Weekend Open Thread

| September 29, 2023

Genuine or hoax? People have reported geometric shapes appearing “overnight” in fields with “no apparent reason.” Are these being done by people who wish to remain anonymous? Natural forces at work that exist in scientific literature but not yet in public or online forums? Or, perhaps, aliens are communicating with us or demonstrating artwork? Enjoy your weekend! 

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Hack Stone

Oh, all knowing and wise Magic 8 Ball, will the stars shine down upon a worthy Director of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned company while he travels the back roads of the United Kingdom selling outdated Red Hat Software to the Ministry of Defence and decree the title of First Post on The Weekend Open Thread? Magic 8-Ball says…


Three (3) Seconds Hackster…Welcome Home. Enjoy a Kong Rat!

Hack Stone

Sitting here in the hotel lobby knocking down some British beer.


Typical Jarhead…they’ll drink anything…even warm English Beer.


Why do Brits drink warm beer?

Because Lucas makes their refrigerators.


Remember when Lucas made vacuums? Their only product that didn’t suck.

RGR 4-78

Hack, your prolithic wit is an inspiration to us all. 😀 

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Congrats Hack. I was on the site instead of the recliner and missed First.

Commissioner Wretched

Way to go, Hack! Here’s the crown, scepter and orb … rule wisely!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone checked into the hotel, and they provided him a King bed. King Charles has been hogging the covers, and he snores.


Well, for all the pissing in moaning and bitching and foot stomping and tantrum, throwing, Hack Stone finally makes king of the weekend open thread.
Have at it Hack it’s been a long time tear that shit up

Hack Stone

But he had to go to Europe to do it. Next week he is back in the Colonies, where his access from the world corporate headquarters of a proud but humble woman owned business is blocked.


Here you go:


A little Dion to start the weekend!


Hack, if you did this from the bar in an English pub, you deserve the Major Award. However, I suspect you had some help from Rosetta. Methinks, she has broken the code to the highly classified timing of the WOT. We will likely never know, unless the Admins can waterboard you.


*Walks in with bucket*
*Pulls towel out of pocket*
So, we doin’ this or what?


Well done,

A Proud Infidel®™

I blame outdated Red Hat Software for keeping me out of the WOT First Post competition, that and work.



Hack Stone

Hack Stone beat you because he is five hours into the future.

A Proud Infidel®™

HEY Hack Stone a Time Travelers meeting is scheduled for last Thursday, you gonna make it?

jeff LPH 3 63-66




Commissioner Wretched

Holy mother of pearl … Hack Stone made it to FIRST!!! Will wonders ever cease? Rats of the Cong to Hack and to him I proffer the crown, scepter and orb for one solid week of rule over the miscreants of TAH.

For him and for you … trivia! Enjoy.

Did a San Francisco Police officer win an election to allow him to use a ventriloquist’s dummy on duty?
By Commissioner Wretched

Tuesday of this week was a very special day for me, one I had long anticipated – and long dreaded.

You see, on Tuesday, I turned 65 years old.

I now qualify for Medicare. In another year or so, I’ll be eligible for my full Social Security benefits.

I now get “senior discounts” on everything, and I do mean everything. You name it, I get a discount on it.

There are, in fact, some advantages to getting older. Sure, I’m not as quick-reacting as I used to be, but then, who is?

Given the alternative, I’ll take birthdays any time. Happy 65th to me, and happy trivia to you!

Did you know …

… pencil lead and diamonds are the same thing? No, that doesn’t mean that you can get rich off of pencil lead. But they’re the same chemical composition, carbon. Diamonds become that way because of tremendous heat and pressure. (Kind of like if leaves were legal tender, then money would grow on trees.)

… you might be a snollygoster? In case you’re wondering (and I know you are), a snollygoster is a shrewd and unprincipled person. The term dates back to the mid-1800s. It is believed to be related to the name given to a mythical dragon-like creature that supposedly haunts rural Maryland, the snallygaster. (I had a high school classmate named Snollygoster …)

… almost three million people in the world die each year due to obesity? (Uh oh.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the Sun is big? That’s a given. How big? Well, let’s put it into perspective. You could fit 1.3 million planets the size of Earth inside it. While that’s impressive, let’s look at this: You could fit 6 billion stars the size of the Sun inside the largest known star, Stephenson 2-18. So, if you do the math, that means you could fit 7 quadrillion, 800 trillion Earths inside the largest known star. (If your head isn’t spinning by now, you might want to take over researching this stuff.)

… a San Francisco police officer won an election that allowed him to use a ventriloquist’s dummy on his foot patrol? Officer Robert J. Geary (born 1935) was a member of the San Francisco Police Department who, in 1986, was assigned to a community police position in the North Beach neighborhood. To earn the trust of the locals, Geary brought with him a ventriloquist’s dummy named “Brendan O’Smarty.” O’Smarty was dressed in a miniature police uniform, and wore badge number ½. Police Chief Tony Ribera (born 1945) didn’t quite see the good that O’Smarty was doing and ordered Geary to keep him in his patrol car. Word got out, and the public was not pleased with the chief – the city’s Board of Supervisors even passed a resolution to allow O’Smarty to be with Geary. Geary then led a committee to put the question on a ballot, and San Franciscans – God bless ‘em, every weird one of them – voted 51% to 49% to return O’Smarty to his “patrol.” Embarrassed, Chief Ribera reluctantly allowed Geary to work with his puppet, and the two retired in 2000.

… Denver International Airport is larger than Manhattan Island? At 53 square miles, the airport is also bigger than the city limits of Boston, Miami, or San Francisco. (Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above, don’t fence me in …)

A Proud Infidel®™

They say you could fit 63 Earths into Uranus, 64 if relaxed just a little!

*ducks quickly*

Commissioner Wretched

… the United States is one of twelve nations with the highest minimum legal drinking age? The legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21. About 65% of the world’s countries set the minimum drinking age at 18; in Antigua and Barbuda, the legal drinking age is 10. Twenty-four nations do not have a legal minimum drinking age, while thirteen have made consumption of alcohol illegal. (Make of that what you will.)

… the president who gave the longest inauguration speech had the shortest term in office? William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), the ninth man to serve as President of the United States, gave an almost two-hour-long inauguration speech on March 4, 1841, after being sworn into office. The speech was 8,578 words in length. It was a cold, snowy day in Washington, and Harrison – a former army general – was not wearing any warm outer garments. Harrison caught cold shortly afterward, and the cold developed into pneumonia, which claimed the 68-year-old president’s life exactly one month after he was sworn in. (Talk about long-winded!)

… nutmeg can be poisonous? Sure, a little nutmeg is a great seasoning for your pumpkin pie or your egg nog or what have you. But suppose, just on a wild whim, you swallowed two or three teaspoons of raw nutmeg? Well, you’d be setting yourself up for convulsions, nausea, pain, paranoia, and even possible hallucinations that can last for days. Chances are you won’t die from it, though. (You will just wish you had died.)


Malcolm-X Tea!

Commissioner Wretched

… cigarettes contain more than 4,000 ingredients? Many of them, when burned, produce about 200 “compound” chemicals – and a lot of those chemicals have been linked to lung damage. (So go ahead and light up another!)

… a popular singer only took three voice lessons in his entire life? Johnny Cash (1932-2003) was told by his voice teacher after the third lesson to stop the lessons – and never deviate from his natural voice. (Which turned out to be fantastic advice.)

… two well-known motel chains are named after their original rates? Motel 6 started operation in 1962, and charged guests $6 a night. The Super 8 Motel began in 1974, and its nightly rate when it opened was $8.88. (Adjusted for inflation …)

Now … you know!


…and so does marijuana and probably even more so (especially as it wasn’t regulated, cultivated for “low tar” or whatever healthiness, etc. for the vast part of its modern history) but try getting left/libtards to admit that.


Another fine j.o.b. on the trivia today, CW. And welcome to the REALLY Old Farts Club. When’s the party? Will there be cake and ice cream? Cookies and cupcakes? Some of that good Georgia BBQ? Do we hafta bring a present? If so, do you need some replacements for your 26 leaden soldiers?

We seem to have a snollygoster in our midst. Shrewd enough to use copy paste, claiming FIRST Commentor on the TAH WOT, and unprincipled enough to make a living peddling outdated software to a gullible grubermint purchasing agent.

(Dodges a 64 count box of masticated crayolas)


Happy WOT!


One of the best reasons to get out of bed early on Sunday mornings. Used to be to read the funny pages, in color!, from the giant Sunday newspaper.

Yeah, I’m that old.


Old news UPDATE (2021)—
Remember Maggie DeSanti?
Remember fake vouch phony defender Jerry Walker?

Walker vouched for Maggie DeSanti, and claimed he witnessed
when Maggie was called back to active duty AFTER 9/11. (Hence, Maggie’s GWOT medal?)

He also set up that Maricopa Community College scholarship
named after his ol’ pal phony Maggie.

Well… here’s the belated UPDATE….
Ol’ Jerry Walker has fled Maricopa County,
and is NOW on the BOARD at a DIFFERENT small college,
in neighboring Pinal County.

Are these small colleges, like Central Arizona College, this hard up ???


2021 Maggie DeSanti fake vouch and phony enabler Jerry Walker.jpg

I’m looking at the map of his district, it’s huge. CAC covers a lot of ground in AZ. Looks like he’s been in Pinal for 4 years. Aaaand what area falls under his representation in district 5? Apache Junction. Maggie’s base of fraudulent operations.


The coincidence isn’t lost here.
4 years (ago) = Walked moved in 2019.

When did Honor Flights Arizona,
TSA Push Ups Maggie,
and then VG Round 2 break? October 17-21, 2019.

Not certain, but it appears Maggie has only been to Apache Junction to drink, or attend an event,
and otherwise has been living for many years in MESA.

UPDATE: Maggie DeSanti – Media Darling or Stolen Valor Con Artist?
Steve Balm | October 28, 2019



Mesa and Apache Junction city centers are only about 20 miles apart. Google search shows her known addresses in Mesa to be closer to Apache Junction. Pub crawl distance lol.


True or False? Who knows?

This will rock the boat, the turnout, and possibly the outcome
in the November 2024 election.

[EXCLUSIVE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Planning to Announce Independent Run
2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. plans to announce he will run as an independent on October 9 in Pennsylvania, Mediaite has learned.

Kennedy’s campaign machine is now planning “attack ads” against the Democratic National Committee in order to “pave the way” for his announcement in Philadelphia about running as an independent,
according to a text reviewed by Mediaite.

“Bobby feels that the DNC is changing the rules to exclude his candidacy so an independent run is the only way to go,”
a Kennedy campaign insider told Mediaite.]
(end paste)


Kennedy 2024.jpg

What’s the over/under on a Kennedy-Manchin ticket?


A ticket with 2 phony Catholics? Fuck ‘em both. I just want to see them split some Dem votes.


Don’t disagree with ya CPT, but considering the current pope is probably the biggest fake catholic these days, what’s a true Catholic anymore??? (being asked as one who made it through an all boys Catholic High School)


If you look at comment history you will see I have no love for the current pretender who is befouling the Throne of St. Peter. And I REALLY despise his order, the fucking Jesuits. That order should be disbanded.


I share your disdain for the current pope, not sure what your issue is with the Jesuits as a whole.


Don’t rule out Kennedy/Sanders.
No Weekend at Bernie’s jokes this time.


Good. Now, all you fucking so-called Republicans, DON’T VOTE FOR THIS CLOWN! He may say a couple of things you like but, remember, he’s a fucking KENNEDY! Scum of the Earth and part of a degenerate line of shitbags. Hopefully he pulls enough (D) votes to cost Sleepy Joe some battleground states.


I enjoy the hell out of watching him but there ain’t no way I’m ever voting for him.


Exactly. I’d never vote for one of THOSE Kennedy’s. If I was in Lousyana, I’d vote for THEIR Senator Kennedy.


That’s a Kennedy I’d vote for!



I remember old Ft. Polk well. Except for the rain, heat, mosquitos, ticks, and snakes, it wasn’t so bad.

Jokes aside, i thank my platoon DI every time I think of that place. What he drilled into us the hard way saved my life more than once.


That Senator Kennedy is my wife’s favorite politician. He has the best BS detector in the Senate.


It’s about 9 months too early to assume a “rematch” in 2024.
But the DNC and the MSM are doing what they can
to prevent anyone else but Biden taking the 2024 Dem Convention.

IMHO, this Kennedy maneuver, IF true,
Kennedy will be costing Biden and the DNC a ton of votes.
and it will help the GOP and hurt the Dems more.


Also, I find it incredible, but not surprising,
that the DNC is once again bullying any potential competition
for their favored candidate.

They famously did this to Bernie Sanders in 2016,
who was winning some state primaries,
but still getting put under
with ALL the “super delegates” going to Hillary.

And we see how well all that turned out for Hillary and the DNC.
Yet, they now do it again.

IF the media driven narrative of “rematch”
means both Biden and Trump end up on the November ballot in 2024…
Consider how many Dems don’t want Biden,
but won’t vote for Trump.
Consider how many Republicans don’t want Trump,
but won’t vote for Biden.

Which of the above LOSES more votes to Kennedy?

An independent kooky Kennedy campaign
may end up collecting a LOT of votes,
possibly enough to sway or flip a few close 50/50 states.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

The more I see of the D-rat party, the more I am convinced it’s run by an inner mafia that says to hell with what anyone else thinks or wants!


comment image


A Proud Infidel*^%&@,
You give the idiot Dems (especially in PA) too much credit.

Case in point…
The US Senate – Schumer and Fetterman.
These talkfaces nail it.
Fetterman think he’s a celebrity on a reality show,
and he’s the guy to change the US Senate.

It only lasted 9 days.
Unanimous Senate vote revoked Schumer’s BS,
and NOW Fetterman acts like he’s fine wearing a suit,
“man of the people” hoodie and sweatpants obviously not necessary.

Pennsylvania voters should have seen this
FAKE “man of the people” bullshit coming
from silver spoon Fetterman.
He was already exposed as an idiot while PA LtGov.
Then again, the GOP pushed “Dr. Oz” for Senate,
and that backfired.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO the GOP has it collective head up its ass far enough to rip defeat from the Jaws of Victory at every given opportunity, it needs to have the Country Club Clique at its helm thrown out on its ass!


Celebrating the end of another Fiscal Year (Military), i.e. spending all the $$$$$ before the stroke of Midnight….

Our very own Supply Daddy, Claw, knows what we are talking about….😉😎

“Bad Idea: The “Use-It-Or-Lose-It” Law for DoD Spending”


“Year-end spending sprees. Increased violations of federal financial laws. Bad press for the Department of Defense (DoD). All these unfortunate events stem in part from a law requiring that DoD’s operating funds be spent in the year they are appropriated. Congress can significantly improve the effectiveness of defense spending by changing this “use it or lose it” law.”

“Why the year-end rush? Program managers aren’t only worried about returning to the Treasury funds that could help their organizations. Failing to spend all of their appropriations could suggest that not all available funds are needed and so invite future budget cuts. The pithy name for these actions: “use it or lose it.”

“The press has dubbed the year-end spending spree as “Christmas in September” for DoD and other federal agencies. One article noted that DoD purchased luxury items during the final month in fiscal year 2018, including $2.3 million for crab and another $2.3 million for lobster tails.”

“Use-I Or Lose-It: DoD Dropped $4.6 million On Crab And Lobster And $9,000 On A Chair In Last-Minute Spending Spree”



Our budget is generally locked mid-August, with the exception of required safety gear.


Yeah, I saw a lot of the end of year funds get wasted on crap when I was an S-4 NCOIC. But, in reality, the only time I ever used the “Christmas in June” funds was in 1985 to order a new dog-tag engraving machine (7490-00-688-9866) for my shop (in 1/12 IN at Carson) to replace the old one which had been to Viet of the Nam with them and then finally wore out after only 25 years of use.

Dennis - not chevy

I remember watching my O & M funds as though it was my own money. Every October I was told what I’d get for the year, I would divide it my 52, and then spend only 90% if and when I could. I kept 10% back in case of unseen developments. As September approached I would see what I had left and look for something I needed but couldn’t get into the budget. ‘and every September here would come the Resource Officer saying, “Dennis old boy, good job with your O & M funds; oh, by the way, Fred down the hallway is broke. I took your money and gave it to Fred so he could finish out the year. But, good job anyway.” Fall out money was a dream that never came true.


In the Army we had what was called a TUFMIS (Tactical Unit Financial Management Information System) report that was just like looking at your weekly bank statement. Towards the end of the current fiscal year, some very “odd” company level requisitions would start popping up and we (the Battalion/Brigade Commander, my S-4 Officer and I) always got a good laugh out of them while drinking our morning coffee before PT.

Hack Stone

Feel your pain. Hack Stone was at 3rd Combat Engineers, and they gave him a pittance for supporting Comm Maintenance, maybe $4,000 a quarter. He was squeezing every penny to make sure that he had the supplies to support the Battalion. About two months, they stole what money Comm had left and gave it to Motor Transport. Second quarter, the same thing happened. Hack learned the hard way. Third and fourth quarters Hack spent all of his money the first week.


10 Fun Facts…😁


To Our Very Own Beloved Commissioner Wretched..🎈🎂🎉🎊

Commissioner Wretched

You are so very kind! Thank you so much! Or should I say …


Havn, Happy 65th To Our Beloved Trivia Dude, Commissioner Wretched!

Commissioner Wretched

I am honored! Hard to realize it’s been this long … where did the years go?

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) takes it in the ass.



Wonder if God is trying to send a message to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut…😉😎

“NYC Flooding Live Updates: Millions At Risk Of Flooding In Tri-State Area, State Of Emergency Declared”

“Twenty-three million people are under flood watch across parts of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. By 12:45 p.m., most areas around New York City had already eclipsed 5 inches.”





Well, It’s True!!!!



And many people approve.


Well, It’s True….!!!!



But the brown strychnine is groovy (“Lemmings”)




A Female PVT Travis King…😆🫡

“Alleged Philadelphia Looter ‘Meatball’ Who Livestreamed Downtown Chaos, ‘Traumatized’ After Release On Bail”


“A Philadelphia Social Media Influencer who quickly became the face of the smash-and-grab robberies that plagued the city of Brotherly Love, said that she was “traumatized” after being arrested for her involvement in the robberies.”

“I just want to say thanks to everybody that ya know cared for me. Ain’t nothing never been nothing,” Dayjia Blackwell, who is known on social media as “Meatball,” said in an Instagram story. “I ain’t done anything like this in my life.”

“Blackwell, who streamed the chaotic night of looting Tuesday night to her nearly 200,000 Instagram followers, told followers that she was “traumatized” after being arrested.”

“I’ve never been through nothing like that ever in my life, I don’t even know what happened. I need some sleep, I’m scared, I’m traumatized, never again in my live, like seriously,’ said Blackwell.”

“In a following post, the alleged looter explained that she was traumatized by “the way they treated me in the jails” adding that “this what these people do to us black people.”

“I can’t believe this I’m traumatized the way they treated me in the jails wow this what these people do to us black people 60!” Blackwell wrote in an Instagram story. “Whatever I gotta do to remain humble and live a better life I will! I will never see jail again. I felt like I did years.”

“Meatball was arrested after livestreaming hours of the looting that took place during Tuesday night. The stream followed looters from a state liquor store to Lululemon to the Center City Apple Store. As the store is being ransacked, the stream showed stolen clothing and technology.”

“Blackwell’s livestream ended with her apparent arrest in the back of a Philadelphia police car.”


King at least avoided custody (for a bit).

Had he been a truly capable soldier instead of some urban POS, he might have lobbied to be abandoned on the Primorsky border with a knife and maybe a rifle.

Without Kandahar Joe being able to take credit for his release, the odds of PMITA prison far outweigh any rose garden reception.

“Meatball,” who I must say is guilty at least of muddying-by-association the legacy of Meatloaf, couldn’t even survive a day in jail (let alone prison).

Both will live lives of misery, and I hope both live forever. When they do, eventually, descend into hell, I hope I’ve earned enough demerits to be the one holding the flaming spear.



Did know how to share this with the Admins.

This is a huge shame! I served with this guy. Deployed with him. Pisses me off that he had the dream beat and was so stupid to just stomp all over his crank. He was kind of a douche, but I always chalked it to just being an Alpha in a group of Alphas. I have shook my head so much over the last few days, my neck hurts. I really feel bad for his family.

Ironically, I remember him teaching the SHARP class for the BN! Makes sense!!


“Didn’t “ know!!!!

A Proud Infidel®™

OUCH, that’s one painful alcohol-fueled dickstep!


Yes! And I don’t get it! BTW, his was/is HOT!




Welp, Fat Ass White Rage Milley has stepped down as Chairman, and former Air Force Chief Gen Charles Q. Brown has assumed office. So basically, the new boss almost same as the old boss. Good luck US military!


People said my sex life would slow down after 50, but here I am still getting screwed!


This Day in Aviation Historu:

29 September 1965: Ten years after it entered service, the first operational Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, RB-52B-15-BO 52-8711, was retired to the Strategic Aerospace Museum, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.


comment image


It’s very possible that BUFF was one of my dad’s former airframes, he was in 22nd from ’63-’69. Awesome post, many thanks! I have a few of the 22nd “DUCEMUS” patches.

A Proud Infidel®™

I once again declare myself “PRESENT” and award myself Honorary First once again.


Epstein did not kill himself.
To this day we still have not seen even one name on the Epstein Client List.
I once again say “hello” and UP YOURS to the FBI minions monitoring me and others, go monitor yourself.


Fully Bored Investigators monitor me.

A Proud Infidel®™

Their motto is Friendship Before Integrity.


Jesse Montez Thorton II.

We bet his Parents are SO PROUD of him…

We are SO FED UP with these “Privileged” PUNKS…😤


“Florida Moviegoer Beaten After Asking Couple To Move From His Reserved, VIP Seats In ‘Callous’ Attack”


“A simple favor to ask a moviegoer to sit in his assigned seat turned into an all-out brawl at a Florida movie theater — with the incident being captured on camera.”

“The Broward County Sheriff’s Office released cellphone video of the altercation, which captured 27-year-old Jesse Montez Thorton II violently attacking 63-year-old Marc Cohen at the AMC theater in Pompano Beach on July 10.”

Thank Goodness for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the Fort Lauderdale Police Department..👏👏👏




His Instagram account.

The woman in his pictures who most likely is the mother of his child sure does not look like the same woman who was captured on film walking out out the theater when Ole Jesse.



His Father, Jesse Montez Thorton, SR.

Retired Army MMA Coach?

Former Army & Airforce Combatives Instructor?

Army Combatives Champion Owner?


“February 18, 1975 (age 48)”

“Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America”

“22 years retired Army MMA Coach Grappling Instructor Former Pro MMA Fighter Former Army & Airforce Combatives Instructor *All Army Combatives Champion Owner: Assassin Grappling Academy (2021 opening summer)



His Mom and Dad are identified as a retired Military Couple@

You can’t make this stuff up!

What Happened?? They could not teach their own son, Jesse Montez Thorton, JR, this?

Maybe Jesse Montez Thorton, JR used jiu-jitsu on the 69 year old?

This was in 2021!

“Las Vegas Couple Helps Northeast Kids Learn Discipline, Leadership Through Jiu-Jitsu”


“A retired military couple from Las Vegas is using jiu-jitsu to change lives.”

“Jesse and Jaime Thorton are working hard to improve the community in northeast Las Vegas.”
Jaime Thorton says when she moved to Las Vegas the streets in her neighborhood were riddled with crime.

“I couldn’t turn the TV on without hearing about some kind of crime happening on this side of town, and most of these scenarios involved teenagers. I knew we could be the change these kids need,” Jaime Thorton said.”

“Jaime and her husband, Jesse, set out to create change by creating Assassin Grappling Academy, a program that teaches kids self-defense and jiu-jitsu.”


Is Jesse Montez Thorton, SR. asking for a DNA test to prove paternity?
Or will he beat Jesse Montez Thorton, JR.’s ass like he needs to have done prior to this?


Currently enjoying a Shiner Bock after a long day at work.
Life keeps rollin’, with God still in control.

Y’all have a great weekend.


Wondering if I am going into work Monday. I’ve three GG-11s that work for me as well and no one knows. Our HR knows nothing, Commander, Dep Commander, nothing.

Or at least they ain’t telling us. Word on the the street is I will be there manning the office my myself, doggie paddling my way through the week.

Stop by and grab coffee if you near Osan.



“Ultra Right CEO Reveals ‘Record-Breaking’ Sales On Limited-Edition Beer Can Featuring Trump’s Mugshot”


“Ultra Right, the beer brand that launched as a “woke-free” Bud Light beer alternative, raked in half a million dollars in just 12 hours after it released a special edition can that featured the historic mugshot of former President Trump.”

“Weathers told FOX Business that the beer sales were equivalent to over five tractor loads of cans, in what the businessman described as “the most sought-after collector beer can in American history.”


Nice. Look for some to be resold on Amazon.


Love him or hate him, this is some funny shit right here!

Hack Stone

The attempt to open up the European market to Y3K software from a proud but humble woman owned business formerly located on Wilson Lane in Bethesda Maryland was less than successful. Looks like we will not be getting that mailbox door this year.

And Hack Stone would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the Adorable Deplorables a Happy New Fiscal Year.


Okay, Day One of FY24, so here’s the results of the FY23 Valor Vultures Tote Board:

Army – 9
Navy – 5
Marines – 9 1/2
Air Force – 1 1/2
Coast Guard – 1
Merchant Marines – 0
Space Force – 0

Group consensus question: Since the counts are way down from previous years, is keeping count on a Tote Board something that should be continued?

Gimme some input, folks. Thank You