IDF frees four, kills millions

| June 10, 2024 | 49 Comments

Israeli Defense Forces pulled off a daring daylight raid Saturday in the Nuseirat refugee camp late last week and liberated four hostages who had been taken October 7 at the Nova music festival. Hamas immediately claimed civilian casualties were huge. Seemingly thousands of innocent women and children were killed (no doubt they were relieved at losing none of their own Hamas terrorists.)

Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv, were rescued by the Israeli military, intelligence and special forces from two separate locations in Nuseirat, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Saturday.

They are in good medical condition and have been transferred to the ‘Sheba’ Tel-HaShomer Medical Center for further medical examinations,” the IDF added.

An Israeli policeman from a special counter-terrorism unit was killed in Saturday’s rescue operation, according to Israeli police.

At least 236 people have been killed as a result of the rescue operation and more than 400 injured, hospital officials in Gaza said Saturday. CNN

Al-Awda Hospital director Dr Marwan Abu Nasser told CNN that 142 bodies had been counted at the medical facility by late Saturday, while Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah said 94 bodies had been counted.

CNN has no way of verifying casualty numbers reported by Palestinian officials in Gaza. Medical records in the war-torn enclave do not differentiate between civilians and militants killed.

An Israeli military spokesperson put the number of casualties from the operation at “under 100,” and had no information on how many of those were civilians.

You have the option of believing any of the multitudinous casualty counts.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said Israeli forces had to enter civilian areas to reach hostages as this was where Hamas had embedded itself.

He said the hostages had been locked in two separate apartments in civilian multi-story buildings about 200 meters (650 feet) apart, with Argamani held in a different building to the three males. He said the IDF had received intelligence on their location beforehand, noting that hostages in Gaza were frequently moved around and Argamani had previously been held elsewhere. Similar raids had been called off at the last minute “more than three or four times” due to unfavorable conditions, he added.

Following Saturday’s announcement, the total number of hostages still held in the Gaza Strip from October 7 is now 116, of which at least 41 are dead.

Opinion pieces are already appearing saying the Israelis should be happy now and should declare peace. (My math says 116-41= 85 remaining presumed alive.) And, our VP has already jumped into the breach to make her mind known:

Vice President Harris mourned the Palestinians who were killed in a successful Israeli hostage rescue operation this weekend during an address delivered Saturday.

On Oct. 7, Hamas committed a brutal massacre of 1,200 innocent people and abducted 250 hostages,” she continued. “Thankfully, four of those hostages were reunited with their families tonight. And we mourn all of the innocent lives that have been lost in Gaza, including those tragically killed today.”  Fox News

And for civilian casualties:

Israeli forces say Hamas intentionally kept the hostages in a “civilian environment.” They also said even the Palestinians who were holding the hostages were also “civilians.”

Maybe an old-fashioned prejudice on my part, but seems to me if you are a ‘civilian’ helping the enemy hold hostages, you ARE the enemy.

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There are NO “civilians” in Gaza.


Civilians casualties is NOT collateral damage when dealing Hamas it’s a feature.


Great graphic!!


Must be a communication difference in the languages. In Palestinian “civilian” means “armed militant.” As they report that they do not distinguish between civilian and armed fighter casualties. I find it impressive that the press is so coordinated in there attacking the IDF as they work to free the hostage’s. As a Al Jazeera reporter also held a hostage, a civilian armed fighter which the IDF also does not distinguish as a civilian.


Hamas’ counting rules: “If they’re dead, they’re civilian, then multiply by two or so.”

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Since Palestine really has no uniformed military to speak of, every Palestinian man, woman, child, and goat killed by Israel is therefore a “civilian casualty”. It doesn’t matter if you take out Abdullah and his 4 brothers manning a rocket launcher in a schoolyard, they’re still civilian casualties. By design.


“Palestine” has no uniformed military because it has never been a nation. It was the name the Romans gave Judea after they conquered it and made it a province of the empire.


Not just an Al Jazeera reporter, but one who reported for an online rag in Washington State….

But straight white guys remain the gravest threat to our nation. Joe Brandon’s no hypocrite – showering with his daughter makes him anything but straight.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter comes out with a memoir claiming his dad molested him as a child – but he may be the one individual on Earth whose word I’d trust less than Joe’s.


Naw, Joe has a preference for little girls.


I hate that I know this, but one learns a lot while on trial for certain crimes (joking – I’m just a lover of the Ancient Greek language)….

There is a difference between a pedophile and an ephebophile:

Pedophiles, such as Joe Brandon, are attracted to prepubescent children; thus, the actual sex of the child is generally irrelevant. He may have a fetish for long hair, but he wouldn’t actually give two shits if it was a long-haired boy or a girl he was fucking.

Ephebophiles are interested in adolescent children – those in the transitional period following puberty. Thus, boys and girls are markedly different, sexually. Joe Brandon might very well be an ephebophile as well as a pedophile (people can be two things – I’m attracted to both straight girls and bisexual girls), but the distinction is there.

Either way, while the common sexual definition of “straight” means “not gay,” I stand by the idea that a dude who is sexually attracted to little girls is in no way “straight.”


It’s that simple. They’ve chosen to be a “nation” of combatants. They’ve chosen to willingly and happily die for their cause. Insha’Allah, off to glory you go.


They chose….. poorly.

Hack Stone

That didn’t work out to well for the Japanese, either. It’s amazing what one or two atomic bombs will do to calibrate their fight to the last man, woman and child philosophy.


Right about that
Hell one of them was being held by a news reporter
Talk about making the news you report


I’m not sure Al Jazeera qualifies as “news”.


Didn’t CNN at the beginning of all this have a reporter riding on the back of a motorcycle carrying RPGs being filmed by a news crew with a big ol grin on his face?

Anybody else see that news clip that as far as I know has never been seen again?


The Al Jazeera guy was holding the three male hostages.


Sounds to me like it’s a “military” camp, not a refugee camp… Can’t imagine how there were any civilian casualties, they all sounds like combatants to me..


You just lead them less…


The photo reminds me of beachcombing in my younger days.
You know, sea shells, old bottles etc.
Never found such a cache as those two though….

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I’d be hopping all over them Beach Bunnies me own self, ‘beans. “From the River to the sea, I’ve found a couple for me.”

Hey Ham Ass…you FA & FO. Deal with it.


Lettuce pause in remembrance of the fallen Hamas terrorist and Al Jazeera reporter who was killed by the IDF during a raid and four hostages were found being kept prisoner at his house.

Sadly AJ had to pretend like they did not know him, Even though he was still listed as an employee on their website. They really need to shore up their deniability department.


….Pop! Goes the weasel….

Hack Stone

Hope that they delete his email account a lot faster than it took the US Air Force to disable Senior Airman Aaron Bushnell’s account. That list was still in the Air Force GAL until about a week ago.


He wasn’t flaming anybody.


He was a flaming asshole.


Crashed and burned

Old tanker

All hamas had to do to remove almost all of the reason for Israel to continue the war was to release the hostages, months ago. I have no sympathy for them and hope Israel is successful in destroying the organization. Of course, that just will result in another terrorist group forming. Unfortunately, until the arabs decide that their genocide program is not working and turn to peaceful coexistence the conflict will not change.


…until they love their children more than they hate ours. ~ Golda Meir

Forest Bondurant

Another “Pallywood Production”…..


Get ready, Joe Biden is going to give away billions more of your tax dollars to terrorists (again) to bring them hostages home. That will teach them never to take hostages again.


I saw on the news, that these hostages were being kept in households of Palestinian families.

You know, the peaceful, innocent civilians that the left is protesting in favor of


Just being an accessory to a forcible felony doesn’t mean that one is no longer innocent or peaceful. After all, if the protesters can forgive all the rapes and murders then there’s no reason that they can’t forgive a little bit of kidnapping.


They should then be able to forgive collateral damage caused from retaliation of a murderous attack by a recognized and labeled terrorist organization. I know, I won’t hold my breath!

They’re waiting for the word from their handlers on what to say, or do, next!!!


The IDF could drop Lusail Tower 3. If that goes down most of the leadership goes with it.


Those gracious Palestinian families were just trying to comfort those evil Israeli invaders, opening their homes to them.

Hack Stone

How about zero relief supplies enter Gaza until all hostages are released. Currently there at least five Americans being held by Hamas. Hamas fucked around, now the Palestinians are finding out. It’s as if elections, even in the Middle East, have consequences.


I see why the IDF accidentally bombed a food truck. It attracted the roaches.


I read the IDF was disguised as refugees with mattresses on the car roof. I had to chuckle at that because it’s pretty
common in the US now.


That sounds like the thousand or so Sonora plated pickups on any given AZ weekend.


Should democrats somehow manage to “win” this election, what we are seeing now in regard to the border, support for Israel etc., etc., will be seen no more.


You don’t mean the infamous FAFO chart? It goes for other things too.

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I think Hamas should take over the COVID casualty counter. Numbers are probably as accurate in every sense.


Oh, yeah, likely totally not progressive or anything. /sarc


To quote the president:

“Shenoe loss shenonied, our freedom can never be secured” -FJB

Skivvy Stacker

I think I’ll have to look that up in my Hebrew dictionary…