Deobra Delone Redden jumps over the bench to attack the Judge

| January 7, 2024

Deobra Delone Redden leaps over the bench after the judge indicated that that the former’s hoped-for sentence was not appropriate given his history. (AP/Clark County District Court/Fox News)

A judge provided her opinion on the appropriate course of action for Deobra Delone Redden. Given his history, Redden was not going to get the probation he was hoping for. Apparently not liking where the judge was going, Redden makes a mad rush towards the judge, then jumped into the air intending to land on her. Other personnel jumped in and foiled Redden’s plans, but not before he physically makes contact with her. This scene spurred another judge to highlight the dangers that judges face on the bench.

From Fox News:

A U.S. district judge whose son was murdered said a shocking Nevada courtroom attack highlights the need to ensure better security for judges.

Video of the incident from Wednesday shows defendant Deobra Delone Redden making a flying leap over the bench and attacking Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus, slamming her against the wall and pulling her to the floor.

Though she sustained some injuries, she is expected to recover.

“It was an opportunity for America to see what judges face on a daily basis. This kind of anger, we experience it in and out of the courtroom,” New Jersey Judge Esther Salas said, weighing in on the incident Thursday on “Fox & Friends.”

“This was just a shocking example of what judges go through on a daily basis, and [shows] what we need to do to protect judges, especially at the state level.”

Salas’ son was fatally shot and her husband was wounded by disgruntled attorney Roy Den Hollander, who arrived at her residence posing as a FedEx delivery person in 2020.

Fox News has additional details here. More information on this event can be read at The Associated Press and at CBS News.

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Offer Deobra a $20/hr job walking small packages between offices and he’ll swear he has a “bad back” and a “trick knee” 🙄

A Proud Infidel®™

“An’-it Da-Man-be a’keepin’ him down, dawg, ya-git?”



Anna Puma

Battle Royale exploding collar = good idea?


Great idea. But he has to be wearing shackles so as not to try to remove it.


Running Man
That would be a good way to determine parole eligibility AND would be an entertaining way to dispose of ChoMos!

Old tanker

Wow, yeah how hazardous. It’s actually worse than having to go out on the street and arrest violent felons before they are disarmed and while committing other crimes. Especially when surrounded by the criminals friends and family. I’m surprised the judge finds the courage to get out of bed…

Yeah the above is sarcasm if you didn’t figure it out…


Nobody uses sarcasm here 😏


Sarcasm at TAH is as scarce as a rational thought in FJB’s head.

I’ll be substitute teaching in prison M-T-W this week. That’ll be fun. Wonder if the judge would like to help me.


Maybe the Judge should keep a tomahawk under the bench for this kind of action. One good whack would likely change Mr Redden ‘s Attitude. Kind of like the old board of education .


The board of education I met had holes drilled in it. I guess that was for advanced courses.


My lawer/mentor/boss when I was a law student later became a state court judge. He kept a cocked and locked 1911 under the bench when he was hearing cases.


Smart lawyer/mentor/boss/judge. Had this judge shot him, it could be proven to be justified.


He was a retired Army Warrant Officer and ex-NCO who didn’t suffer fools.


Looked like Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka off the top rope. Impressive and incredibly stupid all at the same time. This ain’t gonna help at his parole hearing.

Forest Bondurant

Reddens family makes a statement the he was upset at the judge because he was turning his life around, and is a good man in 3…2…1


Lemme guess…choir practice?


Community College too. Check all the boxes.


He thought Jesus was hiding behind the bench. Been told to find Him.


I believe the Judge may do more than just tell the bailiff to whack his pee pee.


At a time like this, ya gotta ask yourself…
“What would Reba Mcentire do?”

Anna Puma

Hey scared judge..

What about our security? Stupid black robe elitist only thinking they are important.


She could learn to code.


Sometimes justice takes a giant leap of faith.


Tell that to the prison guard whose job it is to watch over this asshole in prison, unarmed, overworked and underpaid. Now multiply this by a few hundred.


And too often as the only CO covering two or more blocks.


I earned a 24 hour ban on YouYubz for typing “Leroy JEnKENZZZ “, it violated hate speech TOS.


#5. Change. The US of A is not a democracy but a republic.


It is neither. It is *supposed* to be a republic though.


Yeah, Whiny assed judge.. but this is what happens when a segment of society, in which the worst aspects are celebrated, and fathers day cards are addressed to “to whom it may concern” is allowed to run rampant, and given a free pass for most things.. the entitlement becomes overwhelming..
Then again, with a misspelled womans name for a first name, it was kinda pre-ordained that he’s turn out a criminal..


“Life ain’t easy for a boy named Sue”


My exact thought when I first read his name.


Yup, except Sue wasn’t a career criminal outside of the occasional bar fight


I’d say Sue would fit right in here.


I’m pretty sure his claim of not being able to work just went out the window. You know, bad back and all. I’m unable to work, so pays me my money.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“The con jumped over the loon..”

Borrowing your line:

Hey diddle-diddle
File from the middle
The con jumped over the loon
The jurors gasped
To see such a flight
Nation-wide judges began to swoon


Din do nuffin’, man, din do nuffin’.


But do you know the nuffin man?


Nah, man, don’t know nuffin’.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Now wha-he gon’-do fo’ his Baby Momma now da’ man got him in da’ house?” I bet he has a lengthy rap sheet and this isn’t going to do him any favors, IMO yet another who subscribes to the propaganda that HE’S the victim because of his skin color, I bet he’ll get his ass straightened out during shower time!


He has an EXTREMELY long rap sheet, and had appeared before this judge previously for other charges. Since the judge had dealt with him before, that would explain why she wanted to lock his ass up instead of giving him probation.


Yes, he had previously served a year in jail for domestic assault and battery. He was being sentenced for threatening to bust a man’s knees with a baseball bat.


I like this scene from the series premier of Miami Vice. Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the whole thing.


I’m not sure who the dude in the suit to the judge’s left is, but he sure got some good licks in on old Deobra.


This dingus ever gets drafted into the army; he can claim he’s jump qualified.


This is a photo from his court appearance today


The Army O-6 dude is getting a woody looking at that pic.



Green Thumb

All I see is police brutality on the man.

Shit. He did not deserve that!

Green Thumb

A very disgruntled All-Points Logistics employee who got caught and did not remember their training.

Old 1SG, US Army (retired)

With a first name masquerading as a male version of Deborah, the guy was probably pissed because the judge used the wrong pronouns and mis-gendered him…