No Room At The Inn

| December 4, 2023

Migrants ‘displacing’ military families for Army-Navy Game, GOP lawmaker says

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is pressuring President Joe Biden to take action on the southern border after reports that military families who previously booked rooms for the upcoming Army-Navy Game in Foxboro, Massachusetts, have had their reservations canceled as hotels are currently being used to house illegal immigrants.

In a letter obtained by Fox News, Ernst blasted the president, saying, “It’s clear: these cancellations are due to your administration’s decision to ship illegal immigrants across the country to sanctuary cities at taxpayers’ expense.”

The Iowa senator added, “Now, due to your untenable border crisis which has allowed nearly eight million illegal immigrants entry into the country, veterans and future service members and their families will be unable to attend this year.”

American Military News

There’s that tent city on New York’s Randall’s Island they could try. Wide open now that the illegals decided they wanted nothing to do with Hizzoner Mayor Adam’s Good Idea and went back to their three-star hotels.

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A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder how soon some Illegal Alien being housed in the NY Mayor’s Mansion carved his name into the woodwork? Just a-askin’ for a friend. Maybe Hizzoner never even let a one of them set foot into his place except for a photo op?


This fucking administration (Obama’s 3rd term) will be the moment in history compared to Atilla the Hun and The Barbarians at the Gates of Rome. Anybody who says these people aren’t being shipped in by NGO’s back by globalists like Soros are fucking retarded. 8 MILLION!!! If they were all one state they would be the 13th largest. Fuck Biden/Barry, The Dems, The RINOs, Liz Cheney, Milley & Austin, and the rest of the DC Swamp Creatures.


It’s clear that “our” [Dems and feel-good Leftists] immigration policies have failed miserably. I’m all for accepting people who are fleeing totalitarianism or failed states. Heck, I was watching a video this morning about Dubai from the YouTuber Moon, where he talked of Princess Latifa’s attempts to come to America seeking asylum. Let her in, it sounds like she could both benefit and be of benefit to the US.

There’s a very small part of me that thinks that someone in dire need of assistance should get priority when it comes to lodging and accommodations. If a family is burned out of their house on Christmas Eve, by all means cancel the reservation of an out-of-towner who’s visiting for something as trivial as a sports ball game. Otherwise, they spent their hard-earned money on a room and game tickets. Why should they see their plans dashed, left without room and board, all for illegal immigrants who are benefiting from our tax dollars.

I don’t really care much about sports. I got back into wrasslin’ (the real stuff like WWE and TNA, not some grab-ass stuff like UFC) years ago but fell off, watched the Saints go marching in in 2009 before realizing that SEC was the go-to for fussball, then quickly realized that surfing the channels for the LSU football game made me fully appreciate Women’s College Volleyball more. I think that whole hetero thing just comes out (no pun intended) watching lithe young women volley a ball as opposed to grown -assed men tackling each other…🏐


Hunt down every freaking ILLEGAL ALIEN that’s in this country ILLEGALLY and ship their asses right back to where that came from. EVERY.DAMN.ONE! We, The People do not owe the world a sanctuary free ride. PHUQUE ‘EM! These invaders ARE NOT coming here to become Americans. They ARE coming here for the free sh^t that We, The People are paying for. And mark my words, a goodly number of these invaders that have invaded us, at the invitation and help of the despots that want to enslave We, The People, WILL be used against us and we WILL have to defend ourselves from them. 8 million is just the number that we’re given for the last 3 years. How many total are here? 10? 20? 30 millions? If only 10% have nefarious plans, that is one hell of a lot of squads to take out bridges, power/water/communications plants, food production facilities, airports, or other soft targets. Even 1% could do all sorts of damage…all over the country. Prepare

Hotels used to have to keep a certain % of rooms open for emergency use, not sure if they still do. Ran into that when I was setting up various trade shows and wanted to keep the invited attendees all under one roof. Management would say “nope, can’t have all the rooms, got to keep X# open for emergency reasons.” We couldn’t afford to spend $5 billion on a wall, but we are spending 10s of billions to feed and house these mofos?

Tho I watch at some SEC FB, I’m more into indoor sports. ‘Rasslin’ with a willing Ms Thang is my idea of a good time. I hear that Tay Tay’s concert tour keeps getting interrupted by a football game.


I guess that Tay-Tay can sing and play but don’t even want to find out. Good on her and her fans, they are a couple of generations removed from when bands worked for a living and life was real.

I still be digg’n on James Brown!


My personal guess is closer to 50 million illegals. The ones that worry me are the ones from the middle and far east.


Yes, there are likely around ten million visa overstays alone from practically every country. Many of them are Europeans.

Green Thumb

Maybe Navy could play a few of them?


Why would any responsible government abandon the CFR in an attempt to displace Americans with foreign indigents?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to aide the areas where the indigents are abandoning more attractive to remain?

There’s no reason to be shy about a coup, is there? Just extinguish the communist, socialists, publicly, and let the prospect of democracy have some time in the sun.

If work can be sent to China, it could be sent to other places, as well.

Soros should be hanged, Mussolini fashion, and the cash flow that enables the “migrants” to show up at the border stifled.

If Mexico wants to enable that traffic, let them be relegated to their true status as a foreign enemy.

Regrettably, Congress is a greater enemy to the United States than foreign enemies.

Turn Mayorkas into crab chum in the Rio Grande River.


While Soros and others are swingin’ in the wind, haul his son up there with him.


Send them to Martha’s Vineyard.

They know how to take care of them.



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

These hotels want to displace Americans that bought-and-paid for heir rooms, with illegals?
Burn it down. Burn it all down.
Russian style scorched earth policy.


That Navy P-8 that was floating for a week off the runway at Pearl Harbor has been successfully recovered.

Dang. That bird is far more unsinkable than the Middies offence.


It’s surprising that the government isn’t housing illegals at the service academy’s or on military posts.



It’s only Tuesday.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

(ssshhhhh…..) Don’t give Teh Goobermant any ideas….


17,000 more in less than a week…from all over the world. Now how dahell did they cross the oceans to get to the AZ border?