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| October 1, 2023

Mossberg 500 ATI

Shots fired at Honda dealership, gunman shot by Arlington police identified
No employees, customers, or police were hurt Thursday night when a man opened fire at a car dealership in Arlington

By NBCDFW Staff and Tahera Rahman
An armed man shot by Arlington Police Thursday evening after reports of a shootout at a car dealership has been identified as 25-year-old Abbas Al-Mutairy.

Arlington Police said officers were sent to Vandergriff Honda along the Interstate 20 frontage road between Cooper Street and Matlock Road at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday on reports that an armed man was firing at the building.

Police said when they arrived on scene, they “engaged him” and, “based on the suspect’s actions, multiple officers fired their service weapons, striking the suspect,” according to a press release.

Cell phone video obtained by NBC 5 shows Al-Mutairy in the parking lot, holding a gun.

An employee at the dealership told NBC 5’s Vince Sims that a former employee who had recently been fired walked into the new car area with a long-style rifle.

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Police identify man killed in shooting at 34 North Apartments complex

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – The Wilmington Police Department has confirmed that one man was killed in a shooting at 34 North Apartments, located at the 600 block of Plum Nearly Lane.

According to a spokesperson with the WPD, the incident took place at approximately 9:26 p.m. and started as a domestic dispute between the man and a woman.

The man killed has been identified as 33-year-old Anthony Parker from Wilmington.

“This was not a random shooting, this was not a gang-related shooting. The two parties were known to each other. The public is safe,” Lt. Greg Willet with the WPD said.

“The female party involved in this is being talked to right now by investigators. Right now, there’s no formal charges. Obviously, that is something we are looking into. . . We’ve got to get to the bottom of it,” Lt. Willet said. “They want to find out the circumstances of what led to the confrontation tonight, what led to the shot being fired. Those are all questions that our detectives are working on. And depending on the answer to those questions, and how it pans out, that will determine if there are any charges or what those charges could be.”

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It’s almost always over a woman… I used to remind my Soldiers that no woman was worth their career, freedom, and/or life. Maybe I’m “less of a man” than some, but if I walked in on my wife cheating on me, I’d just walk back out and file the paperwork. “Tough” men like to think about just shooting the lover and maybe the woman. Here’re my thoughts: if you kill them, you lose. She has nothing to worry about, you’re looking at years in prison, and your chances of finding someone who’s a good fit and faithful are slim to none. If you take yourself out, she wins. You have nothing to worry about, she gets all the assets (if you’re married), and Jodie is probably moving in, wearing your jeans, and driving your truck.

As for the Mossberg, I want to call it lipstick on a pig, but that’s not fair. The adjustable stock is useful for those with shorter lengths of pull, the Picatinny rails are great for lights and a reflex sight or RDO, and it appears as though there’s a QD attachment point on the stock. If they updated it to include the M590A1’s M-Lok forend, I’d be tempted. That said, I have the M590A1 I ordered some 25 years ago, with then-special order ghost ring sights and SpeedFeed stock. Those are standard on new models. My Side Saddle mounting plate has a stripped screw, and I just found out about these: Esstac Shotgun Card ( So, I, probably be replacing the old plastic Side Saddle with shotgun cards. I like the concept of having multiple reloads handy. Top off the gun, replace the shotgun card, and so on. Right now, my Mossy holds 8+1, with six more in the Side Saddle, and four in the stock. The shotgun card holds seven, so having 20 rounds in and on the gun is a bit of a workout, but inarguably smart in a fight. Oh, and I can fix bayonet if needed.


I put an adjustable M-4 style stock on my Maverick 88 (essentially a Mossberg 500) and was an incredible improvement. The original stock was way too long, it was a stretch for me (I’m 5’8”) and out of the question for MRS D.


I have the civilian version of the M590A1. I bought for a tactical shotgun course. It has the same ghost ring sights. I installed an adjustable folding buttstock. It performed flawlessly with my eight shot belt cartridge holder.


Abbas proved that firing him was the right thing to do. After recovery in the hospital he gets to spend time reflecting on his bad choices.


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The Pirate’s Cove

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I have to wonder how long Abbas has been in the states?
That said, he needs to learn (if he lives that long) that one does not pick up just any weapon, and shoot any target for just any insult.

Are you saying that this possible member of the Religion of Pieces got fired up because he was fired from a job that he probably didn’t do a good job at doing? Way of life for many of them.

If there’s only one story to be told, make sure it is YOUR story that is told.

No need to hand a bunch of after market toys on my factory Mossy Maverick Shottie. Last stand, close quarters defensive weapon that will put a bad guy on ice, man. I’ll never lose that loving feelin’ for THAT Maverick. *giggles*

Ms Ginger Thang trying to do that whole Chuck Norris impersonation? I don’t think she has the body for it.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Time for some range time for the LEO’S at the car dealership shoot out


“Long-style rifle”?