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| April 27, 2024

Remember the days of “Me, too!” when any woman’s story  was God-given truth and that filthy oppressor pig man who committed a heinous crime like, oh, say, asking her out was subject to being drawn and quartered with no defense allowed? That ended under Trump, who required the accused to be able to have a hearing and face their accuser. Radical idea that, wonder where that came from?

Well, kiss it goodbye.

Biden is also officially undoing sexual assault due process rules put in place by his predecessor and current election-year opponent, former President Donald Trump.

Colleges will no longer be required to hold live hearings to allow students to cross-examine one another through representatives. Instead, college officials will be able to interview students separately, allowing each student to suggest questions and get a recording of the responses.

In evaluating the parties’ evidence, a school must use the “preponderance of the evidence” standard of proof unless the school uses the clear and convincing evidence standard in all other comparable proceedings.

The final policy drew praise from victims’ advocates, while Republicans said it erodes the rights of accused students.

Oh, and Biden’s Education Department is essentially elimination Title IX protections for women athletes.

Under the new rules, sex discrimination includes discrimination based on gender identity as well as sexual orientation. A school must not separate or treat people differently based on sex, except in limited circumstances, under the provisions and critics say that the change will allow locker rooms and bathrooms to be based on gender identity.  Fox

Yeah, when the coach yells “get yer swingin’ dicks out of the locker room and onto the field” into the women’s locker room, it may not be an error.

And while on Me, Too – one of its most notorious victims, Harvey Weinstein, had his New York convictions tossed on appeal.

New York’s Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, overturned Weinstein’s 2020 rape and sexual assault conviction in a 4-3 vote Thursday morning. The panel of judges ruled Thursday that the judge overseeing the momentous 2020 case made a critical error in allowing prosecutors to bring witnesses who accused Weinstein of sexual assault even though their allegations were unrelated to the charges at hand. MSN

Wonder if anyone has ever thought that a judge who is reversed on a critical error like this shouldn’t be a judge, no matter how PC or activist they may be?


And it may be a little late, but none the less:

An April 11 edition of the United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights’ NGO Action News, which provides updates about civil society organizations worldwide “relevant to the Palestine issue,” linked readers to the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) list of “5 Ways to Take Action for Tax Day.”

The second item on USCPR’s list was a hyperlink for protesters seeking to engage in a “coordinated multi-city economic blockade to free Palestine,” an effort organizers noted was “not affiliated with USCPR.”

In the destination page, blockade organizers A15 describe efforts to “identify and blockade major choke points in the economy, focusing on points of production and circulation with the aim of causing the most economic impact,” effectively “blocking the arteries of capitalism and jamming the wheels of production.”

Anne Bayefsky, president of Human Rights Voices and director of the Touro University Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust, told Fox News Digital “the U.N. has been caught red-handed aiding and abetting pro-Hamas anarchists in American cities and streets” by “distributing a newsletter, in multiple languages and to a worldwide network, that contains links to radical anti-American and anti-Israel agitators, their agendas and plans.” Fox News II

To which one can only wonder why it is we allow these people on our soil?  Don’t they have an alternate site from which they could spread sedition?



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“The final policy drew praise from victims’ advocates, while Republicans said it erodes the rights of accused students”

Sounds like Maine’s new RedFlag law where anyone can have
their home searched and firearms taken away just because
someone doesn’t like them or they said bad things about Biden.


Da, comrade, is always plan!


The current resident of the White House advances the standard of ‘Preponderance of Evidence’? Someone get me Tara Reid, stat!

I hope NONE the ladies in any of our lives has to see Mr. Johnson in a locker room/public restroom because I’d hate to see any of you who still lives in Blue State brought on some bullshit charges for ‘handling the situation’.

I don’t watch women’s/girl’s sports, but having males dominate and take opportunities away from the females is wrong. I just don’t know how a woman would say its okay for Johnny to wash out with the boys and then take Jane’s chances to play and/or win.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’ve been telling my boss that the women/friends need to form a plan of action such that when any non-XX that enters an XX locker room needs to be greeted with a Sock Party. Sock/pantyhose, bar of soap, pervert. Some assembly required. Swing it like ya mean it!
That little tactic could also be used in other non-locker situations.


Two rolls of quarters in a sock within a sock, also works wonders to adjust attitudes.


Or the infamous lock-in-a-sock.


And let’s not overlook the fact that Soro’s Tides Foundation is funding many of the pro-Hamas “activist” protesters, many of whom are not even students at these colleges and universities.


The current Hamazi protesters are the same retread Marxgoloids from 2020, having traded their Blac Bloc attire for Amazon-ordered pseudo-Keffiya.

Same Shitheads, Different Day.


Since we’re short a SPotW, this:

From the video description-

So we have a New Yorker in Florida at his vacation home. He goes to the market to purchase a few things and get’s triggered by a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ bumper sticker.

He thought nobody would know what he did in the parking lot…then the cops show up at his house. He gets embarrassed in front of his wife who had no clue what he’d done.

The charge was : 1. DAMAGE PROP-CRIM MISCH – 1000 DOLS OR MORE Statute: 806.13 1b3 Felony Third Degree

He was let go with no bond after a night in jail, case is still pending.

Some (fkin’) people…

RGR 4-78

Dats a dumbazz.


Importing New York values to Florida. Florida showing New York that crimes do indeed get charged, and not ignored.

In lieu of the thousand dollar fine, his punishment should be getting his vehicle wrapped with Trump 2024 signage, with photo evidence of every state line he crosses (with vehicle in view of camera ), all the way home with the final picture being from in front of his house. Miss one photo, and a warrent will be issued for his arrest.

Any vehicle damage sustained to his ride because someone took exception to his message is completely on him.

Secondary punishment would be having to listen to his wife for 8 or 900 miles, and forever more when they finally do get home. An added bonus would be the ration of crap from his Biden supporting buddies.


All too easy, just identify as a eunuch.


Preponderance of the evidence is the lowest level burden available. Basically if the reviewer thinks it’s above 50%, then it is true. I would not go to college or recommend college anymore.

Skivvy Stacker

Wish I’d have known that when I was in college.
I’d have been able to say to my professors; “Hey, look; far as I’m concerned, I’m 51% over the threshold for an A in this class, so I figger you need to gimme that A…an’ iffen’ y’don’t, then I’m just a goin’ t’make a stink of one kind er’nother til y’see it MY way…y’longhairedhippietypepinkofag!”

Skivvy Stacker

And yet, those of us on the right, the ones who hold a Conservative stance, the ones who feel that a more traditional and straight pathway through life is the better way for ALL of us to live, are the ones who are accused of being the ones who want to destroy “the democracy of this country” [even though we don’t live in one, and even though those who preach it wouldn’t want to live in one either]. We are the people who are constantly accused of being narrow thinking, of not being open minded…[I AM open minded, but not so much that my BRAIN falls out of my head]…of being un-scientific [I tend to agree with this to some degree], to rely too much on faith [another think I tend to agree with]. We are the ones who are called into question by those like our friend Lars as being somehow ignorant, and unwilling to see the world from the true perspective of HIS omniscience, not realizing that WE are more than cognizant of the fact that, yes; we are mortal, and filled with imperfection. But are more perfect than he is.
[wink, wink—don’t get pissed Lars, it’s a joke].
I don’t want to destroy anything that helps the human being negotiate a fair, and reasonable way through life.
I want to make sure that our MORAL structure follows the idea that our rights must not interfere, or hinder the rights of others.
I want to be sure that we, as a civilized people, be able to live together either through the power of faith and philosophy, or the rule of equitable law.
And I only want what is best for my people, that does not require me to destroy the life of another of my people.
God bless you all.
And God bless this country.

USMC Steve

Actually it was #me too, which when taken literally is “pound me too”. Feminazis get real mad when I say it that way.