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| February 25, 2024

Taurus Curve .380

Man shot dead while allegedly breaking into N.J. house identified

By Matt Gray | For
Authorities have identified a man who was shot and killed after he allegedly broke into a house in Cumberland County on Monday night.

Silvestre Marroquin, 31, of Bridgeton, died after he was shot in a residence on Old Deerfield Pike in Upper Deerfield around 7 p.m., the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office said Thursday.

An occupant of the residence, Kevin Lucero, 24, told police he shot one of two people who forced their way into the house, New Jersey State Police said in court documents.

Lucero was later arrested on gun charges, but is not charged in the fatal shooting.

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One in the wind? No problem for NJ Po-Po, arrest the victim for self-defense.


Thanks, OT.

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Lucero is a scumbag…that’s why he had his ass locked up. $21,000 in cash in his residence, “ghost guns (no serial number)” also at his residence. Please read the article at the link above which details exactly why the State Troopers did their job………..correctly! I would have locked his ass up too!!


I failed to mention, “along with an unspecified controlled dangerous substance”


“Ghost guns” are scary sounding, but still legal in much of the country. If you fabricate your own gun, you don’t need a serial number, hence why 80% receiver kits exist. Those highly skilled AR-15 “builders”, on the other hand, usually start with fully machined and serialized lower receivers requiring a 4473. Also, $21k in cash isn’t necessarily the mark of a scumbag. Okay, that aside, let’s add it up:

24-years old, $21k in cash (more than many people his age make in a year), two “ghost guns” in a highly restrictive state where even hollow point ammo is illegal to possess in many instances, and perhaps most damning, the “unspecified controlled dangerous substance”. Add all those up, multiply them by a burglary/home invasion, and what’re my assumptions? Drugs or other illicit activities. Targeted house (drugs and money). Illegal (by state law) firearms that were found to be “necessary” to defend the castle.

Lucero may have invested well or gotten a high-paying job while being averse to bank accounts. The “dangerous substance” might prove to be harmless and misidentified. He’ll have his day(s) in court and likely do some time for either criminal activities or complete ignorance of NJ firearms laws.


Double shot of DRTs. Trash taking out the trash and some nice mag dumps by the popo.

A plasticized abomination, that’s fugly as all hell, with a bad review? Believe I’ll stick with a Taurus .38 for back up.

Ms Thang showing them nice gams, but is still concealing her most dangerous weapon. I do like the modified garter for her stockings. Engage some gears and get my wheels turning.


Same here about the Taurus. I saw a Curve in a NOVA gun shop and thought it was weird looking. Fortunately, they’ve redirected themselves away from the Kel-Tec cocaine-fueled (allegedly) designs and back towards more conventional ones. We sell the various G3 models like hotcakes. Three G3Cs were put on 4473s yesterday alone. The GX4 is popular, as are the G2s, and we had a TX (.22 LR) go out the door yesterday as well. Personally, I’ve never owned a Taurus semiauto. I know their PT92 series were basically Beretta clones, but I never seriously considered one, especially as I have my original 92F, with a 96G slide/barrel if I want to shoot .40 S&W. I’ve owned a few of their revolvers, though, and trust them with my life. My first handgun, a Model 85, came into my possession at age 18 and was carried even as an “unarmed” security guard. Then I got a 617 that was nice, though with seven rounds of .357 it was a bit large for a snub nose. Before retiring, when I started my renewed attempt to die with the most toys (I gave up guns for the sake of cordless power tools for a decade or so), I bought an 856 (slightly larger than the 85 it replaced, but with six shots) and then a 605 with 2″ barrel (aka, The Flashbang. Eventually, if I continue working at my job for a while longer, I’ll suck it up and spend a few hundred on a Taurus semiauto. I like knowing what I sell, so why not? Generally, though, if a customer wants a budget pistol that we carry, I point them towards the Ruger EC9s or Security-9. I have both and like the former. I need to put more rounds through the Security-9, though, to see if the slide catch popping up while firing is user error (being left-handed, I might be inadvertently hitting it) or if I have a faulty gun. If I deem it’s the latter, I’ll either send it to Ruger for repair, or simply remove or disable the slide… Read more »


I had a second hand Taurus PT 92 once and it would gobble up anything you put in it but it would take all 15 rounds to get any hits on target that’s if you were lucky.
Didn’t keep that one long.


I love my PT92. I like the location of the safety much better than the 92F. Plus mine had a rail so I can add some abominations such as lights and lasers. My first pistol was a used 92F, but I didn’t know much about checking used guns. Barrel was well used, most likely misused, the pawnshop I bought it from was nice enough to take it back for a full refund. Which went to a new P89DC.


My 92F is the result of being a nerd with a penchant for buying guns back in my late teens. A friend (who decided to make his own death day a few years back) offered me a like-new 92F in the case with all accessories for $200. We both worked security at the time (me part-time after my mechanic gig, and he full-time), so I met him at his jobsite and paid cash. Truth be told, since playing Resident Evil I wanted a 92F (and a Python and 870), so I couldn’t pass it up.

My 92F was made in ’88, according to the Beretta serial number database that seems to have been taken down. Oddly enough, despite the “high capacity” magazine ban when I bought it, I’ve amassed probably 50+ factory magazines in the past 25 years. It’s really weird, because I also have 100+ USGI mags that work with my AR-15. Yet, I still buy Magpuls these days…


Description from the above video:

Officers were looking for 42-year-old Darmon Graves Jr. of Indianapolis, who was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant for a parole violation related to a serious violent felony. Graves was observed by officers in the passenger seat of a silver car on East 40th Street eastbound at North Keystone Avenue. Officers pulled into position to conduct a high-risk traffic stop. Officers exited their vehicles and stood behind two police vehicles while attempting to communicate with the two occupants of the silver car.

The female driver complied with officers’ orders to exit the vehicle, Graves remained inside the vehicle. Moments after the female exited with her hands in the air and walked away from the vehicle, Graves exited the passenger side of the car with a handgun in his hand. The handgun was raised and pointed in the direction of the officers. Three police officers, two from IMPD and one from ISP, discharged their weapons. Graves fell to the ground and was unresponsive to further orders from officers. Officers moved into position to check the status of the male suspect and rendered emergency aid. The suspect was later pronounced deceased at the scene. [bold added]

I’d say so! Spitting distance against ARs will leave one breathless.
And the taxpayers of Indiana rejoice.

I hope the sidewalk recovers from its wounds.


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You’re welcome


I this I’ll choose to judge this “book by its cover”. Photo (mugshot) of Kevin Lucero.


That thing looks like an 8 track tape.


Brit colonel not optimistic about modern Europe’s military preparedness or will to fight today:


More about that– modern Europe is suckin’ at both tangible and mental preparation for war today:


UK integration of women into ground combat forces not going well either:

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UK Army CofS ain’t thrilled about under-resourcing and “woke”-ness whuppin’ his force either:

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