Iran Official admits to terrorism.

| October 2, 2023


Today my mailbox is full of reports about an Iranian Official admitting to sponsoring terrorism.

This is like my wife admitting to eating chocolate.  So much derp in all of this  I hardly know where to begin.

Iran is not the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world… Russia is and always has been the global sponsor of terrorism during my lifetime.

They are not responsible for killing 241 Americans in Beirut… as best I can tell 273 Americans that were sent there during that time were murdered.  The bombing of October 23, 1983 was the crescendo but not the only bombing and most certainly not the only day Americans were killed there.

Those numbers do not include all of those from the other countries that were killed and wounded.  The French and British  also paid a horrible price.  They do not include those that died years later.  It’s much the same as claiming only those put in a bag while in Vietnam were the only casualties of that war.   That notion is absurd.

The Obama Administration sent billions of dollars back to Iran to help fund future terrorism.

The Biden Administration has now sent billions of dollars back to Iran to help fund future terrorism.

Lawyers and political parasites have gobbled up huge amounts of money that was set aside to compensate the victims of Russian/Iranian terrorism.

Lawyers have profited and even retired from the money they have made off of my dead brothers.  Politicians use their corpses to gain attention.  People who were never in Beirut or never even deployed to Beirut have made countless millions off of those who were zipped into bags.  Every October 23 during the Remembrance gathering there are lawyers… looking to profit from their remains.  Not a year goes by that some Hollywood wannabe doesn’t want to profit from the ordeal.  More Book Deals will be done and on and on.

To all of the Lawyers, Judges, and others who demand they get their share of blood money, I want them to know this…

To this day the man at the center of that picture, one of the most iconic pictures used to depicted the events in Beirut has yet to see a dime.  Until the Trump administration, he never even received a Thank You for his service and sacrifice.

Until my Brother, Morris Dorsey,  is recognized and compensated… the rest of you that feed upon my dead brothers should be ashamed of yourselves.  He is only one example of many who have had their service and sacrifice trampled upon so that others could profit.

The whole topic makes me physically ill.  I get physically sick dealing with it.


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Iran, winner of the Duh, No Sh*t! award. (Like a scientist publishing a study that confirms water is wet, but it’s an admission.)
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Next they’ll be saying that Joe Biden has dementia and Donald Trump has a big ego. Maybe even half the women that FJB has appointed to cabinet positions have a penis.



OIP (55).jpg

Should have stashed in that pallet a 5MT thermonuke.


Well said Dave.


Thanks for posting this, Dave.

Semper Fidelis

Daisy Cutter

Message from Morris Dorsey after providing him the link to this article:

“Thank you very much, and tell Dave that I said he is always and forever my Brother”


The fire from canned sunshine will cleanse the world of terrorist states…for the money grubbing parasites that are standing on the bodies and in the blood of these murdered souls…use a flammenwerfer. More portable…less collateral damage to the environment.

Thanks, Dave.

USMC Steve

I see people that aren’t Marines in that photo Dave, were they LAF troops?


Saying thank you, Dave, just doesn’t seem enough. God rest those we lost that day and God bless and keep those who survived. They will not be forgotten.