John Kerry’s climate staff collectively get paid over $4 million from taxpayers

| February 7, 2024

Power the Future (PTF) filed a freedom of information lawsuit against Team Biden. They alleged that they did not get the information they were seeking related to John Kerry’s staff. John Kerry is the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC). He has a staff under him that, according to the linked article, is collectively paid $4.3 million a year. This funding comes from the taxpayers.

From Fox News:

PTF filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, listing the State Department as the defendant. According to the lawsuit, the agency — which houses the multimillion-dollar SPEC office — has repeatedly refused to disclose the names and job titles of Kerry’s staff while similarly resisting congressional oversight related to the matter.

“For nearly three years, John Kerry has been jet-setting on the international climate conference circuit while sending taxpayers the bill,” PTF Executive Director Daniel Turner told Fox News Digital in a statement. “Today, we begin the process of teaching John Kerry and Joe Biden that they work for the taxpayers. No one should have to waste resources on litigation, but that is our only option since John Kerry thinks he can keep his office off the books.”

“The American people are on the receiving end of countless green mandates and rules, gas stove bans and skyrocketing utility bills, with no opportunity for consent or input, and many of these decisions are hatched in John Kerry’s office,” he continued. “That is why it is our hope that this litigation will finally bring to light the information we deserve to know: the staff names, the office goals and budgets, the outside partnerships that peddle influence on Joe Biden’s green agenda.”

In January, PTF filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the State Department, asking for an underacted list of Kerry’s staff. The request was made after the Boston Herald reported weeks earlier that it had obtained FOIA documents that showed a list of SPEC office staff positions and salaries but redacted the names of the individuals in those positions.

Fox News has additional information here.

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I’ll bet my meager pension that NOTHING happens to him.

Forest Bondurant

He’d get away with it…especially since Hillary got away with destroying records and emails about her server; Biden removed classified information and stored it in his garage; the recent destruction of records by the January 6th Committee; and the deletion of texts between January 5-6 by the Secret Service. The list goes on.


Okay when Democrats do it, always.


The Fools, Bitches and Idiots said Hillary only committed 23 felonies and therefore it was all good. That 24th felony,… Hell ya, watch them go.

A Proud Infidel®™

He’ll have to answer for what he’s done, but unfortunately it won’t be in this life.


He’ll tie it up in litigation for a year and then quietly close the office and destroy all evidence it existed.

Prior Service

Much as I dislike Kerry, his role, even his existence, and have zero belief in a need for climate czar’ing, $4.3 million (while an absolute waste) isn’t a whole lot. Rough envelope math is that the directorate I currently lead gets paid around 4 times this much collectively for @140 people. My worker bees are mostly E6 thru O4 or GS9-11 with a sprinkling of O5s and some GS13/14. I suspect he has a fairly small but high wage-grade staff. Not defending, but not up in arms either. On the other hand, my office delivers every day for both the operational force and the training base while his office is packed with naïve flaming lib hypocrites who are unwilling to move the needle on Russia, China or India but hector us incessantly. So, yeah a waste of money but many more egregious examples exist. But I wish these people well in their efforts.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

“On the other hand, my office delivers every day” 

Indeed 4.3 million today is small money, but you take 4.3 million here and 4.3 million there, and suddenly you’re talking real money for zero results that benefit the public in real terms. “Green” benefits in many cases are largely illusion.

The notion that our push to force EVs on everyone will benefit our society is false using every available metric to measure such things, the idea that switching to paper straws makes a difference while wrapping the paper straw in plastic is ludicrous on its face…thanks to an office that exists to provide John Kerry with something to do while pretending it helps the public.

If we started removing all such offices that pretend to provide a benefit but do nothing in real terms we might get a handle our budget someday.

Or not….

Prior Service

I totally agree.


That’s how it is done. Plug one hole in the bucket at a time till it holds water again. Preferably starting with the biggest one.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Should change that SPEC (Special Presidential Envoy for Climate) to SPIC (Special Presidential Idiot for Climate).

Nope. Dat’s rayciss. Kerry needs to park his wife’s airplane, go home, shuttup, and spend his wife’s money.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Rayciss? Did I say anything rayciss? (GASP!) Heaven forbid! (/s)

You said SPIC 😉


“and spend his wife’s money.”

I am willing to bet she has tighter restrictions on that than the US gov’t.


Damn right.
comment image

RGR 4-78

Extremely nice grift if you can get it.


John Kerry is a piece of shit.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Try to not be so subtle in the future, it’s hard to get a read on where you stand on this issue.


Agree with VOV. Don’t equivocate.


He left out the “lying” part for sure. Maybe he believes Kerry is honest now?

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s like saying that water is wet, fire is hot and shit stinks!!!

My, My, My

All they need do is search Linkedin. I am sure they will start to scurry and scrub as soon as they realize folks are viewing their profiles. Match Title to redacted name. Crap, wonder if they will hire me. 🙂*wk

Forest Bondurant

Once they figure out a list of employees is being sought, they’ll start scrubbing their LinkedIn profiles.


“John Kerry and his Collective have put the staff into the a** of the American Taxpayer!” There! I fixed your headline for you! This POS j0Hn SkErRy has been a grifting, self centered parasitic vulture on the taxpayer all of his worthless life. PHUQUE HEEM!!! and his skanky old lady’s plane, her billions of inherited $s, and all that are associated with them and theirs. Another whose obit I will read with great pleasure. And, no, nothing will ever come of this. This sissy punk mofo will collectively “staff” the taxpayer for as long as his sorry POS ass continues to steal oxygen.


They don’t earn enough for leading the fight to save us all from ourselves.

May God bless these righteous warriors.


To be fair, that’s only what we borrow every 97 seconds according to the 2022 budget.

Green Thumb

$4.3 million paid for his gas, suits and haircut.

But not Ketchup….

A Proud Infidel®™

John Kerry wouldn’t be SHIT if it wasn’t for his blueblood family connections which got him where he is including his time in the Senate, and let’s not forget that he married into another fortune in the ketchup business. What a pompous, blubbernecked worthless fop.


Nice…I haven’t heard someone use the word “fop” in forever!🤣


But it fits the fraudulent cuck to a tee.


OMFG, or as my (long deceased) retired USMC DI father was so fond of saying; “Jesus Christ on a donkey!”; The corruption never ends: