Weekend Open Thread

| December 1, 2023

The Christmas Season doesn’t actually start until Christmas Day. The Advent Season begins four Sundays before Christmas, which is December 3 this year. Enjoy your weekend!

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Congrats to our King Of Battle!

BTW, were we the only ones having problems connecting to TAH today?

Anyway, KoB and I are still Buddies despite this weekend upcoming College Football game:

RTR Versus Our Dearly Beloved Dawgs!

You All have a blessed Friday and weekend!


Nope, not alone Ninja, it was acting up all morning.. my assumption is KoB has acquired some new jamming technology, which he utilized to ensure his continued reign as “First”


I suspected a Denial-of-Service attack. I’ve had occasional issues yesterday and today.

Possibly someone in the Dutch Rudder Gang?


Tanks!, ninja…just got lucky…again. Does give me a twofer WOT and a 3pete on Open Thread FIRSTS (HOT, WOT, & WOT). TAH site went Hors de’ Combat at approximately 1030 hrs this morning (was kinda sketchy yesterday off & on too). Since all of my devices were picking up other sites, I figured it was on the TAH side. And, NO, Fyrfighter, only jamming going on around here is Peach on Catheads, and Old School Rock n Country. Is a good theory that Graybeard has on Cyber Shenanigans, I have another theory. Since the servers are kept in The Soviet’s Lingerie Closet on Dave’s boat, she was trying on different “come hither” outfits and the hanger got caught on the feed cable connection, pulling it loose. Dave, being the Good Marine he is, did indeed “come hither” getting distracted until the ping I had sent our Beloved AW1Ed earlier got forwarded to Dave. Dave used both hands, a map, and a flashlight, found the loose connection, plugged it in an VIOLA!…sound, picture, light on the screen, server error negated. I had to blink my eyes and hit refresh a coupla times before I could start the comment and figured I was WAAAAAYY yonder too late to be FIRST. That Former Carpenter’s Daddy smiled down on me.


Last edited 2 months ago by KoB

Endeavoring to persevere and the prize will be yours!…or…in this case…MINE!!!!ALL MINE!!!! Site download deader than ChipNASA’s hopes of making OAM his, yet The Bunny of The Guns, The King of Battle, THE King of FIRST never gave up, never surrendered, and never retreated from his quest of the Glory of being FIRST Commentor on the Vaunted TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread. It IS good to be THE King.

In further Honor to all things Southern and with a nod to this weekends upcoming gridiron competition between the two (2) best football teams EVAH, The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Georgia Bull Dawgs, a plethoria of snacky stuff including, hot wings, tacos, sausage gravy with biscuits, refreshing beverages of the House Wine (Sweet Iced Tead) is offered up to all hands.

And to my all time favorite Adorable Deplorable (we have THE BEST) ninja…May the best team win without any injuries to our Boys! Roll Tide Roll and How ’bout Them Dawgs!

“If the South hada won we’d a had it made…”


“In further Honor to all things Southern and with a nod to this weekends upcoming gridiron competition between the two (2) best football teams EVAH, The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Georgia Bull Dawgs”

“If the South hada won we’d a had it made…”

And all God’s Children say “AMEN!”

Next Saturday, 9 December…*grin*

Our beloved AW1Ed and Mick and Jeff and other Swabbies know the Drill….




Water off this squid’s back, but I believe Mick may take umbrage at the “Swabbie” tag.
Oh, yeah.


Yup, I’m a career Jarhead through and through, but I’m also a proud life member of the Naval Aviation Brotherhood of the Wings of Gold.

And I ALWAYS cheer for Navy when they bring the pain to the Dogfaces on the football field every year.



So you’re from the men’s department of the Navy?

Commissioner Wretched

Outstanding, King! You’re FIRST once again! I had a very hard time getting on TAH around the normal drop time for the WOT, and then had an assignment for the Daily Planet to take care of. But I’m here now, and the trivia shall be provided. Rats of the Cong, my friend!


Thank ye, Good Sir, for those kind words. I had some concerns for a twofer/3pete and that some nefarious operators were trying to sabotage our Beloved Site. A day without TAH is a day without sunshine.

“…assignment for the Daily Planet…” Hey, somebody’s got to re-attach Lois Lane’s stocking to her garter clasp.


Good jerb KoB.

It seems that the gerbil squirrels and hamsters in the servers at TAH headquarters have been napping, screwing around or escaped recently.
Yep, for sure I’ve been having problems and timing out getting onto the blog the last four or five days from time to time.

Happy Friday to all you fuck nuggets.
Welcome to December is it Spring yet? 🤔😜, 🖕🫵🥶❄️


Tanks!, Chippy. Quit making yo’self so scarce. You won’t have a chance of EARNING the bragging rights to FIRST or winning the affections of our Beloved OAM (fat and/or NO chance of that!) unless you GET.BACK.INTO.THE.GAME! “c’mon man!”


Not First


I would’ve had first, if not for those meddlin’ kids!!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Get involved until the mystery is solved, hang around for Scooby Doo


comment image


comment image


“Ramen” – Scooby Doo ending a prayer


See also “Gabby Johnson”.


On station.

RGR 4-78

Have a great weekend DW/W’s.


Just a reminder:

Rocky Mountain Oysters are a sack lunch.



We have ran into folks who had no idea what those oysters were….

Yes, we tried them. We also tried Balut….


Those aren’t Easter eggs.


Buy ‘em by the bagful…


Yep, a 5-LB bag will cost ya $34.50.


Dont forget the Nuoc Mahm sauce.


Nuoc Mam? Yuck!! May a dozen Tokay Lizards infest your sleeping bag. / s


Worcestershire sauce (same sh*t, essentially), is better.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

Welp, they do come in a bag (sack) in their original form. But generally, there are only two in the sack.


This article is SO true!

“23 Things Veterans Carry With Them For Life:


1. An incessant need to roll socks2. Bad knees3. The misguided idea that ibuprofen and fresh socks will cure any ailment4. Tinnitis. ZNNNNNNNNNG.5. The ability to sleep anywhere6. The plight of not being able to sleep at all7. Old combat boots. They’re great for mowing the lawn or a trip to Home Depot.8. Fear of tape tests9. Issues with authority figures10. Back pain11. T-shirts from strange events and places they don’t remember going12. A woobie that has seen better days.13. A swearing problem that is FUBAR14. A love/hate relationship with acronyms15. Total disdain for PowerPoint16. Scars from barracks shenanigans gone awry17, A few ugly divorces18. A truck they bought after gaining some sense and selling that Camaro they financed at 27% APR19. Some weird strip club stories20. Sleep apnea21. Bad tattoos that seemed like a really good idea at the time22. Boxy brown t-shirts that somehow have sweat stains in a different, more gross shade of brown23. A deeply stained, never-before-washed coffee mug that they tell everyone is “seasoned”


A self done haircut that leaves no hair out of place.


My self done haircut leaves no hair.

Dennis - not chevy

My wife once told me to stop wearing my old field jacket; I replied I paid for it, it wasn’t cheap, and I will wear it until it falls apart. Her point was, our leftist liberal neighbors think there’s something wrong with me because I’m a veteran and wearing that jacket advertises I’m a veteran.

I have often seen veterans fail to fit into civilian society because they insisted on 24 hour clocks, straight gig lines, regulation hair styles, no beards, and shiny shoes, etc. It’s their choice; but to quit a job because no one respects the oat meal cluster on the silver spoon they were awarded over Macho Grande is not the path to fitting in. To demand a better position because one was once the executive assistant to the Grand Poobah of Boondock AFB is not going to get anyone anywhere.

I will continue to wear my field jacket, I will tell war stories, and I have more socks to change into than I’ve ever had.

The point is the 23 things we proudly carry should not limit our potential.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. Recently a homeless veteran(?) wouldn’t see an acquaintance of mine who was hiring folks for odd jobs. The homeless one said my friend didn’t pay enough for someone like him.


No to #1, 2, 4, 6, 20 or 21, but everthing else is a big affirmative.


Damn, those were the ones that had me nodding first.


Another Dude who went to his grave claiming Vietnam POW status:


“He was reared in Sylvania and traveled to several military bases using his carpentry skills for housing and airplane hangars. The U.S. Air Force Veteran was a P.O.W. with his 3 tours of the Vietnam War. He also worked for NASA to take care of the animals used in space exploration.”

Green Thumb

Took it to the grave and will be shaming his family for eternity from beyond the grave.


There will be many more of these fake Vietnam War POW’s going to their graves in the next 20 years. IIRC, the VA many years ago said they had about 13,000 veterans claiming they were POW’s during our police action in the lovely Viet of the Nam. And many of these fakers didn’t necessarily make the POW claim to the VA. So, dead fake POW’s will be the gift that keeps on giving for many years to come.


Oh FFS. Not this phony POW bullshit again.

What in the hell is up with these POSers and their false claims of being a POW?

Why would anyone want to go around and run their mouth about having been a POW? This is yet another phenomenon in the Wide, Wild World of POSerdom that I will never understand.

I’m acquainted with one of the POWs from Vietnam, and I know several of the POWs from Operation DESERT STORM. Not one of them ever goes around bragging about their status/experiences as a POW. Quite the opposite: they all wish that they could have avoided having to live through that horrible experience at all costs. They don’t even like for it to be mentioned.

I hate POSers.

Green Thumb

A fake POW is the lowest form of life.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Having had a real Former POW as a Mentor in my past as well as knowing a few, I have a special white-hot hatred of those who falsely claim that.


Nor could I understand why one would want to claim to be a POW. Those of us who were actually out in the boonies with a rifle and a rucksack did not want to be wounded and definitely wanted to avoid being captured by the enemy. I am pleased to say I came back only with the scars from jungle rot, and never even saw the enemy. Although, I experienced their rifle and mortar fire on a few occasions.


Holy Crap!!
This phenomenon (not exactly new)
could be not only 1 VG article, but a SERIES of VG articles.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to deploy the FU of Google,
and scare up a collection of PHONY POW obituaries,
just like the above.

Good find.
Hope it leads to MORE.
They can have their well deserved internet infamy.
From the grave.


Was in the same POW camp Rambo escaped from in ’71, he forgot that one.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Like The Hair®️™️ said in a TV news interview, “Most of these guys are going to take their lies with them all the way to the grave.” and he was dead right, here’s another one leaving behind a legacy of being a liar!

jeff LPH 3 63-66


Green Thumb

Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) sucks and takes it in the ass (willingly).

Because Phildo knows where the meat pole goes….

In the Ameican Taxpayer’s collective asshole!


Green Thumb,
Phildo should get a summer condo in Myrtle Beach.
He’ll be in good company.
(See 3 new entries below).


Open Thread! I’m always late.


That was good.

Hack Stone

Top twenty?


in the circus of lies and poor behaviors surrounding Teddy Daniels.

He has now been CAUGHT using AI to FAKE the voice of DONALD TRUMP.
Worse, a big FALSE CLAIM in the voice of Trump.
Then, AI Fake Trump THANKING Teddy.

There’s more, in the coming comment below.




Teddy Daniels has ALSO has been CAUGHT using AI
to FAKE the voice of… JOE ROGAN.

Teddy Daniels overdubbed an old Joe Rogan podcast with AI,
to make it sound like Joe Rogan is talking about…. Teddy Daniels.

ALL so Teddy Daniels and his con scheme “OPERATION BLACKOUT”
can sell “save yourself” books at $67 a pop.
Books that do NOT provide promised “plans” and “instructions”,
but instead steer book buyers to his new website
(once publicly viewable, now privatized)
“Teddy’s Command Post”
to buy overpriced food buckets,
and other misguided, misadvertised, or non existent electronic gadgets,
all with lofty claims, and all claiming to be “guaranteed”.


>> Fact Check: Joe Rogan Did NOT Discuss Teddy Daniels Documentary About Supposed Impending Attack On US <<


Meanwhile, the new “Veterans for Trump – SC” chapter,
with Teddy Daniels as inaugural “President”,
has now named THIS GUY as “Vice President”.

Robert Cornicelli, who ALSO ran for Congress (in New York),
ALSO lost, and ALSO fled his state for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Trouble is,
Cornicelli had troubles in New York state with his military claims on the campaign trail.

Worse, Cornicelli, over the past few days,
is not only calling THIS YouTube video a “hit piece” by “dirty politicians”,
but Cornicelli has admitted to
willingly becoming a new “PHONY DEFENDER” for Teddy Daniels.

Peas in a pod. A budding hive
of lying and embellishing phonies, all under the umbrella of
(civilian, never served a day in the military) CEO Stan Fitzgerald,
under the banner of his “Veterans for Trump / Veterans for American First”.

Where’s the “truth” with any of these guys?
Not with the VFT/VFAF website claiming JR Majewski’s new GWOT-E medal “proves” that JR Majewski served “in Afghanistan.”

Quadruple UGH.
Daniels. Majewski. Fitzgerald. And now Cornicelli.


ADMINS – Did anyone in New York state find MP or VG to report Robert Cornicelli, or request anything about his military service, about 18 months ago, early 2022?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

What a mo-fuckin’ 24K lying POS of a booger-munching fucksack, I bet he competes with Phildo to see which one can blow more winos behind bus stops for spare change.

Last edited 2 months ago by A Proud Infidel®️™️

Battling a headcold all week (thanks, grandkids) but should be able to work tomorrow.
Y’all have a great weekend, and go to church Sunday.


Hope you are feeling better, Graybeard!

That nasty cold has also hit our home as well.

We are blessed that we have the freedom to worship, while others have to go in hiding to fellowship with one another.


And freedom to worship whom and how we please.

I know of a case of a missionary to a predominantly Muslim country who could witness openly on the streets, for they were witnessing to the deaf – who are considered damned by the Muslims and the Buddhists alike – because (a) no-one pays attention to the deaf and (b) few hearing people know the sign language.
God is still at work even in places of extreme darkness.


And freedom to worship whom and how we please.”… for now… Until the next stolen election…

A Proud Infidel®™

Woulda-been TOP TEN if it wasn’t for the ka-ka reception I had at the time but oh well, I once again award myself Honorary First.
I blame the outdated Red Had Software purchased from the trunk of a beat-up Jaguar.


Epstein did not kill himself.
The current administration guards Epstein’s list and the Shooter’s manifesto more than it does Classified Information.

Last edited 2 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

I ain’t saying nothing, but let me just drop this here….

For all the social media bullshit that we have to put up with

Commissioner Wretched

Well, with the King of Battle on the throne, all that’s left for the old Commish is to drop the week’s trivia … so here it is for all to enjoy!

Is there a town in the United States that is entirely surrounded by Canadian territory?
By Commissioner Wretched

I do hope that you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I certainly did!

Now, on to the next of our four-holiday period. You actually have a choice here … you may be celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas (or both, if you wish).

Whichever you choose, make it the best one possible! And whichever you choose, always remember the real reason for the celebration.

So an early Happy Hanukkah or an early Merry Christmas, or both!

And, as always, happy trivia! Like the assortment which follows …

Did you know …
… the chemical formula for a kind of cheese additive spells out what it’s used for? Sodium citrate, the compound that gives nacho cheese its gooey consistency, has the chemical formula Na3C6H5O7. (You can’t make this stuff up, folks. And yes, I’d love some more nachos.)

… you will have to wait until 2049 to experience a full moon on a Friday the 13th? The combination of the unluckiest day and the effect of a full moon won’t happen until August 13, 2049. (A double dose of bad luck … I can wait for that. I can certainly wait for that.)

… the most visited cemetery in the world is in Paris, France? Père Lachaise Cemetery is the resting place of some very notable people in the arts and entertainment: composer Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849), novelists Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) and Marcel Proust (1871-1922), actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923), painters Camille Pissarro (1830-1903), Georges Seurat (1859-1891), and Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), poet Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), and musician Jim Morrison (1943-1971). (And I can tell you, with absolute certainty, how many people in that cemetery are dead. All of them.)

Commissioner Wretched

… you may have a thaumatrope? If you do, you have something really cool – a disc with a different picture on each side, and when the disc is rotated quickly, it appears to combine the two images into a single image. Thaumatropes have been around a while, too, having been invented in 1824 by John Ayrton Paris (1785-1826). (That’s one of those items you know has to have a name, but you don’t know what the name is.)

… a town in the United States is entirely surrounded by Canada? The town of Point Roberts, Washington, at the southernmost tip of Canada’s Tsawwassen Peninsula, is surrounded by Canadian territory. Because it only has an elementary school for its 1,191 residents, middle and high school students have to be bused over 40 miles to the rest of Whatcom County over the single bridge connecting it with the mainland. That means students cross international boundaries four times a day every day. The town became “stranded” from the rest of the United States when the 49th parallel was agreed upon as the boundary between it and Canada. The southernmost tip of the island falls below the 49th parallel. Discussions have been held off and on over the years to cede the town to Canada, but nothing has come of them. (Did anyone ask the residents which country they’d rather be part of? I doubt it.)

… the average housewife gets a lot of exercise? Researchers say that in the course of her daily routine of chores, the average housewife walks an estimated ten miles a day around the house. (What, you doubt the figures? Get a pedometer and check it out yourself!)

Commissioner Wretched

… an actual debate is ongoing about whether the Frankenstein monster qualifies as a zombie? One side of the debate claims that, because a zombie can be defined as a reanimated corpse, the monster in the book and movie Frankenstein qualifies, since it was created out of parts of dead human bodies. It does not matter how the reanimation occurs, this side opines, as long as it happens. The other side, however, says that to become a zombie, a corpse must be reanimated either by a virus or by radiation, and it must hunger for human flesh. (Then there’s the third school of thought, which reminds us that all of this stuff is fictional anyway and really doesn’t matter.)

… the man for whom the guillotine was named had nothing to do with its invention? Developed in France in the late 18th Century, the device was named after Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin (1738-1814), who did nothing more than propose its use to the French government as a humane method of execution. Dr. Guillotin was actually an opponent of the death penalty, and after the machine – originally called a “louisette” after King Louis XVI (1754-1793) – gained infamy during the French Revolution, the doctor protested its use and the fact that his name was attached to it. (I would protest too!)

Commissioner Wretched

… Clint Eastwood was not the first choice for the popular Dirty Harry series of movies? The films, which featured a San Francisco Police Inspector named Harry Callahan who had an unorthodox approach to crime, starred Eastwood (born 1930) and a total of five films were made between 1971 and 1988. But Eastwood was actually the fourth actor considered for the role of Callahan. The role was originally written for Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), but he refused the part. Then it was offered to John Wayne (1907-1979) and Paul Newman (1925-2008) before being offered to Eastwood. (Make my day, do be do be do.)

… even though a panda’s diet is primarily bamboo, their digestive system is set up for meat? A panda is only able to absorb between 20% and 30% of the nutrients it gets from bamboo, while other herbivores get up to 80% of nutrient absorption. Because of this, pandas must eat most of the time they are awake in order to survive. (Or they could move to a more meat-friendly place.)

… Americans consume about 10 billion donuts each year? (And a big percentage of those consumers are policemen, right?)

Now … you know!


By contract, Die Hard had to be offered to Sinatra (who turned it down) before Bruce Willis.


I don’t think Sinatra coulda done the same job in either flick.


“Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*cker!” wasn’t quite Frank there, nor “Did he fire six shots or only five?” either.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

Ex-wife and I visited Paris in 1994. We happened to be near Père Lachaise, so I suggested we stop by and visit Jim Morrison. I had no clue it was his birthday. Holy shit, what a zoo. Ankle deep in hypodermics. Surprised I didn’t leave there with hepatitis.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

A bit of trivia about viruses, they have different survival rates. The HIV virus can only survive maybe 30-45 seconds outside of the human body while the Hepatitis virus can survive and be infectious outside the body for up to around 90 days!


Always good when the old Commish brings us the trivia…just as it is always good to be THE King…
comment image


And a Happy Merry to you to, Good Sir…but…this is not yo cheese…It’s MINE….ALLL MINE!!! CW want a cracker?

Don’t think I’ll make it to 13 Aug ’49 to see that Full Moon. Didja ever hum CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” whenever a too skinny Miss Thang got out of bed nekkid?

Have seen the Paris Cemetery tho. Bastille Day of ’73 while motoring about. Bottle(s) of wine, that good crusty French Bread, bunches of grapes, and a very willing Bon Ami…GOOD TIMES!

Could use some of them ropes. Rotate some Kongress Kritters thru ’em. Now THAT would make a pretty picture.

Point Roberts should make a point of forming their own country.

June Cleaver was NOT your average housewife. I could go for some exercising with her.

Buncha monsters are aborting babies and selling the body parts. The Hottest Fires of Hell await them.

Bring back the chopper. It is sorely needed.

Clint’s The Man!

I’d grill my Panda a steak…or some chicken…or pork chops…or take him fishing.

Sad news on the do-nut front locally. The I-16/I-75 Interchange re-do took out the original Krispy Kreame building. If the “Hot Do-Nuts” sign wasn’t flashing when you pulled up, the manager lady would hit the button and make you some if you wanted to wait just a few minutes. Whenever we were working a job in the area that required LEO Traffic Control I’d grab a coupla dozen for the officers. Never had any leftovers.

Thanks again, CW. You are muchly appreciated!


Texas, y’all… man get 99 years for 7th DUI conviction after getting caught on parole from 40 year sentence for his 6th DUI conviction:


I’ll bet he is a model inmate. /s
I don’t recognize him from any of my classes, but he’s probably not in any of the programs I work with.

Mike B

Interesting WWII Cruiser story…..The USS New Orleans.


USAF Retired


Interesting indeed. A couple things I wonder is, how did they camouflage or hide a large ship and how many coconut trees did it take to make it stay afloat, even if it only lasted for awhile.

Dave Hardin

Website Issues

I wish I could blame the recent issues with the site on some nefarious evil doers, but sadly the blame rests on me.

I completed several migrations to newer versions of things that protect the site a while back and it seems they created some issues.

Seems the PHP-FMP engine upgrade does not like the security restrictions I have implemented on the .htacess files running in Apache. Logging over 30 gig of errors in just days has been mucking up the system.

Jetpack hates the version of MySql we run but upgrading that will require a lot of modifications. Our CSS structure is unique so getting all the plugins and widgets to play nice takes a bit of effort.

Our theme is dynamic so it modifies depending upon what kind of device is being used and is also specific to what kind of browser is rendering the code.

When I change/upgrade/add any single thing it tends to cascade through the back end of the site and reeks havoc. Sometimes the problems are immediate and other times it takes a few days to become obvious.

Many fixes/upgrades require me to take the site down for a bit while I update things. When that process does not go smooth it stays down for longer than I intended.

My apologies to all, I hope things are fixed for now. I will give it around a 70/30 probability at this point.

Many thanks to Aw1Ed for staying on top of things. He does so much behind the curtain, unspeakable things.

The Village Idiot

Last edited 2 months ago by Dave Hardin

And we who understand geekspeak appreciate all you are doing Dave. (I guess those who don’t still appreciate you, but more in the way of standing in awe of your mystic powers.)

All the moving parts don’t always play nice together. I certainly understand that!

Mike B

……and from those of us who don’t comprehend “Geek Speak”….Huh what did you say!

We really do appreciate all the hard work, yall do to keep this site up and running! We know it’s hard, because we don’t understand it.

Want to talk about ejection systems, parachutes, NVGs, E&E, survival, etc, I’m educated in that stuff, mention computer web page stuff and you’ll get a better audience from a door.

Again thank you for all yall do to keep this site up. Yall ever end up in the Florida Panhandle and I’ll buy yall a beer…..


He said the sheriff is near.


I think my theory is more plausible. See above reply to ninja.


And that my friend, prevented me from the coveted first spot.

And no, we don’t want to know what goes on behind the curtain.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

So that’s what happened, I thought it was some outdated Red Hat Software bought from the trunk of a beat-up worn-out Jaguar still hiding somewhere in a memory bank!

Dave Hardin

Our sales Rep for that product has gone missing.


The crabbing was excellent all summer, though.


Well, here is some good news. Jussie Smollett’s conviction has been upheld by the state court of appeal in Illinois. Except, one of the three justices thought Jussie should get the benefit of his corrupt original deal of non-prosecution with the corrupt Soros elected DA, Kim Fox. You know the one who was connected to movers and shakers with the Obama administration. So, Jussie is now planning to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court. So, he has one more chance to avoid the $150K in fees and fines and the 150 days of his liberal sentence. So, he continues with his fake, absurd hate crime hoax, despite all the irrefutable evidence to the contrary.


Another clue jussie smollet was lying about his attack through his lying, chattering teeth.

Keep in mind, these were the air temps, not factoring in wind chill.

Nobody in their right mind was out for a walk that night to get something to eat.


A Proud Infidel®️™️

Butbutbut he’s GAY, so that makes him SO much more special and deserving of special treatment, at least he and other whacko liberal moonbats think so.


Happy weekend!


There are 12 days of Christmas starting with Christmas and ending on Three Kings day not 3 months like retail would have you believe.


Roll Tide Roll. Congrats to the Tide on a game well played. 27-24 ‘Bama over Georgia



ANOTHER Nail Biter!

Our RTR and Dawgs BOTH did well.

Proud of BOTH teams.

They will see one another again in Hotlanta in 2024…😉😎

Ready for next week…



Spot on. Told ever body is was gonna be a slug match. ‘Bama came to play and win. Dawgs forgot they were against a Number 1 Team with a Number 1 coach. Now…we’ll see if TPTB use this as an excuse to keep The Southern Boys out of the Natty…Watch

When FSU wins tonight (GO ‘NOLES) they should get a shot. Michigan seems to be getting the nod from TPTB, despite the supposed “investigation” on their “alleged” sign stealing. We’ll see. I know that either The Tide or The Dawgs could beat MI if it comes to that.

I look forward to the two (2) Teams whose players sign that blank check giving us a good game and the Commander’s Trophy coming home to reside in a Place of Honor at The School For Wayward Children on the Hudson River Banks.



Amen, Amen, AMEN!

BTW, for Firebase Magnolia as well as others on TAH:

We watched “Lady Ballers” on the Daily Wire.

It is FREE.

WELL WORTH WATCHING! Kudos and Thumbs up on this movie.

Highly recommendly to All.

Enjoy. We Did!