Thursday updates – SGM Kettleball, Trudeau’s guns, PVT King

| August 17, 2023

A few items:

The recently appointed Sergeant Major at Camp Pendleton’s Infantry School has been relieved.  Steven Burkett, aka “Sergeant Major Kettleball” was relieved due to “loss of trust and confidence” was relieved July 13.

In April, Burkett won Camp Pendleton’s Male Marine Athlete of the Year competition and set a mark recognized by Guinness World Records for the most weight lifted by kettlebell swing in one hour.

He also holds the records for most weight lifted in both one minute and three minutes, according to Guinness’ website. All records were recorded while he was serving in the Marine Corps.

No cause for the finding was published…hopefully he didn’t do something silly like going into one of his Marine’s off-post quarters without permission like another did a few years ago, SGM (ret) Christian Bull did. Task and Purpose

Next up, Canadian Prime Minister loves to trumpet that his governments ban on many guns, such as “military style assault weapons”. You know, the gun-grabber’s wet dream of nothing black and plasticky, nothing which holds more than an arbitrary number of cartridges, confiscation of legally purchased property through enforced “buy backs” (if the gov’t didn’t own them to begin with, how can they buy them back?” etc.

Violent crime (as measured by the Violent Crime Severity Index) “rose in 2022, reaching its highest point since 2007.” The increase “included higher rates of robbery (+15%), extortion (+39%), homicide (+8%) and level 1 sexual assault (+3%),” and the rate of Level 2 assault involving a weapon or bodily harm has increased every year since 2015.

In another notable milestone, the homicide rate in 2022 reached a level that has not been seen since 1992.

StatsCan reports that the rate of violent Criminal Code firearm offences (e.g., discharging a firearm with intent, pointing a firearm or using a firearm in the commission of an indictable offence) has increased for the eighth consecutive year, rising 4% in 2022. Criminals are apparently not at all hindered by changing gun laws, as the rate at which a firearm is used in the commission of an offense has almost tripled, from 0.65 (in 2000) to 1.86 (2022).  Buckeye Firearms

StasCan is an official Canadian government agency, by the way. The great part? If you think Canada has in aincreasing crime problem, it’s just you.

Canada’s National Post describes the “federal Liberals’ new communication strategy” as “doubling down on their signature tactic: gaslighting Canadians into thinking there’s no problem and, if that fails, blaming them for thinking there’s a problem at all.” The replacement Justice Minister, Arif Virani, “is telling Canadians their concerns about crime may be all in their heads. He told Reuters: ‘I think that empirically it’s unlikely’ Canada is becoming less safe. ??‘But I think there’s a sense coming out of the pandemic that people’s safety is more in jeopardy.’


Seems Private Travis King is proving to be weak sauce for the North Koreans.

King “confessed that he had decided to come over to the DPRK [North Korea] as he harbored ill feeling against inhuman maltreatment and racial discrimination within the U.S. Army,” the North Korean outlet claimed.

“The North Korean regime has probably tried to craft the most negative message that they can take advantage of him as far as they can,” Bruce Bennett, a senior defense analyst with the Rand Corp. think tank, told in a phone call Wednesday. II

That’s the best they can do? No high-profile arms dealer trades for him… hope he learns some Korean soon, he’s gonna need it for a while. Sounds like his propaganda value is next to nil for both countries.  Think the Dixie Chicks described him best: “a missing person that no one was missing at all.”

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Being as how it’s north Korea, I can’t wait to hear how much more humane treatment and less racial discrimination he is now receiving.

I wonder if he’s had his first welcome to North Korea ass whipping yet. Don’t really care, but curious nonetheless.


This is a job for Dennis Rodman.


I’d be okay with Dennis Rodman never coming back here too.


SPoTW Thread dropping early? Or just a mis-titled heading? ‘Cause teh stoopid is very strong in these 3.

Old tanker

I guess the SGM embodies (pun intended) the reality of the word Marine. (muscles are required intelligence not essential)



I said this about ol’kettleballs in another thread. When your sole defining trait as a senior NCO is physical fitness, you’re probably a screaming asshat. My vote is toxic behavior got him thrown out like a unused Nordictrack.


I say he was trying to show the female Marines the proper technique with the kettlebells. They just weren’t getting it quite right.


Drop down and give me twenty on my knob, Private Hottie! (or so)…


Very true. I’ve served under and alongside some very professional and knowledgeable ones, but a lot of the fitness freaks I knew seemed to focus solely on physical capability, while raging out at every opportunity. Regardless of your qualifications and ability to lead and take care of Soldiers, if you aren’t running under 12 minutes and maxing every fitness test, you’re just another lackluster detriment to the unit. It’s ineffective, a morale killer, and makes good Soldiers just do their job until they ETS, while good leaders move on.


Probably roid rage manifesting itself against rectal conjunctivitus. He doesn’t look like he goes to many MENSA meetings.


Word on the street is he was trying to dip his willy into a POOLEE who followed the same IG Kettlebell pages he did.

Considering he ALREADY has a retirement date of 1/31/2024…they are trying to push him out with a QUICKNESS. Figure 60 days terminal, another 30 PTAD…and go ahead and knock that retirement seminar out too brah. Do not pass go, but collect that 9 year E9 retirement.


He just couldn’t weight to jump in the Poolie. Now, he’s powering his way to retirement.

His retirement pay will be along the lines of $5795/month under High-3: 72.5% of the average of E9 @26 years in 2021, E9 @28 years in 2022 and 2023. Give or take, of course, I think each month beyond the year mark counts for 1/12th of 2.5%.

Will this 29-year Sgt. Maj. get disability? Very likely, so tack on another $508 (30%) to $3621 (100%), more if he has a wife and kids. Will be become another leg press guy, filming himself working out while collecting hefty checks?

Regardless, depending on why he was fired, he’s got an MBA from William and Mary to go with his leadership positions in the Marines. He’ll probably move back to the East Coast, get a six-figure salary somewhere around DC, and collect nearly $100k a year between retirement and disability. He’ll be fine without the Marines, but he’ll henceforth be “Disgraced Sgt. Maj. Kettlebell”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I wonder how soon Travis “We Wuz Kangs” will 1-drop off the Nork propaganda; 2-have to start working in the rice fields like all the other slaves (mud soup?); 3-become fertilizer in those same rice fields?


Yup. Private Snowball doesn’t make himself usefull propaganda wise, he could very well end up living the closest thing you can find in 2023 to the ‘ Antebellum Experience ‘
Serves the treacherous little panty stain right.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’ve seen sales for inexpensive AR15 (~$300), upper + lower).
I wonder how worthwhile it would be to gun run a batch up to our brothers & sisters in Canadia land? No big exploitation. Just give (sell at reasonable cost, cash only) them the (unregistered) freedom tools that they need.

Growing up on that border, in high school a friend’s father got sent up the river on a firearm smuggling racket with the canucks and the local native/First Nations on either side of the river.

If you’re gonna do it, do it right – they are watching, bored and eager, for more such attempts.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ohhhh, yeah.
Would definitely need to do your recon and intel first.
Where are the watchers? And where are they not? And when?
And who do you trust to sell the gunz to, that isn’t a stoolie or a snitch?
And how do you cover your own azz and remain a-nony-mouse?

Conventional wisdom, even 2+ decades ago, would have suggested that the last folk to sell you out to any national or state/provincial government would be the Mohawks….

Still, someone sold out my friend’s dad. Really sucks, ‘cuz my friend was gorgeous (at least, back then) and I’d have very much appreciated if she could have focused on anything else.


Served with a guy who was part of one of the tribes that has a reservation that straddles the boarder, told me how it wasn’t just cigarettes and booze running across the water.

RGR 4-78


Communists love to use that word to deceive.


Chumming the waters, are we?


If that’s what it takes to get the fish to bite.


You know he’s lurking, waiting…


Check This Out….😆

“Man Posing As Delta Force Soldier Charged In Protection Scheme, Feds Say”

“A Texas man is facing wire fraud charges stemming from his claims to be a member of the Army’s elite Delta Force and offers of protection from Mexican drug cartels…”

“Saint Jovite Youngblood, 51, is accused of conning victims out of an unspecified amount of money…”

“The suburban Austin resident, who is also known as Kota Youngblood, told people that cartel members were planning to commit violence against them…”

“He then passed himself off as a Delta Force operator who would ensure their safety in exchange for money. Youngblood also promised significant returns on the payments.”

But he instead “used most of the money on junkets to Las Vegas to gamble in casinos,”

“Youngblood appears to have a well-established track record of spinning such yarns. According to a May 20, 2011, article in the San Bernardino, Calif., newspaper The Sun, a 39-year-old with his name was jailed on suspicion of defrauding a local coin dealer out of more than $90,000 in gold coins.”

“He earned victims’ trust by claiming to be a Purple Heart recipient or a Navy SEAL, among other things, the paper reported.”


He should enjoy prison for about ten minutes. After that he will fall to pieces.



He’s a Repeated Offender…

Something is not right with that Dude…😉😎


The 2011 News article:

“Suspected Coin Scam Artist Arrested In Crestline”

“He has at least 13 aliases, an affinity for high-stakes gambling and, according to sheriff’s investigators, a knack at scamming coin dealers.”

“Now 39-year-old Saint Jovite Youngblood of Crestline is behind bars.”

“The victims said Youngblood earned their trust by claiming he earned a Purple Heart medal through the War on Terrorism, that he served as a U.S. Navy Seal and his wife and children had all been killed by a drunk driver. Sheriff’s officials say all of these stories are false.”


“Military-style assault weapons” are commonly used down South for predator and overpopulation control. We sell them as MSRs because they are just that–Modern Sporting Rifles. You can get an AR-15 in .350 Legend, add a suppressor (which we don’t sell) and a thermal scope, and you’ll be pig hunting in the swamps at all hours. Scary thought: military hardware with thermals and suppressors along with a “high capacity” magazine.

Trudeau is a joke, like many politicians. It’s easy to sit in a luxurious office surrounded by personal bodyguards and police, while summarily dictating the types of firearms that the common citizenry can own. I like the choices I have down here where, unlike Virginia, I can carry more than 20 rounds in a gun. We got an FFL transfer in last week: Springfield XD-M Elite with five mags–four 22-round and a 35-round. For $529, I may be ordering one. I don’t necessarily like the XDs, but I want to get a few Springfields, FNs, and SIGs for the collection. The FN 509 Tactical comes with 17 and 24-round mags. I bought my first Glock a couple of years ago and was impressed with the two additional rounds it gives me over the Beretta.

But I digress…like America, Canada is full of vast expanses where big city politics have no say in survival. Firearms are popular because they keep us at the top of the food chain, whether against wild predators roaming the mountains and swamps, or against two-legged predators roaming the streets looking for easy prey. I pack accordingly. If in bear country, the .44 Magnum and perhaps the .45-70 single shot or .45 Colt lever action are near at hand (I need to buy a .44 Magnum level gun too). If in the city, there’s a primary and a backup with spare mags or speed loaders.

It scares those in power that we are armed, however, disarming us makes us prey to those in power as well as the aforementioned predators. Something doesn’t add up…


“Something doesn’t add up…” It’s not about control of the gunz…it’s all about control of the people.

Prepare…Keep ’em skeered.


With some exceptions, I’m pro-cop. Most are hard-working men and women who want to serve their community and go home at the end of their shift after a boring day. We have to remember, though, that they are an extension of our governmental bodies. If even stricter gun control is enacted, or further bans are made, there will be a rift in the ranks of those who enforce those laws. Politicians, raking in “donations” from anti-gun organizations, will dangle badges in front of police agencies like carrots on a stick.

Notice that it’s mostly Sheriffs (as opposed to police chiefs) that take a stand against gun control. They are voted in and out of office, and many are smart enough to realize that failing to be vocally opposed may cost them their office. Big cities and counties with Liberal elected officials, to include Sheriffs, are already lost.

Isn’t it funny that the same group of politicians that backed defunding the police a couple of years ago now tell us we can rely on those same police for protection? This, after we’ve watched heavily politicized school shootings unfold where police stand back for their own protection while children are murdered? Further, after cops themselves have been targeted for using force in defense of themselves and others?

Controlling the people comes in many forms, and unfortunately media collusion with gun control-oriented politicians has led many Americans to come under the control of anti-2A influence. Even some gun owners are willing to compromise the 2A due to media influence and a “but we just don’t need no black high-capacity rifle” mentality. Think of some life-long hunters: “I got my deer gun, my duck gun, and a .22. Ain’t no one needs more than three rounds in their gun. Been doing this my whole life and always made do with two.”


Police chiefs are mostly not elected. Sometimes they can get fired for expressing political opinions.

I am starting to get on board the defund the police train. There are a lot more people that are not criminals than are. We go back to the wild West. A lot of these problems will solve themselves and work themselves out the in wash.

It works both ways. No police means that everybody is the police. That idea is starting to appeal to me.


commonly used down South for predator and overpopulation control.”

Poor word choice on my part. Some might misinterpret that to mean that we keep those pesky humans in their place.

RGR 4-78

Feral hogs only need about 6 months to overpopulate a couple of acres and have a bad impact on native species.


Exactly, and there are some big ones down here. I’d always see roadkill on GA-119 and GA-144 at Fort Stewart, and my sister totaled her van hitting a 300-lb one in Texas.

Funny story (in retrospect), but in 2014, 3ID decided to make Camp Oliver the Division Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB) testing location. It hadn’t rained in weeks, so when they set up the Land Nav course everything looked dry. The night before testing it started raining. By the next day, some Soldiers were passing through ankle deep water. By Day 3 of testing (it was a poorly planned event), some shorter Soldiers were telling me they’d been chest deep at times.

A SSG in my company was up to his knees when a hog started chasing him. He ran as best he could and whacked his knee on a submerged log, almost costing him the chance to continue testing. He sucked it up, earned his EIB (he walked a little funny on the ruck for some reason), and spent the next few weeks still bruised and limping around.


Commiez like gun control fer a reason:
comment image


Last week Sophie decided it was time for her and Justin Turdeau to start seeing other men.
Word is…after Turdeau is done drowning his sorrows at gloryholes around Ottawa, he’s flying down to Cuba to spend some quality time with Unkie Raul.


I am pretty sure Justin has been seeing other men for a long time now.


Tranny commentary from a vet: