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| November 21, 2023

Beretta 87 Target

Houston attempted robbery ends with suspect, man shot on W. Rankin: police

HOUSTON – Houston police say an attempted robbery led to an exchange of gunfire that left the suspect and another man injured.

The shooting was reported just before 2 a.m. Saturday in the 1000 block of W. Rankin Road near Spears-Gear Road.
Security guards reported that a group of men had tried to get into a club but were denied entry, police say. As they were walking back to their pickup truck, the suspect reportedly walked up from Rankin and tried to rob them, police say.

Police say the suspect and one of the men in the group both shot at each other. The suspect and one of the men in the group were struck by the gunfire.

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Fox 26 Houston

Shenanigans well after midnight in Houston and KHOU is nowhere to be found.

Next time, drop the gun. Caution

Gun Bunny and Old Tanker once again, thanks.

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.
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The video shows a 38-year-old Unarmed Black Teenager carrying a toy gun that was later found to be a fully loaded AR pistol (read Sentient Assault Rifle). He was obviously engaged in the physical assault of the woman only because he wanted to pursue a career as a doctor and needed a patient to practice his skills on before starting medical school.

The fact that a cop shot this Unarmed Black Teenager instead of calling in an unarmed social worker to simply communicate with him, is evidence of systemic racism and why we need to further defund the police.


On the flip side, that Sentient Assault Rifle would have gone to a school had the suspect not gained control over it, so maybe we shouldn’t defund police and instead just ban all guns not in the hands of convicted felons.


I got a feel-good story:

Chainsaw-wielding, wild-haired muh-fugger elected President of Argentina in a landslide. Dude dislikes the current Pope more than I do and is talking about taking a flamethrower to the corrupt leftist political establishment in the country. To give you an idea of the balls on this guy, he’s publicly praised the “Iron Lady”, Margaret Thatcher. Think about that…an ARGENTINIAN singing the praises of the leader responsible for Argentina’s embarrassing military defeat in the Falklands. But, he understands what needs to be done to fix his country and stem the tide of socialism that is infecting the continent. Here’s his final campaign speech prior to Sunday’s election:


Unfortunately, there’s no translation or transcript, but since I speak Spanish, let me tell you, after hearing what he said, I would crawl over miles of broken glass to vote for this man if I were an Argentinian.


Long Live Liberty, Dammit!


…and he will make Argentina great again….


Damn straight. He’s a Chicago School economist like Milton Friedman.

John Maynard Keynes? Never heard of her!


From now on, I’m going to close my posts with “VLLC”!


Nothing gooderer than a positive result when some dirtbag(s) FA&FO. A twofer DRT woulda been even more gooderer, but we’ll take what we can get.

KHOU has been as disappointing as my ex-wives of late.

Our Army is being led by a bunch of Jackals. We Sheep Dogs need to turn into rabid wolves to protect our flock…Prepare

“…really isn’t a plinker. It’s a true target gun.” No, a true target gun is one of the Caliber that will negate a target other than a piece of paper.

 The Gun Bunny’s primary target over the next few days will be Mr HBH (Honey Baked Ham), The Real Southern Cornbread (sans sugar) Dressing (only stuffing around heah is me stuffing muh belly), Chicken n Dumplin’s, Sultry Stefania’s Eyetalian Lasagna, smashed taters n gravy, punkin pie, sweet tater casserole, ‘nana puddin’ (with nilla wafers), squashed casserole, devilish eggs, pecan pie, French silk pie, apple pie, cookies n cream ice cream, greened beaned casserole, cat heads, sauasge n ravy with cat heads, sausage eggs n grits breakfast casserole, grits with shrimps n bacon…oh…and a visit to Fred’s Country Buffet. This list of targets is subject to change depending on what the Soccer Moms decide to bring as a love offering to The Gun Bunny.

“Daily Feel Good Story”? IDGAF what out Beloved Kid Squid (ht2 Ol’ Poe) titles the FGS as long as at least oncet a week he includes the Lovely Leggy Ms Thang Gunz Girl.

Army-Air Force Guy

Damned if that Beretta 87 Target doesn’t look like Robocop’s gun.