Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| February 20, 2024

Nic Cage did it better

Disgusting cultural appropriation

It’s rare to give you opponents such an easy win

Don’t believe your lying eyes

Even the nature magazines have to go full-in on the trans hysteria

Poor gal just can’t find a grift that works

You will refer to my demigirl pansexual non-gender specific one year old as “They/them”, bigots

Among the offensive now former names were Franklin, Jefferson, and Madison

The traditional public school Valentine’s felon wall display

Giving someone a compliment is racist. Now give her some money!

Why would he assume to the groups (pedos and LGBT) are the same people?

What a guy

I hope to God they remembered the 10% for The Big Guy

“Never forget.” He/She/They/It forgot

You can milk anything with nipples

Fani Willis’s dad is racist. Shocking

If I were a parent there, I’d be livid

This one hits very close to home. Godspeed, Gentleman.

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Satire overcone by reality: “Relax, lady, I’m transgender.”

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Franklin owned slaves but after living in France for 8 years became a die hard abolitionist. When he returned to Boston he founded his own abolitionist society. I imagine the people making those decisions are too stupid to know that.


They think Lincoln was a Democrat and Republicans fired on Fort Sumter.

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Pay me, dude!

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I thought Racheal Dolezal was teaching in the Cultural Appropriations department at All-Points Logisics. A solid Phil Monkress hire if I ever saw one.

Guess I am behind the times.

On another note, she appears to be in shape. Just an observation.

Oh, and why is that clown in the bathroom not in jail?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

She’s still a double (triple?) bagger.
She’s long past her “sell by” date.

Hack Stone

Have you looked at that photo of her in lingerie? The last time that Hack Stone saw a head that large was on Mount Rushmore. She should explore releasing a line of Rachel Dolezal Bobbleheads.

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I will let ID SARC make the call….,


Fed up yet? What we need to be feeding is a MorBark…it is getting hungry.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I see the Tree of Liberty is withering away.
Needs more watering and fertilizer (tyrants blood and bodies)
Hanging decorations would be a good start….and a warning.

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The fire medic that was killed is from the same department as a classmate of mine. For those so inclined all the families and department members can use some prayers right now


I can’t decide which is worse. Biden’s Afghan mess or his US border mess.




Uh-oh… more stolen valor by an idjiot in Cali who couldn’t even get his sh*t or whatever straight before trying to get his grift on:


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Part of All-Points Logistics forward support team, I am sure.


Gender-confused person dies after being beaten in women’s room by three girls:

Unclear if dude or not (and dying at the hospital next day after being checked, released and coming back could be Fentanyl, too) but who knows?

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“They” invite it upon themselves. I try to be polite and emphasize with people in my daily personal interactions, and despite how I probably come across on these pages, I’m one of the last people to be confrontational when it comes to those different than me. Admittedly, I try to avoid anyone I find distasteful or outright crazy, be they some thugged-out looking teenager or a “woman” sporting a beard and rainbow hair. A weirdo is a weirdo, just as crazy is crazy, criminals are criminal, and so on.

Young people can be cruel. If you stick out, you’re a target. If you try too hard, you’re a target. If you try too little, you’re a target. Of course, if you’re something out of the ordinary, you’re a target. But the TransMission must go on. We must encourage our confused and disturbed youth to be their “true selves”, no matter the consequences.

I like how the article devolves into an attack on Libs of TikTok. Further, the deceased and other transgender teen fought the “attackers”. Who initiated the violence? What was the root cause? Was it the fact that some teenaged girls didn’t feel comfortable with people who felt they were “right down the middle” in terms of gender (according to the grandmother). If that middle ground is between male and female, what about the other supposed genders we’re being told to embrace? Is being “right down the middle” something where you just go into whichever bathroom you feel like that day? If so, and the deceased was a biological male, did the “attackers” feel threatened by their presence? I mean, it’s Clown World, so if I decide I’m a lesbian woman tomorrow, I can just walk into the women’s changing rooms at the gym without repercussion, can’t I?


Always with the attacks on Libs of TikTok. Libs are apparently incapable of understanding that the site is not original content, it’s reposting of content posted by Liberals. Folks, if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it ain’t the mirror’s fault.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

 I’m one of the last people to be confrontational when it comes to those different than me.”
There’s “different”, and then there’s “DELUSIONAL”.
If the tranny was told to un-ass the A.O, and didn’t, the the true females felt threatened, well, I guess the attack (self defense?) was inevitable.
Maybe this will give the trannys the hint that if they’re asked to leave, then LEAVE.


Police say the non-binary person (gender-confused guy) didn’t die from trauma… toxicology report still out:

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Ya know guys and gals, it’s just plain exhausting to read this stuff anymore. I’m punching in on 70 and although I’m upset about the shape of the country and just how much destruction libturds have caused since they came into being with the advent of “progressivism” by woodrow wilson. Short of biteme, wilson was the worst president in history.
I’m active in my local politics, but I find it increasingly difficult to even turn on any news anymore.
I’m exhausted enough without stirring the pot with the morons like our own libturd cockroaches infesting the latrines.
I think we should capture all of them and send them to Britain to “Dave’s Little Beasties” so he can feed them to his spiders.


Remember those great old cartoons with the audience of wolves? And the curtain slowly rises? Showing a bombshell of a very correctly built pin-up fashion woman? And the wolves get to howling “Ah-OOOgah” with their eyes bulging out to “here”? Then the curtain gets to the really really ugly horse face?

Yes, Rachel Dolezal.


For left/libtard LGBTQRSTUWXYZ+ out there, check out this reality… ol’ “evil AmeriKKKa” ain’t so bad:
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