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| May 3, 2024

Glock 29

Witness: Woman fires shots at suspects who broke into Jackson home

by: Cameron Smith, Sethanie Smith

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – One suspect has been arrested and two are wanted for breaking into a woman’s home in Jackson.

The incident happened on Daniel Circle on Wednesday, May 1.

A woman said three young men, who were wearing hoodies, rang her doorbell and asked if she wanted her yard cut. She declined, and the men went to her daughter’s home in the neighborhood.

The woman said her daughter was not home at the time of the incident and that the suspects broke into the home.

According to the woman, her daughter returned home, and the suspects fired shots at her. The daughter fired shots at the suspects. She was not injured.

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There’s a bit more to the story than reported, but the pistol packing young lady took out the trash just fine.

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Seems like the three fine young men were looking for empty houses to burglarize.

As for the Tupperware pistol, they seem to be mostly either loved or hated. I spent decades refusing to own one, but eventually came around. You gotta hand it to Gaston and his design. What started as a full-sized military service pistol has become perhaps the most popular police service pistol in modern history. He got it right at a time when metal framed, hammer-firing pistols were still the norm. I find my 17 and 45 balance out well with a loaded magazine, and it’s appreciably lighter than my Beretta 92F. The polymer frame keeps weight down and is pretty durable, and the striker-fired system without a manual safety makes it easy to simply draw and shoot without extra steps.

You see every other manufacturer releasing different designs that require proprietary mags. Glock has stuck to what works, simply adding a few different sizes and calibers. That G29 in the picture will work with G20 and G40 mags (of course, the shorter mags won’t work in the larger guns) and is essentially just a cut down version. Moving into the slim profile market, with guns like the 42, 43, 43x, and 48, was a no-brainer, and in some ways make the earlier subcompacts like the G26 all but obsolete. Why carry the thick and stubby G26 with a 10-round mag when you can carry a thin and stubby G43X with the same capacity?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

If there isn’t already, there should be a chart showing the interchangeability between Glock frames/models and Glock magazines.


One of my brother-in-laws, and a fine young man indeed, works quality control for Glock. So he carries a Glock. He freely admitted that my Sig shot nicer, felt better.

That said, his Glock will get the job done without any worries if the fertilizer hits the ventilator. That’s what is important.