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| February 26, 2024

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Police: Road rage between men led to self-defense shooting; one charged in Palm Beach

Kristina Webb
A mid-afternoon road rage incident in a busy area of Palm Beach resulted in charges for a Wellington man who police say pointed a gun at another motorist who had two children in his car.

Police said the incident happened about 3:15 p.m. Thursday on South Ocean Boulevard near Worth Avenue.

According to an arrest report, a 37-year-old man with two children ages 9 and 10 in his Hyundai was waiting for a car two vehicles in front of him to parallel park in the 400 block of South Ocean Boulevard. When the man in the Hyundai honked, a person in a silver Honda sedan in front of him, which was not the car that was parking, gave the man the middle finger, the man told police.

The man told police that he grew impatient and drove around the silver Honda. As he passed with his windows rolled down, the man told the Honda’s driver, “I was not honking at you,” the police report said.

That’s when the man saw the driver of the silver Honda, a 29-year-old Wellington resident, reach down and pull out a silver and black handgun, police said. The Wellington man pointed the gun at the Hyundai, police added.

The Hyundai driver told police that he feared for his life and his children’s lives, so he reached into his center console and pulled out his own gun, police said.

The Honda drove away, and the 37-year-old Hyundai driver followed while calling 911, police said.

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Palm Beach Post

Mr. Hyundai was so in fear for his children’s safety he did, what?

Concealed-carry holder shoots suspect during attempted jewelry store robbery in the Loop, police say

CHICAGO (WLS) — An offender was shot by a CCL holder during a robbery attempt Saturday morning at a Downtown Chicago jewelry store.

The attempted robbery and shooting happened just before 11 a.m. in the 0-100 block of North Wabash Avenue in the Loop, Chicago police said.

The offender entered a business at that location and unsuccessfully attempted to take property, police said. Another person with a FOID card and a Concealed-Carry License drew their firearm and shot the offender.

The attempted robbery suspect fled the scene, but was located by police nearby and arrested. They were taken to a hospital where they were initially reported to be stable with a gunshot wound, police said.

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Let’s all hope zer/zim pulls through. Slim Pickens indeed, Gun Bunny.

Survival kit contents check. In them you’ll find: one forty-five caliber automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days’ concentrated emergency rations; one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills; one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible; one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair of nylon stockings. Shoot, a fella’ could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.
Major T. J. “King” Kong

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If Mr. Hyundai was in such fear for his life, he should have extricated himself from the scene and called 911, not followed the subject of his fear. FAFO

So I guess them thar’ survival kits are not gender specific! When they say lipstick, do they mean Chapstick or like colored stuff? My daughters call Chapsticks lipstick.


Yep…Scratched my watch and winded up my azz as to whether submit the honking roid rage as a FGS or a SPoTW Thread. Coulda went either way. Both of today’s stories show how important it is to carry concealed…every.where.you.go! And to always…Prepare

That “Survival kit” content resembles my bug out bag’s.

Mr. Thompson’s products are handy when one has to Contend with a bad guy…or a feral hawg. Chief Bill Gillespie…grins.


Betcha the “girls” in Thailand really liked the stockings.

Skivvy Stacker

People, especially those who carry concealed, need to understand the LAW of self defense, not the IDEA of self defense.
You may use lethal force to stop the immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to yourself, or the innocent.
So, Mr Hyundai should have boogied instead of going for HIS gun.
Under the law you are still a civilian with a gun; it is NOT your job, nor are you authorized, to chase the miscreant, take him into custody by force, and deliver him to a local jail. You may NOT fire upon the miscreant if they are running away from you screaming; “Doan shoo, doan shoo…I’s leavin’…doan shoo!”
If someone points a gun at you, you are far better seeking cover than standing there like Matt Dillon at high noon and trying to put one between the miscreant’s eyes.
“Stand Your Ground” is not a requirement.
And “Castle Doctrine” means you don’t have to leave your Castle, but it doesn’t give you an execution chamber.


The original script said “pretty good time in Dallas” but JFK was shot just before the film’s release and Kunrick thought that a bit tasteless so it was dubbed “Vegas”.

Had a Super 14 Contender in .223, damn thing shot 3/4″ groups at 100 yards. Incredibly accurate if you like ’em.