Valor Friday

| June 30, 2023

The speed of life continues to keep me occupied and away from my keyboard. It didn’t help that the Internet mysteriously quit working and the service’s estimated repair time was ~54 hours. They got it done “early” at about 28 hours down. Therefore, you’re getting a re-run.

I talked about Louis Curdes a couple years ago. He’s famous for having shot down aircraft from all three Axis powers and then shot down an American C-47. He later married one of the nurses on the latter plane. This might be the only time a guy has scored a chick after scoring a kill on her plane.

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Gotta love that the Crew Chief of Curdes’s P-51 Mustang is “Buck Wheat”, as painted on the nose cowling below Curdes’s name in the photo above.

Couldn’t get away with a nickname/callsign like that these days. Not a chance.


There are some really cool callsigns out there that show up on
ADS-B Exchange. I’ll bet they would show it.


This article has a different story reference him marrying the nurse.

Source is his daughter.


Nothing wrong with re-runs, Mason, we see them quite often on the WOT. *grin* It is better, tho, when the re-run is about a badass Hero that hooked up with a sho’ ’nuff Ms Thang. (ht2 ninja for the pics)

The speed of life continues to keep me occupied and away from my keyboard.” You still working on your personal version of “Cheaper by the Dozen”? 😜