Veteran owned brewery lured to Norfolk, VA, some residents not happy

| July 14, 2023

Dozens of Norfolk residents participated in a town hall conducted at a local tavern. They were concerned about the brewery’s values partly based on statements made by one of its owners, a retired Navy SEAL. Some of the residents say that the brewery’s “right-wing values” are out of step with the community’s values. A Norfolk City Councilwoman suggested the possibility that the brewery may face challenges when trying to get permits to operate in the city.

From WHRO:

“I feel like our taxpayer dollars are going toward a brewery that’s not a good fit for the community, forcing us to have an anti-trans brewery into the community,” a woman who identified herself as Christie said at the town hall.

Those gathered at MJ’s Tavern – a prominent gay bar – talked about their concerns for the safety of the LGBTQ+ community and what could be done to block the brewery from moving in.

State Delegate Jackie Glass hosted the town hall.

Glass was quoted in the initial announcement from Youngkin welcoming the brewery, but has since said that she failed to do her due diligence to fully look into the company and its values.

“Just because we disagree doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to have a legal business,” Glass told the few dozen town hall attendees.

But Norfolk Councilwoman Andria McClellan said Armed Forces may have a tough time getting business permits from the City Council.

Armed Forces Brewing will be able to open later this summer at the former O’Connor Brewing Company location in Park Place relying on special permits granted to the previous tenant to operate a brewery at the location..

That’s because permits from the previous tenant will carry over temporarily.

But the council will have to approve new conditional use permits for Armed Forces to be able to serve alcohol when the existing permits run out.

“The conditional use permit process takes into consideration political considerations. And we very much value input from the community,” McClellan said.

WHRO has additional information here.

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Are you kidding me? Norfolk? Shit City East Coast? Vet business having issues cause they’re right wing? We are in the Twilight Zone. Those fuckers don’t have any problem taking our military money, do they.

Hack Stone

They want the military, they just don’t want the military.


Well, the money and prestige the military brings, but not those dirty awful military people.

Hack Stone

That should read “The want the military money, they just don’t want the military.”

Hack stone Publishing regrets the error.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Shit City!!! We were using that name back in 1963 when I was stationed abourd the LPH 3, Norfolk NOB. WOW, some names don’t change even years later. Thanks MC.


My pleasure. If the name fits, keep it!


In ol’ Navy town, Nof*ck, Virginia?!

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous

“Dogs and sailors stay off the grass!”


Pretty much, Nof*ck civvies (especially with money) be like that.

Hack Stone

“The conditional use permit takes into consideration political considerations.”

Sounds like something Vice President Kamala Harris would say. And when the Norfolk City Council denies the business a permit, will they be considering how much the city of Norfolk and their insurance carrier will have to pony up when the inevitable lawsuit is filed and won for violating the brewery owner’s constitutional rights?


Proggie city council playing “so, sue me”…


Nothing some targeted campaign contributions won’t fix.


How the good ol’ boy system does stuff…


That really is an amazing statement, isn’t it?


Political Differing in the First Degree is yet again a capital crime?

I suggest the company operate as a speakeasy and pay the local cops to look the other way and/or ‘remove problems’.

My dudes, the ocean is right there!


Yeah, but as an Engineer, it is incumbent upon me to inform you that salt water is not supposed to be used in your concrete mix. You’ll end up with an inferior mix. If it be done, let it be done right.


So, Pappy…we go with the old standby of cement block (properly cast) and a chain…inside a crab trap? Works for me.

See if I got this straight (c what I did there)…A conservative establishment will be denied permitting because of their beliefs? Imagine, if you will…what would be the hue, cry, and gnashing of teeth if a semi conservative City Council denied a permit to the LGBTQRSTUV establishment. The Horror!


Why waste a perfectly good crab trap? Punch some holes in a 50 gal drum with an axe.


Why ruin a perfectly good axe, when I have plenty of .45?


With the price of ammo? My trusty Dewalt drill and my old 1/2” unibit will get ‘er done!


Our Beloved AW1Ed has a very tasty recipe for grilled crab cakes, SFC D. We feed the crabs…the crabs feed us. Win Win…well…for us anyhow.


Always said: Shoot, Sail, Sink, STFU. Crabs gotta eat too.


OK I’ve never heard this before and I’m extremely thankful for this because I have a bad back so it’s much easier to push somebody overboard than it is to dig holes.
That is unless I can rent a backhoe someplace and just sit up in the seat and work levers. 🤨


Nobody will know it isn’t right until after the desired results are achieved.


But I’D know!🤣

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sounds like typical DildoCrat LibTard illogic….
“You can’t stop us from joining your conservative group”,
while at the same time,
“You conservatives aren’t allowed to join our group”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“I feel like our taxpayer dollars are going toward a brewery…”

Wait…..what? Not being a business owner, educate me here.
What does taxpayer money have to do with starting a small business? I thought a small business was a taxpayer and paid money INTO The Gooberment.

I had the same question. I hope the city has a good lawer on retainer. Denying a business license based on political views sounds like city tax dollars will be flowing to this brewery in a summary judgement.


How big is Norfolk, and how many are “dozens”?

There’s always bud light for those with delicate sensibilities. Brew the beer in the next town or 2 over. I’m sure they would appreciate the tax revenue.


Another Alphabet Mafia Lie…

There is NO VIOLENCE against them more or less than any other citizen. If what they claimed was true, then why isn’t the US Pravda (MSM) filled with daily stories of these “crimes”? Its because they don’t exist. Its like the demand for racism that far exceeds the supply.


comment image


Norfolk has a population of about 320k (of which I, unfortunately, currently am one). I wouldn’t trust the news report. I’d bet the crowd was more like a dozen with a similar number of journalists breathlessly reporting on the momentous event.

Norfolk’s population is predominantly of the “inner city” culture and are too busy buying scratch-off lottery tickets and knocking back 40’s to worry much about politics.

But Norfolk’s government is decidedly leftist so even if no one showed up for their big event, the city council would likely oppose this business.


Nof*ck was always a violet sleazy ghetto sh*thole, now it’s a “woke” violent sleazy ghetto sh*thole. We all dug Sharky’s Machine when it came out in ’81 (for some reason) there:

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous

P.S. Granted, Hotlanta (as depicted) was more upscale and high-speed than Nof*ck, but…

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous

P.P.S. Big thumbs up for using “Street Life” (intro song from Sharky’s Machine) to Quentin Tarantino in Jackie Brown years (like 15 or so) later.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sounds like it’s WAAAY past time for the E4 Mafia (or Navy equivalent) to stage a soft strike against the city.

“Pssstt…..spread the word….the city won’t allow a military owned brewery & bar……so we won’t shop there unless absolutely necessary… wid yer feets & yer dollars…..don’t spend money outside de base… it? good! pass de word….”


The city would rather have the building go empty than have a taxpaying business in it if they don’t agree politically with the owners of the business.

They’d REALLY, REALLY like to force other conservative businesses like Bob’s Gun Shop (just a few blocks from city hall) out, but they’ve been there for a long time and already have their zoning and business licenses.

If I were the proprietor of this business, when the city council says they’re going to deny renewing the conditional zoning I’d be paying attention. Yes, they may sue and may even win, but in our cesspit of a legal system, how many years will it take and how bankrupt will the business be before that happens?

Better to open the business in Virginia Beach or Suffolk where the population (and city government) is more conservative.


Sounds like the brewery owner has a fool proof retirement plan in place.

Sit back, wait for the city council to deny their permits, then sue the ever loving dog shit out of them. Collect and cash huge settlement check.

“Your honor, we’d like to enter Councilwoman Dipshitz’s comments as Exhibit One”


AT1 ret

Norfuk it right! They don’t need a new business with the overwhelming success of Miltary Circle Mall, Shops at Waterside, the always peaceful Wards Corner.

Stay classy norfuk soon you can sink to be Newport News MK2. Plus Portsmouth hates the competition.


Required viewing.


Shutting down this place would be a mistake, but Norfolk is slowly self destructing and they are grasping at straws. Downtown/Granby was getting to be a pretty nice area as recently as 5 years ago, but recently it has attracted a very rowdy and violent (as in shootings in the street) crowd, and the city has revoked a number of their liquor licenses forcing them to shut down.

It is very much like Virginia Beach oceanfront was about 20 years ago, and sadly VB is tending back in that direction- look at the shooting where Pharrell’s cousin was killed by police a few years ago. Because it was a >justified< police shooting an >armed< black man, lost in the noise was the fact that two gangs started randomly firing into the crowd, hitting several people and killing one. The video is bonkers:

The brewery scene in Tidewater/Hampton Roads has always been very family oriented and fun- dogs, kids, live music, food trucks, and above all good beer.

Openly smoking pot in the street, stabbing people, running them over with your car as they cross the street? Sounds legit. Making an offhand comment about not supporting an alternative lifestyle? Not in my back yard!


Place would be a swamp without the military and looks like it’ll go back to being one anyway.

Fred of the 173rd

Moonbats will not tolerate anyone who does not take a knee to their beliefs. Remember that and reject their ideas. Remember their existence frightens you and your safety.