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| March 17, 2024

Knight’s Armament SR-25

Aggravated Assault: 3208 MLK JR

Preliminary Information: On 3/15/23, around 6:00am, officers responded to 3208 MLK JR. Dr in reference to a male shot. Upon arrival, officers located a male victim with a gunshot wound to the knee. He was alert, conscious and breathing and transported to the hospital for treatment. A short time later, officers responded to another call regarding a male shot at 242 Napoleon Dr. Upon arrival, officers located a male with a gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Preliminary investigation indicates the two incidents are related. The victim was working security at the location when a male suspect entered the store and pointed a firearm at him. A struggle ensued resulting in the victim sustaining a gunshot wound to the knee. The victim was able to struggle the firearm away from the suspect and shoot him. The suspect fled the scene and called 911.

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Atlanta PD

I can just imagine how that 911 call went. Caution.

HPD: Woman with 4 kids in car crashed into zoo security guard before being shot several times
Investigators said the woman was shot multiple times and was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Author: Chloe Alexander, Cory McCord, Stephen Goin
HOUSTON — A woman was shot Friday after an argument at the Houston Zoo spilled over into Hermann Park, police said.

It happened just after 2 p.m. when police said the woman and a man got into an argument over a parking spot at the zoo. They said a zoo security guard intervened when the woman assaulted a man over the spot.

HPD Assistant Chief Patricia Cantu said the woman left the parking lot with four children in her car but was approached by other security guards nearby.

Houston police said the woman used her car to hit one of the security guards, who then opened fire on her vehicle. The car crashed into a tree near the golf course.

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Mom of the Year Award contender and KHOU is there!

Thanks, Gun Bunny.

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Not the sort of place you might expect to see a cement block?


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The Pirates Cove


Shot with your own weapon? There goes your street cred.

How does the caller know that the deer and dog had carnal relations with his Mama? A pr0n channel? Personal observation? Received a phone tip?

All of Houston is a zoo. Marvin Perkins was unavailable for comment.

5 large for the -25? It better be able to make a sammich too…and fetch me a Cold Beer!

My, my, my…ain’t nothing quite like a tall, chilly, female wearing dark clothes. Do believe that subject was discussed in a song back yonder.

A visual lesson on calibers for all of you that need it…
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Ruger SFAR is substantially cheaper – .308 in an AR-15 size weapon. Drool, drool.

Re the pic…need some cushion for the pushin’.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Humor, not Babylon Bee though… Lance Armstrong claims PTSD from being exposed as cheater:

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Man, fuck that no-nut havin’ muh-fugger.


He still had one, apparently for cosmetic purposes.


I was running a qual range in 2009, got the troopies out there setting up, doing all the safety stuff, signage etc. My LT goes over to the medics and has them change the sign by their truck. He hands them the new sign. It says MFB. So I asked him what that means.

Mothafuckin Bambulance.

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A tip of The Bonny Bonnet, Younger Brother…

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