Donald Trump indicted over classified material handling

| June 9, 2023

Donald Trump has been indicted as a criminal defendant. Trump is charged with conspiracy, illegal retention of classified government material, obstruction of justice, etc. Trump has been summoned to the Federal Courthouse for this Tuesday, 3 PM, at Miami. This is the second indictment that Trump got hit with this year, the first one coming from Alving Bragg in New York.

From Fox News:

“The corrupt Biden Administration has informed my attorneys that I have been Indicted, seemingly over the Boxes Hoax, even though Joe Biden has 1850 Boxes at the University of Delaware, additional Boxes in Chinatown, D.C., with even more Boxes at the University of Pennsylvania, and documents strewn all over his garage floor where he parks his Corvette, and which is “secured” by only a garage door that is paper thin, and open much of the time,” Trump said on Truth Social.

Trump said he has “been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on Tuesday, at 3 PM.”

This is the second time Trump has been indicted this year. Trump pleaded not guilty in April after being charged by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree.

“I never thought it possible that such a thing could happen to a former President of the United States, who received far more votes than any sitting President in the History of our Country, and is currently leading, by far, all Candidates, both Democrat and Republican, in Polls of the 2024 Presidential Election,” Trump posted. “I AM AN INNOCENT MAN!”

Trump added: “This is indeed a DARK DAY for the United States of America. We are a Country in serious and rapid Decline, but together we will Make America Great Again!”

Smith was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland in November 2022 to investigate Trump’s alleged improper retention of classified records at his Mar-a-Lago home.

Fox News has the rest of the story.

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Pure politics to jam up Trump’s Presidential campaign, a banana republic move.


Me waiting for the FBI & DOJ to do something about the Biden Crime Family aside from running cover for their corruption…

Waiting for DOJ FBI to do something about The Biden Crime Family.png

Hillary? 30,000 classied e-mail/docs?


Except the part where he did the crimes and publicly admitted to the crimes in tweets, statements, and interviews.

As well as the surveillance tapes and recording of crimes.

And the fact that attorney client privilege was pierced due to his attorney being involved in crimes. Not the first time one of his attorneys was involved in his crimes.

And the open obstruction.

But you would rather believe he is just an innocent victim and literally EVERYONE else, including witnesses, and his own lawyers….are all lying to get him.


More douchebaggery from its #1 source…
Remember, he had “all the inside information” on Russian “interference” except that is run out the DNC through the CIA with Obama’s approval and Hillary’s cash…

If Trump goes down for this, then ALL THE OTHER DC SWAMP CREATURES must go done too…
Pedo Joe
Barry Bananas
Cankles McPantsuit
Billy The Rapist
Hell, I bet Jimmy C got some too…

More Docuhebaggery.png
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Forest Bondurant

If anyone was shocked or disappointed to hear about the DOJ or FBI meddling in the last election, you haven’t seen anything yet. There’s NO way the Deep State will allow Trump or any other conservative candidate win because if any did, they know they all stand a chance to be held accountable for their treason


When do we start prosecuting the White House security manager, you know, the guy who let all those TS-SCI documents out of the SCIF? And all the other presidents and veeps that had or currently have classified documents in their possession? Add in that Clinton broad whose handling of classified information is far more egregious than that of Trump. This is not a defense of Trump. I’m attacking the selective prosecution by our government. Nixon is laughing his ass off right about now.


If I cheer this happening to Trump and would cheer this happening to Biden if the same is shown to be true for him, am I still an example of why fascists and socialists were able to rise to power?

I cheer for justice when people -not Republicans, not Democrats, people– who think they are above the law break important ones and are held accountable. Period.

USMC Steve

They do tend to be held accountable, when they aren’t socialist democrats.


First, they have Trump on tape saying he has secret information, showing it to a reporter, and that he could have declassified it (true!), but didn’t. So this whole ‘Jedi mind declassification trick’ thing is laughable.

Second, for some information such as atomic things, even POTUS can’t unilaterally declassify things.

So, in other words: no.


Why do you couch it with this little statement?

if the same is shown to be true for him


Because there’s a 49-page indictment on Trump released by the special counsel, laying out considerable evidence against him. Nothing remotely on that scale yet exists for Biden.

If we get there, I’m all for it. Do you feel the evidence against Biden is currently on par with this indictment?


Cool, I’m in. Trump’s documents were recovered August 8th and Biden’s (started on) November 2nd. So we should have an indictment by September. Sounds fair.

What Biden did was arguably much worse. Firstly he had absolutely no explanation as to why the documents spread all over kingdom come and or any valid reason for having them. Secondly, many were completely unsecure in a closet where anyone could get to them, after doing God only knows what with them.

Trump’s were under guard by the Secret Service 24/7.

USMC Steve

That is why old commissar is fine with it.


I held a clearance for over 40 years. Everyone who violated what appears to have been Security rules 101 regardless of political party should be publicly exposed prosecuted and not just selected folks AND they should be permanently barred from having a clearance or filling a position that requires a clearance.

I’ve been retired for a couple months but could have my clearance reactivated in short order.

Enough of the selective prosecution.


Held a clearance for 35 years myself. The focus is on Trump while the entire security program at the White House is irrevocably broken.


Truth has no Agenda, but it does have a price!


I guess he should have drained the swamp
but if re-elected he won’t forget
just as bad idiot in the WH now
it’s time for new leadership


You Be The Judge….



Can’t see the mirror with all of the smoke in the way…and I’m not speaking of the wildfire smoke. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” And who is the “man” behind the curtain? Is it the one who set out to “…fundamentally change the face of America…”? Or the one who felt it was “her turn”? Or a combination of the power mad despots on BOTH SIDES of the Uniparty that are hell bent on the complete control of We, The People?

Love him or hate him anyone with more than two brain cells has to see that Trump did bring to light the “Deep State” that is ONLY concerned with holding onto their power over We, The People and seeing just how much of their ill gotten gains they can salt away in off shore bank accounts while they continue to loot the Treasury and saddle We, The People with crushing debt and taxes. We rose up against a 2% tax back yonder but willingly accept a 40+% reaming without even the common courtesy of a reach around.

There will come a reckoning…and it won’t be pretty. Prepare!

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Dan Bongino on WFTL 850 AM radio mentioned around 20 minutes or so ago that Herr biden fits in with Hitler, Castro, Stalin and around a little over a half dozen dick tators that Herr biden is now emulating.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Forgot to add this in that Herr biden’s justice dept Gestapo has yet to kill any of Herr bidens political rivals YET.


The ninja family had the opportunity last night to watch FREE the movie ” My Son Hunter” via YouTube.

If anyone is interested, here is the link:

The movie is about 90 minutes in length. It is a mixture of comedy and seriousness…HIGHLY recommend all to watch it (recommendation also goes out to LC and Commissar).

Well worth 90 minutes. Especially what happened yesterday reference President Trump being indicted. Again…

Enjoy If Interested. We Did!

Additionally, highly recommend to all the new book by Alan Dershowitz, “Get Trump: The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process, and Our Constitutional Rule of Law”.

Well worth the read!!!


That face one makes when the hookers and blow binge was just okay, nothing spectacular, this weekend…

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Anyone else here with military experience having TS/SCI clearances?

What would have happened to you?
You know, if you just happened to have materials at home,
that should have stayed at the command post,
or the ops center, or the 4 star CINC’s office?

If you are thinking it’s just politics (again)….
I’m thinking the rules and responsibilities placed on me and others.
I’m thinking the Walkers.
Then again, watching the Walkers unfold in the 1980s,
while maintaining and repairing the same equipments and systems
(including the compromised KW-7)
will do that, at least for me.

Not a “box hoax” then. Not now, either.

Why didn’t he just turn it ALL over when 1st asked,
instead of dicking around for what, over 15 months?
And then the clincher, acting all adamant and arrogant on top?

Sadly, I predicted this day at the outset,
that although the state(s) efforts on other issues are largely politically driven,
this is the 1 that he simply doesn’t get away with it.
Or talk, or bully, or rally, or lawyer his way out of it.

I doubt he’ll end up at Leavenworth,
as I would have,
had I chosen to do something similar, and so incredibly stupid.


Nail Biden, too.
His fails are just as bad.


Nail ALL of them!


comment image?w=500&ssl=1


When Biden took his documents and put them in five different locations, including his garage, he did not have any declassification authority as VP or as a senator. Only the President has statutory declassification authority.


Well, I had a top-secret security clearance, but then I didn’t have the supreme, unfettered statutory power to declassify documents, and I didn’t sign a presidential order declassifying those documents on my last day in office. Something you TDS infected clowns all ignore. The only reason, the Deep State wanted all those docs back is because they contain all the evidence implicating all the Deep State players in the conspiracy to take out Trump with the treasonous Russia Russia Hoax, which makes Watergate almost laughable by comparison.


I voted for Trump.
I attended rallies in 2016 (campaign) and 2018 (in office).
And, I mocked Hillary (and her TDS fans) throughout 2015 / 2016.
And more so into 2017 / 2018.

So, whoever you believe may have TDS here…. wooops.

I don’t recall any proof or evidence that he actually declassified anything from the boxes.

Do you have that proof and evidence?
Or, just his verbal claim?
Where’s the signed Presidential Order?

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Sebastian Gorka read the declass order dated 1/19/2021 on his radio show yesterday.


I found the Gorka tweet on this.

Unfortunately for Gorka,
this Jan 19, 2021 signed Presidential document
only applies to 1 BINDER,
about the FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Nothing else.

Meanwhile, go check out Drudge Report.


When Trump is the only one investigated and indicted, it’s political. There is no other explanation.


We’ll know more next Tuesday,
when the details roll out from court in Miami.


I’m sure they’ll roll Hillary, Biden, Pence, Obama etc. all into one blanket indictment. It’s more efficient that way. And monkeys might fly out of my ass too.


It didn’t wait until Tuesday.
It’s all out there now.
Go check out Drudge Report.

Drudge 37 counts.jpg

I can now hear Ralph Kramden.


You’re really missing my point. I’m not defending Trump. I’m attacking our politicized DOJ and it’s selective methods. Prosecutions need to start with the White House security managers and follow the document trail all the way to the maid that picked up Hillary’s fax. You know, the classified document that she removed the classification markings from. If Trump is singled out, it’s not justice. It is retribution and political abuse of the justice system.


If not news link aggregator Drudge Report,
where do YOU suggest people go
for today’s breaking news?


Might as well read the news feed from the MSDNC on your computer screen.


Perhaps from the same place you get yours. The Google of fu if I remember correctly.

I like reading the conservative tree house. Ace of spades hq to name a couple.

Almost forgot to add gateway pundit.


Almost forgot to add gateway pundit.”


I look at several dozen news feeds/sites every day, several times a day. Another dozen + blog/opinion sites. IMHO the most accurate news today is reflected in memes. Sad, ain’t it?


If you want to get deep in the weeds of what has been going on in the get Trump machinations read the Then watch attorney Robert Barnes’ podcasts. He is the savviest political litigation lawyer in the country, IMHO.


The details aren’t gonna roll out. We’ll hear the charges, but that’s it. The judge will put a gag order on it immediately. Then it’ll just be the typical leaks from the usual suspects until this goes to trial (which won’t be televised). It will go on as long as necessary to derail his re-election bid. Expect to get more “walls are closing in” crap come RNC time, and if he wins the nom, then before the general election.


The chances of a trial before November of 2024 are slim and none.


“We got him this time!”

AW1 Rod

As expected.  Dodge and deflect the focus off of Biden’s corruption and accusations of taking bribes that have come to light.  Indict Trump over anything and everything, while the Biden family gets away with decades of corruption and crime.  And, of course, the ruling regime’s DoJ and FBI lead the charge against Trump, while covering for Biden.  It’s ALL so obvious.  They don’t even try to provide cover for it anymore.  It’s so blatant and the timing is so obvious.  This government is beyond a joke.  It’s a pile of shit, and it’s turning our country into a pile of shit.


“They don’t even try to provide cover for it anymore.”

And do you know why hat is, Rod? Very simply, it’s because they don’t have to fear condemnation n the media. It is the compliant and complicit liberal media that has brought this country to the edge of the abyss. If the Democrats had to fear the media the way the Republicans do, this abuse of federal power would have to be much more subtle and limited.

Ironic isn’t it, that it’s the media that has done the most to destroy our freedoms? They should be the first to hang from the lamp posts…


Remember what Jim Biden said to Bobulinski in response to his query about how can you all get away with this: “Plausible deniability.”


Everyone should go look at Drudge Report.
It didn’t wait until Tuesday.

Drudge 37 counts.jpg

Well then,
Bongino Report is asleep at the wheel today.

No mention of the breaking news of counts and details,
nor the recent Smith appearance.
None of it.

Why would Bongino Report display none of this,
when it’s all out there for upwards of 90 minutes?


I’ll remind you,
this is now 1 of the biggest news cycle days,
as pertains to the Presidency,
in almost 50 years.


Are you really sticking with
“He declassified those documents beforehand”?

As I already asked rgr769…..
Do you have that proof and evidence?
Or, just his verbal claim?
Where’s the signed Presidential Order?
(end paste)


It’s easy.
rgr found 1,
but it was NOT what Gorka claimed it to be.
It was not a blanket,
but very specific, to 1 binder.
Nothing more.

Therefore, if that 1 is out there in public,
other signed orders should be out there also.

Show me any 1 other.
Show me anything blanket.
You’ve had time to look,
and find, and save,
if this is your argument you’re sticking with.

Good luck.


Welcome to the 3rd world. Sickening.

USMC Steve

Wow, the deep state really doesn’t want him running for president again, do they?

A Proud Infidel®™

EVERY TIME something damaging comes up on the Biden Syndicate, they “unseal” something else against Donald Trump.

Daisy Cutter

Biden could score some political points if he pardoned Trump.

Then, Trump could pardon Biden.

It won’t play out like this, but just sayin’.

Recall the “Lock her up” chants when Trump was elected and he chose not to pursue. Doesn’t work when the shoe is on the other foot, however.


Daisy Cutter,
I expect TDS Dem types to start with the chants of “Lock Him Up”,
all while not realizing their own hypocrisy
of using the very same chant invented for use against Hillary Clinton.

Daisy Cutter

At least he didn’t start this trend. Probably all one can really say.


comment image


Originally, I was going to get more involved with this discussion.

But the so many of the comments here were so damn asinine that I felt exhausted by the time I got to the bottom of the page.

I don’t have the energy to argue with the idiots today.

Hat tip to the few who recognize the Trump committed these crimes and this indictment was expected.


Not many idiots here that I have found. I read the links provided, if any, and make an informed opinion of what that person has said. I.E., compared to what the msm is regurgitating on a particular subject/day.

Was it not earlier this week that news broke about president biden 5 million dollar bribery investigation that had people’s attention, so let’s drag out orange man bad articles.

I don’t bookmark all sites I find interesting, but apparently RFK Jr is giving Democrats fits, and they are also worried Cornell west(?) would be a spoiler for democrats.

Recently found a YouTube guy, goes by the name of LFR family. Lots of good content there. Give him a listen.


comment image


Some day, I don’t know when, you’ll realize you’re the idiot. When you’re rested and ready, you can educate us all on why Trump’s classified document mess warrants prosecution, while others get a pass. I expect answers, not liberal/progressive/socialist talking points. I’m quite sure my expectations will not be met.


For me, that’s actually fairly straightforward. They aren’t prosecuting Trump for having classified documents, but for ‘willfully retaining’ them, including trying to deceive the US Government on what he had. That’s what sets him apart from others. If it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t be charged, in my opinion.

Or, put another way, ‘intent’ matters. If my brother and I both walk out of a store with a candy bar we didn’t pay for, and the cops stop us and I say, “Oh, shit, I didn’t realize I had that – let me return it and apologize”, and my brother says, “I don’t have a candy bar, despite the tape you have of me taking it, the witnesses who saw me do it, and the other witnesses whom I showed it to”, which of us is more likely to get charged?

I’d encourage you to read the actual indictment, if you haven’t.


You’re on it.
The Sunday pundits are on it now, too,
just as you suggest here.

I put the Barr pundit appearance on Fox News Sunday,
now on YouTube, at the bottom.

Good call.
Others here should pay (more) attention.
And take this more seriously,
instead of believing it’s just 1 more “witch hunt”.


You can do it, stay positive!

R (10).jpg

Might the documents pertain to nefarious dealings from previous/current administrations?

If it were Johnathan Walker serious it would have been on the 24 hour News cycle nonstop from the start.

That being said Trump or Joe whom ever is fecking up Opsec needs to answer for it.


Remember when Trump said “We got em, we got them all”?

The raid on Maralago was an attempt to find out exactly what he had on them, and destroy any/all evidence that he may have on them. This has nothing to do with “national security “, but everything to do with keeping the guilty from being drawn and quartered, at minimum, if we the people ever found out what our “betters” were doing to us.

As has been said before elsewhere….., pile of lumber, coils of rope, some assembly required.


Folks…Here We Go Again, Same Ole Stuff Again…🙄😳

This happened YESTERDAY, 9 June 2023, when Ole Brandon Boy was in North Carolina.

“Biden Again Says ‘We lost Our Son In Iraq’ — Despite Beau’s Death In Maryland”

“President Biden said Friday in North Carolina that “we lost our son in Iraq” — repeating a factual error he’s made at least three other times in the past year.”

“Biden, 80, spoke of his late son Beau’s death while telling a community college audience about how he intended to retire before ultimately running for president in 2020.”

“Barack [Obama] and I spent eight years together and then the new administration came in. And in the meantime, things changed in our life, in our family — I lost my son, we lost our son in Iraq,” Biden said.”

“The elder Biden is the oldest-ever president, and his repeated misstatements about his son’s death have stoked questions about his mental acuity as he seeks re-election.”


This 20 second clip reference Ole Joey Boy at Fort Bragg YESTERDAY is so painful to watch…and SCARY…



Comments reference the New York Pist story:

“Biden should stop passing himself as a Gold Star father. His son did not die in combat. His son should not be brought up at these events. His son had a cushy military job and died of cancer.”

“I think it’s despicable how Biden uses his sons death on so many occasions looking for sympathy, and it’s even more egregious when he lies about Saint Beaus death as a result of combat. The guy was a lawyer sitting behind a desk.”

“Maybe he’s so far gone he actually thinks beau died in Iraq? How many times can you say this nonsense accidentally? He had a daughter die and decades later a son, he didn’t lose 28 children and simply can’t keep track of who perished, where and when. This is humiliating internationally and should be personally. Joe Biden is not fit for office, could be he never was.”

“Repeating the same untrue stories over and over is a clear sign of dementia.”

“He says that he believes his son’s cancer was caused by “burn pits” used to dispose of potentially toxic waste in Iraq.” Yeah, because JAG O-3s spend a lot of time hanging around burn pits.”

“He’s been saying this for 8 years. His dead son is a political prop. This is a man without a conscience.”

“This weekend Biden declines more mentally. Giving speeches he said Pacific Ocean bordered Africa, that Beau died in Iraq, and totally butchered meeting with British Prime Minister calling him by wrong name and calling him by wrong title.”

“He gets worse daily. His handlers can’t control him and have given up making excuses for his stupidity.”




This is what happens when Joe goes off script. We can be reasonably certain that the meat puppeteers did not write the “Beau died in Iraq” comments. That is because everyone with an IQ above 85 knows it is easily proven false. Moreover, his script writers got it right when he gave remarks at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. But Joe thinks because Beau may have ridden past a burn pit in a Humvee, that caused his brain cancer six years later. He just says this false statement as a way to try to connect to his audience. He has engaged in such lies his entire career.


Beau died in Iraq leading the Doolittle Raid against San Juan Hill, of course.


Discontentment as a weapon and the 2016 & 2024 hybrid disinfo op, or: let us not forget the abuse of FISA and the complicity of The DC Machine.

Did The They find dirt on PDJT and use him to surreptitiously set precedents foul to Rule of Law? (namely Health Emergency Act a la CoLie-19, gun law by executive fiat, and others…)

Was PDJT an honest actor, driven to such acts to 1)prove the fallibility of the Executive Monster, or 2)have an honest belief these were legitimate acts?

Either way, shameful unless a feint to draw fire so as to fix the enemies domestic. (still repugnant imho, I continue to be a skeptic as follow thru has been near nil, ymmv)

Twice he won by a landslide by portraying himself as ‘the outsider’ and by incitement or our discontent with the government control systems housed in the District of Criminality.

Is this the 3rd run of the same playbook?

“At this point, what difference does it make?” –HRC

For all the clamoring of contemptible creatures ON BOTH SIDES, he, once again, is the outlet valve. Actions such as changing statues, to include weaponizing the pResidential Records Act, attempts to scrub his name from primaries, etc will only serve to ensure his nomination at best, a truly ‘mostly peaceful’ displacing of ‘merger between state and corporation’ functionaries at worst.

Hedge accordingly.


Will our federal gub’mint be brought to account?

(I has sum oceanfront property in Kansas to sell ya)

Violence, in my estimation, only works to shift normies into the proposition that further control of We, the People is an acceptable means to protect ‘MuH dEmOcRacY’, without any consideration to the protections afforded to us all in our Constitution.

It is a fact that the letter agencies and the prior/current admin lied, bent the rule of law, and used metric shittons propaganda in a feeble thrust for more power.
What now?

Dunno, but I pray and sharpen the sword.

Attack my/our parchment, motive be damned, u earned ire.


And has Congo-ress forgotten its role in oversight of the treasury’s use?

Who TF are THEY working for?

I’d love to see states’ houses recall Senators for a number of reasons and local charges placed on corrupted Reps long before petty battles of POTATUS v. ‘GEOTUS‘.

The impact would be more significant and would help me sleep at night as The Presidential Reality Show would stop distracting the oatmeal-brained, and just maybe we all could have an honest discussion.


Barr speaks…
“I do think we have to wait and see what the defense says,
and what proves to be true,
but I do think that if even half of what Andy McCarthy says
— if even half of it is true,
then he’s toast.
I mean, it’s a very detailed indictment,
and it’s very, very damning.”

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