Marines at Trump resort did not violate military rules

| April 16, 2024

Photos of Marines at Mar-a-Lago circulated on the internet. Concerns were raised that these Marines were at a political event, a violation of Military regulations against politicking in uniform. However, the Marines clarified that the presence of service members at this estate was for an approved event supporting a fundraiser that was open to the public.

From the Marine Corps Times:

In a statement posted on social media over the weekend, service officials said the Marines — reserve members of the 4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company — were in attendance on April 11 at the Florida resort to serve as a color guard for a gala hosted by the Grey Team, a nonprofit organization focused on preventing military suicides.

“The request was reviewed by Marine Forces Reserve Community Relations and deemed eligible for support,” service leaders said in a statement. “The event was open to the public and helped raise awareness about military and veteran suicides.

“The event was neither a political fundraiser, nor was the 45th president of the United States in attendance.”

Mar-a-Lago is the site of numerous non-political events as well as a hub for Trump’s campaign operations.

Despite approval for Marines to participate in the Grey Team event, photos of attendees posing alongside the uniformed troops at Trump’s well-known property almost immediately raised concerns that military personnel may have violated Defense Department rules about participation in political events.

The Marine Corps Times has additional information here.

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Well, Mar-a-Lago is political because, Trump! Those Marines should be drummed out of service, ostracized, and worst of all be forced to take the title of “Ex-Marine”. I’m kidding, of course.

I think a lot of it is due to insecurity. If you compare photos of average Service Members around POTUS DJT against those taken with both his predecessor and successor-in-name-only, there’s an obvious difference in demeanor. Granted, Obama had that initial Firstness about him that enamored him with “certain” troops, but by his second term, his aura had faded and most of our military saw through his facade.

I leave out the politically minded senior leaders, as well as the increasingly indoctrinated younger Service Members who viewed the Army’s Emma as inspiration for their service and who look forward to their post-op male-to-female abortions.


Bill Clinton didn’t exactly inspire the troops either. He came to visit Zagreb Croatia in ’96 (Operation Joint Endavor, the “one year mission” that’s still running.), and we had to order troops to go see him. I volunteered to stay behind and keep the system running, so as to not deprive the troops the opportunity to see their commander-in-chief. Abuse of rank and position? Absolutely.

Hack Stone

You dodged a photo op bullet there.

Forest Bondurant

Reminds me of this photo taken of a soldier with Shrillary in Bosnia, where he’s supposed to be signaling he was coerced (as the story was told ..)



The same thing happened at Fort Stewart in 2012. BHO came to visit and 3ID troops were ordered to go see him. Being on the separate 4th BDE compound (now 2nd BDE), we had buses rotating to get the brigade over to the Bldg. 4 area. Wouldn’t you know, the rotations were interrupted by traffic and security, and we scrambled to get the last couple to main post on time. Then some of the other S3 types and I went to Waffle King to wait for the return rotations.

It was absolutely an abuse of the troops, given the Georgia heat and lack of water points. We had one Soldier, a young lady who’d been wounded in a previous deployment and who shouldn’t have been there in the first place, being carried back to the buses, which we played hell trying to keep control of. I had to board a bus and order a few Soldiers off as it was everyone for themselves after BHO’s remarks. Oh, and that general I oh so admire [sarc], then-MG Abrams, was the CG at the time too. Remarks by the President and First Lady at Fort Stewart, Georgia | (


They should be racked until they; ‘see three lights’, understand ‘2+2=5’, realize they can either starve or throw away all rights enumerated, 0bamaiden uber alles, etc.

Just ignore the tin [Marines] at der Fuhrer‘s Red Speech in Killahdelphia and we’ll be all right. (below)

When the Machine calls you ‘the enemy’, proceeds to ‘contextualize it’, then diagnoses crippling and chronic paranoia for taking words at face value, it is the opinion of this pile of meat we’re beyond the event horizon of rational representation and civil discourse.

“Prepare”… for our military to have behavioral control collars?

Image note: intentional muting of color and the inability of ‘the news’ to be equitable. Never forget, never forgive.


The various “woke” talking heads about military sh*t out there are already talking about the new way of war requiring “centralization” because all the artillery and drones mean maneuver and being able to do stuff idependently when commo fails and/or circumstances change are somehow impossible now– do what that out-of-touch staff occifer wants, no thinking allowed (NKVD zampolit says, comrade)!

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

Today… Oh noes– NATO nations inexperienced with fightin’ modern mechanized war will be dog meat fer battle hardened Russkie hordes if Ukraine loses! (as another one sez):

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

With the price of lumber what it is today, AND a lack of skilled carpenters, building a proper scaffold is out of the question. I guess we’ll have to execute these disloyal fucks by musketry, “…pour encourager les autres…”. It’s the only way to be sure.

Haven’t these Jarheads learned anything? Everyone that has been keeping up should know that the only way to “Raise Awareness” is to hold a chili feed…or ride a motor sickle thru “Kelly’s Canyon”. Sheesh

Hack Stone

A lot of good men went into Kelly’s Canyon, not all of them made it out. Someone should host a Chili Feed to raise awareness about their plight.


The Dems would rather have the Marines kill themselves then even give the appearance of supporting Trump.

Hack Stone

We all know what activities Marines are approved to participate in.


It was beneath oblowme to hold his own umbrella, but Trump stooped to pick up a Marines cap that had blown off and attempted to place it on his head as the guy stood at attention. That guard probably felt all the blood drain from his face as he felt his cap depart his head.

To those who have done honor guard type duty, whether you agreed with it or not, which of the 2 would you have more respect for. I’m sure there are some type of pleasantries said as they hold doors open, or greet the president as he arrives or departs. Not from the guards of course, unless they can speak words with minimal, not perceptible lip movements.

Hack Stone

How would you like to be on the receiving end of Hillary Clinton’s wrath? If I had to be assigned to any kind of detail working with her, after the first day I would swing by the armory to get my weapon, pack a picnic basket, and head up the George Washington Parkway to Fort Marcy Park.


I think the time it cost in prison time would be worth slapping/punching that bitch in the cock suckered.

I think you would have instant prison cred when you walked in. Not to mention some on the prison staff may appreciate your sacrifice even more, from the warden down. Hell, you may even have gotten a Christmas card from Bill.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

This is the new reality, blame people for something when the details aren’t known to the jagoff playing the blame game…

I remember when we used to find out first and report second, it seemed more accurate when that was the norm.

Forest Bondurant


IIRC, it started with Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, (a few others in between), Jussie Smollett, and so on…

(Then there’e taking things said out of context, shifting the words to sell a narrative, and sell it in the media to sell a bigger lie.)


Do they even take things out of context anymore? Or do they just make up their own version of context.

They already know which “news agecny” will be friendly to there cause, and how to phrase in such a way that the sheep will eat it up.


Yes, they do. Even when they know they will be exposed as liars. They have started to drop the masks.


Low effort post…
Eh, fuck the Democrats, Globalists, and UniParty Swamp Creatures…
That is all. Nothing follows.



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They’re Marines. I’m sure something got violated. It just wasn’t politicking regs.


Just another attempt to smear anyone connected with Trump. If they can’t get someone with lawfare, well there is always the MSM aka Progda.