Canada Clears Diverse Mines in Ukraine

| February 28, 2024

‘No joke’: Ottawa to give Ukraine $4 million to fund gender-inclusive demining

The phrase ‘gender-transformative mine action’ proved the biggest stumbling block online, with some on X wondering if landmines themselves had a gender
Author of the article: Chris Knight

A relatively minor item in an announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding funding for “gender-transformative mine action” in the war in Ukraine has raised eyebrows on social media.

The press release that went out Saturday makes mention of $3.02 billion in financial and military support to Ukraine in 2024, but it also outlines a number of smaller, targeted initiatives.

One of these, listed as “Gender-inclusive demining for sustainable futures in Ukraine,” has a funding budget of $4 million.
“Project activities include conducting non-technical surveys and subsequent manual clearance in targeted communities; providing capacity building to key national stakeholders; and establishing a gender and diversity working group to promote gender-transformative mine action in Ukraine.”

National Post

Canada beclowns itself on the world stage giving Joe some much-needed relief. I don’t suppose anyone from Trudy’s PM Office will actually accompany the gender diverse EOD techs into the field? I know I wouldn’t.

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Prior Service

So, does this mean Bouncing Betty mines (you know, the ones that jump up detonate at waist-height) get cleared? Or no?

Hack Stone

A Bouncing Betty is fundamental in field expedient gender reassignment.



jeff LPH 3 63-66

Mine eyes have just watched the mine flick and mine eyes could imagine if anyone stepped on one of those Bouncing Betties I think were developed during WW2 by the Germans. My late neighbor lost his leg stepping during on a mine during WW2 and wore a peg leg untill he passed a number of years ago.


“Gender relocation” might be more accurate.


Might save some money on the “gender “ surgery?




Joey Jones nailed it on Gutfeld last night when he said:

“JOHNNY JOEY JONES: Hey, Greg, just want to let you know you have my full support to make fun of this ridiculous story about gender inclusivity when it comes to taking bombs apart. And just so you know, any gender transformation that happens while taking bombs apart– completely by accident. We didn’t mean for that to happen.”




Well, here is an opportunity for Major Rachel Jones to change his Branch to Ordnance and become a member of a US Army EOD team…

Possibility of a free gender change…


Stunning and Brave! Transitioning saved her life, don’t cha know, and we cannot tolerate any bad words to the contrary of this Real American Hero.


We saw the story on Gutfeld last night and thought: “What In Tarnation?…”

“DEI Is Corrupting Airlines, Medical School And Now Landmines”

Gutfeld nailed it when he said “Anyone in charge of clearing landmines is way braver than I am….And if it’s something you accept as your job, I don’t care if you’re white, black, gay, trans, or identify as a Cabbage Patch Kid….”

He also said “…it is safe to say landmine clearing is dangerous. You have to be right 100% of the time. You can’t even be wrong once…the U.N. still thinks an inclusive
workforce will increase the effectiveness of mine action activities and improve satisfaction at work. I have no idea how they will test this. Work satisfaction? I would assume there’s one metric- not dying. And if you put diversity before competence, that metric is going to get worse.”

Additionally he commented “Of course landmines blowing up all sorts of people. Yeah, that’s true, but does that mean they have to be cleared by all sorts of people? Not really….Look, does anybody really believe Wokeism will make for better landmine clearing? We’re talking about defusing deadly explosives here, not getting misgendered in an office breakroom. You think using the right pronouns at work is a minefield? This is an actual f*** minefield, people. Who benefits from this? Not the people who need landmines cleared.”

Gutfeld had a point when he ended his monologue by stating “Human life is less important than their woke agenda. So what if a few people lose a limb or two to meet a quota? It’s worth it to tell yourself you’re being inclusive. In this case, DEI might mean you die.”


And you know what they say about landmines…



“Haji Got His Wings Today…”

(Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”)

Great minds think alike, SFC D…You beat me to it…🫡😉😎

You think JR Majewski remember any KABOOMS!? 😅🤣😂😆


The land mines don’t care about one ‘s gender identity or pronouns.


Huh. Figured this to be a Duffle Blog article. Guess not. Great way to spend 4 mil.

Green Thumb

French Fries with mayo suck.




And yet, the primary ingredient of “fry sauce”, thousand island dressing, Big Mac special sauce, and “salsa golf” which are all similar is mayonnaise. And all of those work well with fries, at least in my opinion.


They aren’t bad dipped in ranch.


Yeah, that works. I’ll also use Arby’s Horsey Sauce for my curly fries when I eat there.


Horsey sauce goes good on just about anything.


It’s a European thing… like no A/C or ice cubes.

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

Or bathing…
Or deodorant…


French fries with American mayo suck. Ya gotta have that oily, stored-at-room-temperature European stuff!


But they can be transcendent with the right tartar sauce, which is mayo with extra steps.

My two copper-clad zinc tokens.


What about all the green army men it will put out of work?




Doesn’t anyone care about THEIR feelings?


Amateur Historian

Bigot!!! What about the tan army men. Tan Army Men Lives Matter!!! 😆 🤣

Amateur Historian



This guy?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

He must be a new recruit since he is green.


They’re called Combat Engineers, dammit!



Haters gonna hate


You know it!


If *I* was in the Army…. Or it could be any number of you already. You would’ve beat me to it. 😂😏🖕

Amateur Historian

Yeah, I’m not even gonna try and understand this. Instead, here’s a Dr. Evil gif:


Good gif begets good gif:


Might as well.

Ukraine has been nothing but a money laundering operation for corrupt individuals, companies, countries, and institutions anyways for the past 10 years or so.

What’s one more twig to the fire pit?


So. . . putting Trannies out on mine clearing duty? I’m down.

Forest Bondurant

This sounds like it falls in line with DEI instead of sending qualified EOD techs. As if giving DEI preference in hiring airline pilots and air traffic controllers who most likely aren’t qualified, they raise the level of stupidity to EOD.

Next we’ll hear about DEI preference in the off shore drilling industry, high line electricians and telecommunication tower maintainers.

What could possibly go wrong?


We need to give them a chance to really excel. They should all go to free fall airborne school first. We may lose a few, but so many will end up as sky gods.


Let’s send them in and see shall we?


Eric Forman: You know, Dad…that whole ass for a hat thing? I don’t think it’s physically possible.
BMC Red Forman: Let’s find out together!

Green Thumb

I doubt you will see a lot DEI folks signing up to probe for mines.

Just an observation.


We can only hope.




Gender an’ stuff kin be funny… ask Hajji.

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Doc Savage

Based upon personal experience as a medic, I know for a fact that landmines are inclusive, equal opportunity, and completely gender neutral.


Hey! Welcome back, Doc. Hadn’t “seen” you in a while.


I fully support the use of trannys, feminists and non binary freaks in demining.
Preferably with the ‘ hold hands and walk’ method. 🤣