Biden signs 10-year security pact with Zelenskyy

| June 14, 2024 | 33 Comments

Joe Biden signed a 10-year security pact with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This deal provides Ukraine with weapons and ammunition and paves the way for continued training for Ukrainian troops. This is not inclusive. However, this agreement is not a treaty, and may negatively be impacted by either Donald Trump’s re-election or a divided Congress.

From USA Today:

Biden said the deal seeks to provide weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, expand intelligence sharing between the two countries, train Ukrainian troops at European and U.S. military bases and invest in Ukraine’s defense industrial base. The pact, Biden stressed, does not involve committing U.S. soldiers to Ukraine.

“Our goal is to strengthen Ukraine’s credible defense and deterrence capabilities for the long term,” Biden said. “A lasting peace for Ukraine must be underwritten by Ukraine’s own ability to defend itself now and to deter future aggression anytime in the future.”

The agreement comes after Congress in April approved $60 billion in security funding for Ukraine at Biden’s request. But congressional Republicans held the bill up for months, with some on the right flank of the party voicing opposition to continued funding for Ukraine.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has said he supports aid to Ukraine in the form of loans but has not given a clear position whether the U.S. should back Ukraine financially long term. Trump has said he could orchestrate a peace deal between Ukraine and Russian in 24 hours if elected to a second presidency.

Trump has threatened to remove the U.S. from NATO, if elected to a second presidency, if other nations don’t increase their financial obligations to the western alliance. “Why isn’t Europe giving more money to help Ukraine?” Trump wrote in an April 18 post on his social media web site Truth Social.

The deal signed by Biden and Zelenskyy looks to accelerate Ukraine’s acceptance as a memeber of NATO, an objective long sought by Zelenskyy. Under the agreement, Ukraine must commit to various democratic, economic and security reforms that match European Union ascension goals and NATO requirements.

Additional Reading:

Garrison, J. (2024, June 13). Biden signs 10-year pact with Ukraine that could be upended if Trump wins. USA Today. Link.

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A “deal” means nothing. It ends with whom ever signed the “deal” when they leave office.

A TREATY is approve by 2/3 of the Senate and is actually binding from administration to administration.


I seem to recall something being put into a bill(?) about whoever tries to renege on the support of Ukraine, will be impeached.

2 things are obvious here. 1, is it’s aimed directly at Trump or any republican who gets into the office of President.

And 2, those benefitting from this agreement with Ukraine don’t want their portion of the gravy train interrupted.


I’d like to see that.


Again, I seem to recall. I don’t remember when but it’s been a little while. Maybe it was just talk, or it got buried in an omnibus bill.


“Ukraine must commit to various democratic, economic and security reforms that match European Union ascension goals and NATO requirements.”

Zelensky’s five year term ended May 20th. He has no legitimate claim to power.

In addition:

He has canceled elections.

He jails anyone who dissent.

He bans opposition parties.

He arrests opposition party leaders.

He has seized all media.

He tortures and murders American citizens.

He has closed and seized hundreds of churches.

Hell of a “democracy” and freedom to die for in an Article 5 War…


Don’t forget Democrats still want Jeremy Renner to play him in the movie.


Bob Denver (Maynard G. Krebs) would be a better choice.
He already has the wardrobe down pat.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I hope Herr biden doesn’t monitor this site and get any ideas from 2banana’s comment. Speaking of Bananas, go to you tube and google in the Abbott and Costello skit with Mr botchagaloo selling the boys 2 bananas which always comes comes out to 3. very funny. I think it’s called the banana skit.

pookysgirl, WC wife

Not to be confused with the “Banana Sketch” from The Muppet Show!


He is a tinpot dictator laundering money for Biden and his leftwing globalist buddies. Makes me sick every time I see him.

Old tanker

I happen to agree with Trump regarding the rest of NATO paying more of the freight. It’s pretty much just us forking over more and more cash that we do not have in the bank. Long past the time to turn the tap down on that financial faucet.


They all agree with him now too. Practically all of them are now paying what they were supposed to be paying all along. One wonders if the war that Ukraine would have ever happened if they had been paying before the war started.


Keep poking The Bear. Two (2) despots in a d*ck waving contest. And the (s)elected “leaders” of Our Republic will not rest until WWIII kicks off and American Cities are destroyed. Gives them all kinds of reasons to burn it all down so they can rule over the ashes. Just waiting for sniffy creepy joe to send American Boys and Girls to do what European Boys and Girls should be doing. Gotta keep the grift going. Sure am missing all the mean tweets.



Hope y’all got gold, ammo and canned goods.


Link to the treaty language since Mr. Joey Garrison at USA Today doesn’t see the need to provide his readers with it.


“Reaffirming that Ukraine’s future is in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”

But I have been repeatedly reassured that the Russians are paranoid liars about NATO wanting to surround Russia!

A Proud Infidel®™

Just how big of a kickback is the Biden Crime Syndicate getting? Ditto with the rest of the pols pimping that trash.


A lot. Hunter and Jim Biden have huge legal bills to pay. Joe may have to hock his Corvette and Jill will have to borrow clothes from Hillary….

AW1 Rod

So sorry, you underpaid U.S. military junior enlisted! Vlad gets “his share” first!


And The Big Guy needs to get his 10%, too!💵💵💵


The guys and gals being told to do will do so even if there is nothing left.

Sorry we have to pay you less than what we’re paying the illegals, but you don’t mind, do you? Now, go to some troubled part of the world of our own making, and clean our mess up.


And when we ask them how much should we give,
You know they’ll only ask for more, more, more, more.

Fortunate son my ass.


And the party continues…

comment image


Gotta have the green stuff to afford the white stuff. Or did Hunter just put it on our credit card.


“…provide weapons and ammunition to Ukraine…” With 10% of the value to the big guy?


I demand equality. Register women too.


Be a gentleman, insist that the trans women go first. Ladies before gentleman is what I was taught.


If the D-rats keep the present regime in power and gain control of Congress, they may bring back the draft. Imagine how surprised these Pantifa shitheads will be when they find they have been registered and are drafted. Many will likely run for the Canadian border.


“By using available federal databases…”

I am not sure I like that.

“He’s making a list
He’s checking it twice…

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows when you’ve been bad or good…”

That’s okay for Santa Claus, but I definitely don’t want the Feds to have a little list.


The Biden ‘s money laundering is tax payer money right into his personal account, right in front of us, while he laughs at us! Every time I drive through a liberal city and see Ukrainian flags flying outside of homes, I hope it’s in support of Ukrainian soldiers in trenches and not the Ukrainian government. BTW, before the Russian invasion, it was known as one of the MOST corrupt governments on the planet!!!

Just my personal opinion.


Not “is”, was supposed to be “US”!