Sailor Convicted of Attempted Espionage

| April 22, 2024

USS Higgins (DDG-76)

Japan-Based Chief Petty Officer Found Guilty of Attempted Espionage


A sailor assigned to a Japan-based guided-missile destroyer who was accused of providing classified information to a foreign government official was found guilty Friday of attempted espionage and other related charges, the Navy said.

Chief Petty Officer Fire Controlman Bryce S. Pedicini, who had been assigned to the USS Higgins (DDG-76) before his arrest on May 19, 2023, in Japan, will be sentenced by a military judge at a May 7 court hearing, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service said in a news release announcing the verdict. Pedicini had been held in pretrial detention since his arrest.

Pedicini, whose case was tried at a general court-martial, was found guilty of attempted espionage (Article 103a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice), failure to obey a lawful order (Article 92), and attempted violation of a lawful general order (Article 80), according to NCIS.

Online court records show Pedicini was initially charged with eight counts of espionage and attempted espionage under Article 103a and seven counts related to conduct under Article 134.

There are no maximum or minimum sentencing terms for a service member convicted of attempted espionage, as UCMJ allows for “any punishment, other than death, that a court-martial may direct.”


E-7 (for the time being) Pedicini exchanged sensitive data concerning US Navy in-theater capabilities and strategies to an unnamed foreign agent for monetary gain. I’d say the “attempted” caveat has evaporated.

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If the big guy got his 10%, a slap on the wrist is all he will see.

Seriously though, we will see soon enough how the military of today is compared to military of old for punishment. How much time did the submariner get for a photo of, if I remember correctly, non classified instruments. A generic photo as it were.


If Hillary got a cut, he’ll soon commit suicide by shooting himself, twice, in the back of the head.


6 years, IIRC.


After my initial reading I had to put down my cup of coffee and wait for my BP and breathing to resume normal levels as this POS is not a CPO. His betrayal of our country and our Navy should be life in prison since we’re not allowed to drop him over the side for swim call in the waters off the coast of Florida


Swim call should be announced where sharks are in abundance, reserved for one. Everybody else, back to work.


COVID really screwed up the Season for the following next two cycles.

Not saying that’s what happened here, but I can’t help but think about how a lot of hands on events were turned into remote team building exercises.


He should have identified as just another Biden Family member doing business with China, and he would have be excused with courts apologies. Tell me I’m wrong.


Funny the recipient country is not named…


Well, the current regime doesn’t want to offend their sponsors in Beijing.


Do modern Navy Ships have yardarms? Asking for a friend.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Maybe no yardarms, but I’m sure every ship has a keel.
I think you know where I’m going with this.


Give him some skis……..ok just one.

How much rope is needed for keelhauling on a Nimitz-class carrier?


Whatever’s most efficient and/or entertaining!


My son works on Gulfstreams and they have a camera in the tail facing forward, and can be switched on in the passenger portion so they can see what the pilots are seeing.

If a sub were to follow while filming either manner of said keel hauling, could it be sold as a pay per view event, or would the navy make it a Monday morning safety brief titled “Don’t be this guy”.


I’d say do both. A profitable public service announcement. Capitalism, babeee!


Didn’t know they’d be a maff question on this thread, Younger Brother. That shoulda been on the abused teacher post, but here we are, cause this question the Germans DO have something to do with it. At the risk of incurring the wrath of our Beloved Kid Squid (ht 2 ol’ poe) by leaving my swim lane to discuss something naughtea-cull-ly and/or using the term “rope” where squids normally use the term “line” (“shoot a line over to the tender, Lads, we need to restock the Goat Locker with the Chief’s Class VI Stores) I’ll make a spirited attempt to layout the formula required to cipher out an answer.

Nimitz Class has a length of 1092 feet, a beam of 252 feet, and a maximum draft of 41 feet. The variable in the equation is the height of the flight above the water line and the bridge, depending on where the “line” is secured…figure, roughly, 60 feet +- from flight deck to waterline, then a minimum of 37 feet draft for navigational steerage.

Solve for X (X being the amount of “line” required)

Bonus points for solving using keel hauling fore to aft AND port to starboard. Go!


So, after wearing a #2 Eberhard-Fabre down to a nub and drawing diagrams all over MRS D’s whiteboard, the answer is…

A double shitload.


Ding ding ding…launch the dingy, we have a winner winner chicken dinner. You are co-wreck!

Draw yore self a ration of Jameson from my personal Class VI Stores, a sixer of Yuengling Chasers and move up to the head of the class…After…or course…you clean off Mrs. D’s whiteboard.


Its the Navy so it would be a boatload plus


Oh FFS. Really smart move there, “Chief”.

Dumbass was actually passing classified information to his foreign contact via Facebook Messenger.

Hope that the likely relatively paltry sum that he received in exchange for his betrayal was worth it.

It’s interesting that they’re not naming the foreign government that’s involved in this. Perhaps it’s an “ally” of ours.


The idiot is strong in that one. Full Retard squared.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Is the Sing Sing prison’s electric chair still there and working. Worked great back in 1953 for the two American husband and wife who spied for russia.


jeff LPH 3 63-66,
Perhaps another state, among over a dozen,
that may still have an “Old Sparky” or “Old Smokey”
that can still kick out some sparks.
Or smoke.

Some old photos here.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Years ago back in the early 70’s, I subscribed to shotgun news and there was a hot seat for sale but I didn’t have room in my place plus a seat from a fighter jet, no room either and an original enigma machine which I should have buyed but didn’t.


So stupid. Everyone knows only politicians are allowed to sell secrets to…well…anyone


Fang Fang was just a young, misunderstood Chinese student…


Really he has only one way to go here. He has to come out as trans and blame everybody else. He will get a full pardon and the Democrats will back him for a Senate run. If he declares that he’s a woman the worst that will happen is it gets sent to women’s prison.


I would like to personally rip his anchors off his collar and have him keel hauled from Japan back to the US.


He’s fucked. And fuck him right back.


Bubba will make sure:
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