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| June 3, 2023

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‘I’d do it again:’ Georgia sheriff stops scam suspects by shooting at truck tire

Courtney Francisco
The Putnam County Sheriff is defending his decision to fire his weapon to hold two men at gunpoint until deputies arrived to his property Saturday.

“I’ve got half a dozen e-mails today calling me everything but the child of God,” said Sheriff Howard Sills.

He said the scenario unfolded as he was doing yard work at his home Saturday. He said two men, Jeremy Thomas and Antoine Brown, pulled up in a pickup truck with pine straw in the back for sale.

The sheriff said the men asked if he wanted to buy some, and he said no. He said he’s heard of scammers around town trying to sell straw, laying it and charging more in the end.

He asked if they had a license to solicit door-to-door.

The pair said they did not.

“I said, ‘Well, you’re violating the ordinance. You’re going to have to stay here a minute until deputies come to write you a ticket’,” said Sills.

Sills said both men did not have driver’s licenses on them, and he told them as long as the computer shows they have no warrants and accurate documentation, they can leave with the citation.

Turns out, Thomas is wanted in Gwinnett County for Theft. Brown was on probation for Criminal Trespass in Jefferson County.

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Wow. Why not instead thank the Sheriff for not capping both of these idiots. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

Alameda County judge robbed of his Rolex at gunpoint outside Oakland courthouse
The brazen holdup happened steps from the courthouse as the judge was headed to work

OAKLAND — An Alameda County Superior Court judge was robbed of his Rolex watch and wallet at gunpoint Thursday morning while he was headed into a downtown Oakland courthouse.

The robbery happened at about 8:50 a.m. at the Alco Park garage near 13th and Madison streets, mere blocks from the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse, according to Lt. Tya Modeste, an Alameda County sheriff’s spokesperson. The judge, who was getting out of his vehicle when the holdup happened, was not injured.

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Mercury News


Mother-Of-The-Year Contender
Florida woman was shoplifting when her car with 2 children inside burst into flames, police say
Alicia Moore, 24, was stealing from an Orlando retail store when the fire in her vehicle injured at least one child

Louis Casiano
A Florida woman was shoplifting inside a retail store when she left two children unattended in a vehicle that burst into flames, police said.

Alicia Moore, 24, an Orlando resident, is charged with aggravated child neglect and arson, FOX Orlando reported.

On May 26, Moore parked her car outside a Dillard’s department store at the Oviedo Mall and left two children “who could not care for themselves” inside the vehicle, authorities said.

She then went into the store and began shoplifting with a man, police said.

After about an hour, Moore left the store and found her vehicle engulfed in flames.

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Fox News

The kids were rescued by concerned citizens before the car was engulfed in flames. No word on the whereabouts of the gentleman she was shoplifting with, though.

I am convinced that the best service a retired general can perform is to turn in his tongue along with his suit and to mothball his opinions.
Omar N. Bradley

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I remember when David Souter was attacked while out jogging in DC. The media called it a mugging but nothing was taken. DC Police are on the case. 19 years going his attackers should be coming to justice any minute.


A Real Feel Good Story.

“Best thing I’ve seen all day…”

“Noble Haskell – a QUADRIPLEGIC – who broke is neck in a car wreck in June of 2021 WALKS to receive his diploma.”

“Need motivation? HERE IT IS.”

10 seconds.


Great. A thousand thumbs up.


Amen, STSC (SW/SS).




I saw that on the news last night. The joy brought tears to my eyes.


That Georgia sheriff will probably be re-elected. That’ll show the haters (aka criminally inclined).

The story of the judge reminds me of an incident in a certain college town some years past.
Seems some new college students were moving into apartments, and a coed expressed a desire for some plants to put on her balcony. A young male college student, thinking with the wrong head I suspect, went to get her some. From someone’s porch in town.
When the owner was driving around and saw his plants on her balcony, he (and an LEO) knocked on her door. She at first was somewhat defensive, until they informed her that she was in possession of stolen property and would be charged unless she identified the thief. Which she quickly did.
Said thief had to tell his professor that he’d have to miss class due to a court date, and with some inquiry told why.
The professor said “was it some plants” and the abashed student groaned and said “Where they yours?”
“Worse.” replied the prof. “They were your judge’s.”


That Georgia sheriff will probably be re-elected.” Yep he will, and already has been several times, Graybeard. Good guy and a good sheriff, know him personally, one county over. Putnam County is a big spread of sharecropper homes to Dairy Farms to cookie cutter suburbia to multi million $ Lake Oconee mansions. Working class to very very well off retirees and Corporate execs out of Atlanta and Augusta. The crime came into the area from the same places.

Kinda giggled a bit wondering if the perps that ripped off the Judge were some that got a suspended or reduced sentence from him.

Mom of the year? Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce…or steal oxygen.

Obvious that Flag Ossifers don’t read Gnrl Brad’s writings.

Good to see that the last of the poodle pistols is an example of The Works of HMS, JMB, (HBHN).

The Good news is we had a very good turnout for the Formal Memorial Service, with Full Military Honors, for our Departed Compatriot today. The bad news is we had to have a Formal Memorial Service for a Departed Compatriot. Godspeed, Fare Well, and Rest Easy, Good Sir Ty. As Good a Man that ever tore a cartridge, he leaves a widow, a Special Needs Daughter, and a spoiled rotten pushy dog. And, yes, we will look after and make sure that they are all taken care of.


All we can do for the departed is care for those they leave behind. We’ll pray for his family and brothers in their grief.

Old tanker

Well the Sheriff identified a crime in progress, obtained sufficient information and probable cause to affect an arrest and used only the necessary force to maintain custody of said suspects. Seems to me to fit the legal issues involved. Great job Sheriff.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Did The two straw scammers use a straw man to get the straw so they wouldn’t be recognized.
That lady must have been real strong to lift a shop.

Skivvy Stacker

I suggest a trade. Take the scammers out of their truck with the now flattened tire, and put them in the fully engulfed car that holds those innocent children. Put the children in the truck; it ain’t goin’ anywhere because the tire’s flat, and the two mopes get to find out what Hell is like just before they get there. Oh, and toss the “Mother Of the Year” in to keep them company on the trip.


There’s another story making the rounds today that you guys may wanna check out. Someone on Twitter dropped a dump truck off of receipts on the supposedly “fired by Trump” former VA employee behind the ultra-cringe “Mueller She Wrote” podcast and touring stage show.

She apparently has quite a colorful history that includes lots of military service embellishment that might be Stolen Valor, lying about the death of her legit WWII hero grandfather for internet clout, lying about the circumstances of her leaving VA employment, potential PPP loan fraud, and a ton of outright bat$h!t insanity packed in between. You may very well want to get a FOIA on this one.