Army was established, colonists were organized into rag-tag militias”

Maine recently enacted a law to ban the gathering of citizens
for the purpose of militia training.
Fuck govnuh Janet Mills for signing it and fuck Susan Collins
for being who she is.
Training your kid in self defense is now probably illegal.

Old tanker

I’m sure old King George approves of her actions.


If it were up to today’s left/libtard c*cksuckers in the 20th Century, we’d be speaking German or Russian to get ahead now.


Happy Birthday to my Beloved US (GO) Army! And Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Flag, Old Glory. “This We’ll Defend” Let’s Pray that both survive the coming storm.

You do realize that the Patriots of 1775 were considered “Rebels” and that Old Glory was a Flag of Rebellion, right?


Old Glory is a sign of Rebellion to the left now in my opinion.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How about Happy Happy Birthday by the Tune Weavers
1957 on the Checker & Casa Grande label. Different Tune Weavers than Margo Sylvia’s Tune Weavers


Happy Birthday to the oldest branch of the US Armed Forces!

“But, but, but, meh National Guard, 1636, oldest!”

I don’t know when the ARNG started using the “1636” nonsense. I don’t recall it when I tried joining the VARNG in the ’90s, or even when I recruited in Louisiana 10 years later. By the time I got to Sand Hill, the National Guard Liaison’s office was full of the propaganda.

I’m probably just an oversensitive crybaby, but I have ancestors that arrived in Virginia before 1636 and served in early militias. They did so as colonists of England and later Great Britain and can only very loosely be identified with today’s United States military. Using ARNG reasoning, the United States Army can date itself back to what? 1066 with the Norman Conquest? Earlier English armies? Rome? Who knows?

The National Guard was established in 1903. Prior to that there were state-funded militias, and the US Army the National Guard was patterned after and subordinate to upon federal mobilization. The US Army was founded in 1775. Prior to that, there were provincial forces and garrisoned British troops, both of which provided much of the officers and NCOs for early Continental Army formations. Geroge Washington himself was the commander of the Virginia Regiment, but fortunately, that unit’s legacy of racism and bigotry was torn from history four years ago: First Virginia Regiment statue the latest to fall in Richmond | WRIC ABC 8News


“Geroge” Washington was a hell of a man and would whip Mrak Milley sideways and upside down.


comment image


Happy Effin birthday to the senior service & Donald J. Trump (78th).

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Happy Birthday U.S. Army.. Would love to go back in time to meet George in my home built time machine. Right now I can go 2 hours into the future in 120 minutes. Can’t go bacwards yet.


Happy birthday Army!


Happened to look at the Army’s webpage and saw my old Battalion Commander, who is a bootlicking psychopath.

On brand.

Anywho. HBD Army. Happy Flag Day. Happy birthday to the guy elected president twice, soon a third time, seated once.

Cheers to the Republic. Long may She stand!


Honored you could take yore hands offen that Trophy Bride of your’n long ’nuff to check in -Dog.

Enbigging the foto shows me that Tri Corn is thinking “We shot Red Coats to end up with this?” Billy Yank is thinking “Sam Grant would run them all thru with that sword. We kilt our Southern Brothers for this?” The Dough Boy is hiding his face in shame, and that damn shore ain’t Charlie Daniels with the fiddle.


Army-Air Force Guy

LTG Hal Moore would say: “You don’t have to rename Fort Benning after me. Just don’t ruin the army that I remember.”


I’m going to have some Ice Cream and Celebrate the Army’s bithrday.