Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| August 29, 2023

Da fuq?

Hide your babies from the sailor at Oki

He’s a lot less safe going into a women’s bathroom IMO

Mom wants to tuck her 7 year old son’s “junk” away from view

These princesses need a shave

Nothing weird about a guy dressed like a woman recording in the ladies room, right?

Eco-hippies pissing off burning man hippies

Separate but equal

With fall and the 2024 election cycle starting, we return to COVID season. They’re so Pfaithful

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Reference “Hide Your Babies From The Sailor At Oki”

She is a US Air Force Tech…. and has been removed from her job.

She supposedly later apologized on her Instagram account and claimed her post was simply dark humor from working “exhausting” 12-hour shifts. She said she would never harm any children and that she reached her “breaking point.”

“In a Facebook post, the Defense Health Agency confirmed that the person who made the threats was removed from her position at the Okinawa US Naval Hospital.”

“The post read ‘”We sincerely apologize for this inappropriate post and further stated “The service member has been removed from patient care pending a full investigation, and our staff remains dedicated to providing world-class care for every patient.”

You Be The Judge.

“Okinawa Naval Hospital Removes Infant Care Provider After Online Threats To Children”


“A service member working with infants in intensive care was removed from her post at U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa after making online threats to children she worked with, according to a spokeswoman for the Defense Health Agency.”

“The service member’s post on Snapchat, since deleted, was shared as a screenshot Tuesday on the Okinawa Rants and Venting Facebook group. Under the screen name “Rae,” the service member said she had to hide at work because she was about to throw a baby “like a damn football…”

“Rae also said the babies were “acting like they want to meet Jesus,” despite her having given them “so much sugar water that they could be type 2 diabetics.”

“We sincerely apologize for this inappropriate post,” said Whitney Trimble, a spokeswoman for Defense Health Agency Region Indo-Pacific. “The service member has been removed from patient care pending a full investigation, and our staff remains dedicated to providing world-class care for every patient.”


Boot her ass from the military, bad conduct discharge so every job she applies to she has to explain why. Hopefully she never gets near a NICU ever again.


We’re gonna need more woodchippers…or rope. I’m good with either and/or both.


If they’re recoding themselves in the bathroom you can bet they are recording you. Of course its men in women spaces because if some “trans man” did that in the Men’s Room she gets pummeled and receive a swirly.


So, let me get this straight….she’s outside to get some fresh air, but she’s wearing a mask? Shes better off inside smelling her own breath. What is wrong with these people? Why doesn’t she start wearing a football helmet when she is driving her car while shes at it?

Green Thumb

She says Tina has “junk” and the mom is asking for help.

Yeah. It is her son, not her daughter.


“There’s a creepy trend of males filming themselves inside women’s bathrooms to show off and affirm their trans identities.
It’s almost like it’s a fetish…”

The word that I added to my vocabulary a couple of months ago was suggested by a random YouTube commenter replying to a comment I had made about my former soldier, Charles (now Charlotte) Clymer is autogynephilia, defined as “a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female.”

I find it highly “amusing” how so many “transwomen” identify as lesbians, to include the aforementioned never-deployed Old Guard soldier and West Point medical drop. Make a few superficial changes, maybe even get some top surgery, but keep what counts? Doesn’t sound like a woman to me; in the words of Austin Powers, “That’s a man, baby”.

As for the Burning Man roadblock, I saw that this morning. It makes a statement, to be sure. You won’t continue to risk peoples’ lives by forcing them to sit idle in their vehicles in the desert, and you and your opinions won’t be forced on others, especially at their inconvenience. Those Rangers should be commended for their actions…


Today’s lesson, boys and girls, is “Do Not Fuck With Tribal Police”. Any tribe. They do not play by the same rules as you ordinary average everyday metropolitan police. What I’m not understanding is why the occupants of the miles long line of vehicles did not severely stomp the protesters, remove the “roadblock”, and go merrily along their way.


Willing slaves.

Even sheep are contemptuous of them.


Because the burning man festival attracts a lot of leftist rich hippies.

they wear a mask when they are told to, and will never harm brave climate protesters.


What gets tranvestites off… now it’s an “identity” you can’t criticise or you’re “racist” or something.


Foretold well:
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Ladies, the last thing a perv expects is to be gang-attacked by mama bears.


Why are people still taking their kids to Disney World (Land)? Shouldn’t that be classified as child abuse?

Regarding the Munchausen Mom who’s brainwashed her kindergartner into thinking he’s a girl: I especially got a kick out of this line: “If you’re a transwoman, is there something you can use to hide…”

Um…lady…he’s 7. Even if 7 was old enough to make a rational and informed decision about sexuality, he still wouldn’t be a “woman” (or “man”) of any kind…he’s a CHILD.

What was that I was saying about child abuse?


Pedos feel they need luvin’ too…
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