Army re-ups exceeding expectations (so bonuses suspended)

| September 18, 2023

A while back we mentioned that the Army was falling short of enlistment expectations – again. At the same time,  the Army’s spokesperson said re-enlistments were doing well. Friday, the Army announced it was suspending re-enlistment bonuses through the end of the fiscal year.

A Sept. 12 internal Army Military Personnel Center message shared with detailed that the Selective Retention Bonus Program was shut down on “the effective date of this message.”

This past April, the Army hit its retention goal for the fourth year in a row, previously reported. The active-duty force retained 55,000 soldiers who were otherwise scheduled to leave the service.

In 2023, the Army retained 3,700 more soldiers compared to the previous fiscal year. Rather than put more money into an already stellar retention year, the Army decided to pause the program for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Last year, the service ended up 15,000 new soldiers short of its goal of 60,000 recruits. The Army is doing a lot better this year, but is still expected to fall a little short of its more ambitious recruiting goal of 65,000 new soldiers this year.

I am a little curious – “fall a little short” – a couple of weeks ago that “little” was on the order of 20%. Sure like to see the actual numbers, not glittering generalities. I suspect “little” is more like about 10,000.

But I will bet this’ll affect some re-ups schedules…bearing in mind “end of the fiscal year” is only two weeks from now, but the program has to be restarted and I can just bet that someone who was counting on a re-enlistment bonus is gonna get find their ETS is before the memo restarting the bonuses hits. There’s a reason they call it the Big Green Weenie sometimes.

H/t to Jeff LPH!


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Can’t figure this stuff out?


This too.


It’s tough to believe anything coming out of this woke corrupt administration.

Plenty of stories of stop loss, especially for pilots.

So, like c o vid, you have to look at data….which they don’t make available.

Which skill sets (MOS)? Combat arms vs office workers?
Are these folks still in the old pension system and just holding out to 20?
A shrinking military requires less higher ranks so it’s “easy” to make numbers…etc.

Anna Puma

“A shrinking military requires less higher ranks so it’s “easy” to make numbers”

Shrink the Pentagon to three sides.


My thoughts, too. Plus, lies, damn lies, and statistics. ‘specially the “What MOS(?)…” And how many are in the group that want the free “gender re-assignment” beanies that are on the waiting list?

Anna Puma

Anything above ZERO new recruits is an up-tick in recruiting.


Early career NCOs (E5/E6) make $40-55k + BAH&BAS for net of around $50-$70k. Very few jobs provide you with all paid training and pay you that well after 4 to 6 years on the job with only a high school diploma.

The kiddies don’t really think a head like that.

The army doesn’t really need excess NCOs doing the jobs of troopies. They need lots of low paid troops. But after 3 years of failure we are back to having that hollow army that we had post Vietnam.


$50k a year is about $24/hour for a 40 hour week.

1. Some fast food places now pay $20 hour starting not including OT.
2. You don’t work 40 hours a week in the military.
3. Any kind of skilled job, plumber, electrical, auto, tool/die, etc. either has an apprenticeship program or fairly affordable way to attain that skill. EASY make the salary of an E6 in a two years.
4. You aint a guinea pig like in the military.
5. You don’t have to go where you are told with zero input and can’t leave. Could even join a union to tell management fook off.
6. Toxic woke affirmation action diversity alphabet leadership that hates you in the military. And you can’t leave. All for your crappy weekly paycheck of $1000 before taxes.

You see, for most, it was WAY MORE than the money that men joined the US military. Now, folks like you, think it’s just another job and a just a paycheck.


Folks like me?


“for most, it was WAY MORE than the money that men joined the US military.”

Then why is it the “most” that make such a fuss about pay & benefits?


“suspending re-enlistment bonuses”

A clear indication they are not in it for the money.
So what is it that makes one re-up in todays shit show?
What MOS is the most attractive and why?
Maybe the best place to hide out and get free food and medical
care is to be in the military now that you really can be all you
want to be and more.
Not woke my ass.


My guess, those still in the old pension holding on to 20 years.


In all fairness, Democrats are terrible negotiators. Today they paid $1.2B each for five hostages. They turned over six terrorist leaders of the Taliban for 1 traitor.


Unfortunately, I am only allowed to give 1 thumbs up. Emojis to the rescue👍 👍👍👍👍👍

Old tanker

Nothing says we love ya like ending the same bonus your buddies got because their enlistment date was a few months before yours…


Timing is everything.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Which one is our Hack on the above Pic.

Hack Stone

Who is that good looking stud on the right be reenlisted? Quite confident that he has a solid career in front of him as Director of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells overpriced and outdated Red Hat Software to the federal government.

Interestingly enough, the Captain in the center is somewhat famous, or more appropriately notorious, for some shady behavior in the early 1990’s.