SECDEF- Israel Facing Strategic Defeat

| December 5, 2023

Lost Confidence

Lindsey Graham says he’s ‘lost all confidence’ in Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

by Jenny Goldsberry

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) expressed his disappointment in Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s strategy when it comes to the war between Israel and Hamas.

Graham appeared on State of the Union Sunday to offer his critique of Austin’s calls on Israel for a ceasefire. Austin suggested that Israel was driving civilians into the arms of the enemy, and therefore it would “replace a tactical victory with a strategic defeat.” The senator admitted that while he liked the secretary as a person, he has lost confidence in Austin because he’s “naive.”

“He’s so naive. I mean, I just lost all confidence in this guy. How about focusing on protecting our soldiers, men, and women in Syria and Iraq? Strategic defeat would be enflaming the Palestinians. They’re already enflamed,” Graham said. “But this war has shown to me he doesn’t understand. If we were attacked like this — which we were on 9/11 — if somebody called for us within two months to have a ceasefire against al Qaeda, we would have laughed them out of town, we would have run them out of town.”

Washington Examiner

Two senators voted against Austin’s confirmation as SECDEF; neither were from South Carolina. As for hearts and minds the Hamas Mickey Mouse character Farfour is unavailable for comment. He was martyred by Jews on The Pioneers of Tomorrow, a Palestinian children’s television program.

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USMC Steve

The epitome of an unqualified or otherwise affirmative action hire. What if any experience does he have to do that job? He certainly does not have enough sense to do it.


To be fair, he was generally well-respected as a general before assuming his current role.

Not sure how much affirmative action-style sentiment played into that, but he seemed qualified on-paper.


Respected by who? My experience with him as commander of US forces in Iraq was very brief, but “gaseous windbag” sums it up nicely.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Come to think of it, just who in the current joke of an administration ISN’T a DEI quota?


Saying he is an unqualified “affirmative action” hire is bulshit and shows really suspicious racial bias on your part.

West Point graduate and four star general with 41 years service.

He was an 82nd Battalion Commander, 82nd Brigade commander. 82nd Division G3, Pentagon J3, 10th Mountain Commander, Commander JTF forces in Afghanistan, Commander of Multinational Forces in Iraq, 18th Airborne Corps commander, Director of the Joint Staff…

He was well qualified. In fact among the best qualified Sec Defs in history with respect to total years of service and total number of command and operational staff positions.

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Skivvy Stacker

And Robert E Lee was a fantastically qualified General who graduated second in his class at West Point, never receiving a demerit, commanded an underfed, under supplied, and underpaid army to unimaginable victories over a superior force…and still lost the Civil War.
Which tells me that past performance doesn’t always predict future ability.


Your own narrative doesn’t support your conclusion.

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Skivvy Stacker

About as much as yours does, then.


Both a set-up and cheap rip-off by Hamas:
comment image

Army-Air Force Guy

Don’t worry, Donald Duck and Goofy will fill the Hamas leadership vaccum.


They can have Jar-Jar Binks.


This post is useless without the video showing the “filthy, plundering Jews” murdering the completely innocent Farfour with the narration of an 11 year old girl. Don’t worry, there are English subtitles for those with less than three tours in the ME.

Feel free to donate at the link in case you feel as though your taxes going to support forever wars aren’t enough, you can kick a little more into the kitty and help to kidnap and rape a child. Every dollar helps.


I don’t seem to recall our Secretary of Defense calling for a cease fire in Ukraine so that women and children could be taken out of harms way during their shooting war.

Rules for Israel, no rules for Ukraine when it comes to American financial support to fight their wars.

If I missed it, would someone please point out to me where the restrictions on aid are/were for Ukraine?


How many other “war crime” munitions are we still stockpiling.


You’re never going to hear calls from our politicians to stop the war in Ukraine. Both sides of the aisle. They’re making too much money off of that. It’s just a big money laundering scheme for American and Ukrainian politicians. Right in our faces, and there’s nothing going to stop it until “The People”, have had enough of it. It’s disgusting. I Wasn’t a fan of Trump until AFTER, he became president. If he did nothing else, he showed the world how huge and deep our political swamp really is. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Same here, these pols are making a lot of moola shmoola from their arms industry stocks. I mentioned that in the past with other commenters. You, The arms industry is where to buy stocke at this time.


Ain’t just you.
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

“How about focusing on protecting our soldiers, men, and women in Syria and Iraq?” I have a better idea. How about focusing on protecting the United States? After all, that is the primary responsibility of the Federal Grubermint and the military. “…to provide for the common defense…” is the law of the land. This career politician (Graham) is the epitome of the sewer rats that inhabit the District of Criminals and do nothing more than line their pockets and maintain their grip on power. And Austin?…The epitome of the ossier turned political lap dog. Bobby Lee nailed it “…adventurous abroad and despotic at home…” and Ike warned us “…beware the MIC…” And here we are. No country in the world taxes their citizens and sends money to the US. I say we cut off ALL foreign aid and let the world hate us for free.

No one is coming to save us. It will be up to each individual citizen to protect themselves…from all enemies, foreign and domestic.



Buy gold, ammo and canned food, folks.


And land, and some herds.

They’ll come after us economically before they ever draw a bead.


While I agree with your general sentiment (and respect the hell out of you despite your MOS), I disagree with the idea that foreign intervention is not necessary to protect the American home front.

Not the way Kandahar Joe does it, but American hegemony remains important.

Green Thumb

Austin is such a fartknocker.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Lindsey Graham says he’s ‘lost all confidence’ in Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’
That’s alright pink-slip Lindsay Graham-nesty, we NEVER had ANY confidence in you to lose.

In the case of the Sashaying ‘Senator’ from Souff Car’lina versus Darth ‘On his knees for Raytheon’ Austin: the enemy of my enemy is still a sucker of c*cks.

Strap them both to the same Titan V, launch it into the sun so as to appease Apollo.


If you do that, Apollo would have the horses that pull his chariot across the sky drop flaming turds on your house!🤣


Stop threatening me with a good time! At least I won’t have to deal with this freak show any longer.

On that note, I’m leaving apples and a trough of beer outside just in case his steeds need refreshment.


Yeah, well dollars to doughnuts Dionysus would drink the beer and steal the apples to make cider long before Apollo’s horses would get to it. 🍺🍷


Atlas. Atlas stole the Apples.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How would austin make out as a WW2 General disaster.


First friendly fire death recorded as a good shoot?


I remember when a Buffalo Bills player took out a billboard before Barry’s second term that read: “You voted for Obama the first time to prove you aren’t racist, now vote for anyone else to prove you’re not an idiot.”

The senate could use a similar reminder, re: Austin.


As soon as his name popped up as a nominee, I instantly remembered his little quip to the Obama Administration,

“Don’t worry Mr President, ISIS is the JV team.”

Clown of a hire from the start, but I guess he checks off a DEI checkbox, so he gets the job in Biden’s government hiring books.

Forest Bondurant

Lloyd Austin and Lindsay Graham…

Two more examples of cocksuckers this week.


He is not wrong.

I think Hamas should be hunted down. Patiently and methodically. Anywhere in the world they hide. This includes high value Hamas financial donors.

However, Israel’s current methods are resulting in disproportionate civilian casualties. It feels more like retaliation against Palestinians for supporting Hamas rather than retribution against Hamas itself.

Some civilian casualties are inevitable…but it should be more apparent that they are trying to minimize civilian casualties.

Blaming Hamas for civilian casualties is fair under the rules of warfare, because Hamas uses civilians as concealment and human shields. However, it doesn’t play well in the court of public opinion.

So if this continues Israel will lose substantial sympathy and support over time.

And the loss of to at support may be a greater loss than any value these current operations are yielding.